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All the compact discs you see below make up the catalog (thus far) of Premedia. Any of them can be purchased in our OWN SHOP (with MP3 examples therein) as well as Mimoroglu Music Sales , Aquarius Records , Issues , Plop records in Japan or Staalplaat in Europe. Or just ask your favorite local shop to contact us about carrying these fine releases.

Kristin Miltner


1. grains need water and light
2. the church of jorge
3. stunned night
4. bell cycle
5. the body in sleep

Inaugurating a new stage for Praemedia, and marking the first release from the label in 3 years, we present Kristin Miltner’s “Grains.” This delightful CD is limited to 300 compact discs and digital distribution.
Kristin Miltner (K*M*T*V, miba) makes music primarily with computers. A great deal of it involves her incredible voice, and she is a great keyboard player as well. So one could say Miltner’s music is completely digital (the fingers are digits) and yet very rich in an organic-ness that looks outward through the 0s and 1s to the vastness of natural coincidence.
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Blevin Blectum
Magic Maple


1. Duckhunted
2. Benadrilled and taking on water
3. Pelican Part One
4. Pelican Part Two
5. Pelican Part Three
6. Pelican Part Four
7. It’s all Becuzz
8. Oddly Angled Room
9. Your Wish is Taken for Granted
10. As a Bird Watches the Eyes of a Snake
11. As if Enraged
12. On the Rim of the World
13. Ease
14. Rommelpotted
15. Last Track
16. David & Justine, 47th and San Leandro

Magic Maple, the third and newest solo album by reknowned electronic musician, Blevin Blectum (formerly hailing from Blectum from Blechdom and currently a member of the Sagan multimedia extravaganza). This album launches from the remains of her previous solo release, the acclaimed Talon Slalom on Deluxe Records, into the outer cosmos. Magic Maple is a prog-rock fantasy gone horrible awry.
Sliding down a more oblique slant off the basic Blectum from Blechdom sensation of things-not-quite-right-here, Magic Maple grows crystalline structures as well as it's namesake. A concise and cohesive whole, shaped from the figmentary footsteps of Fleetwood Macintosh, paeans to Pelicans glimpsed on borderline highways, denouements taken to epic-ending proportions and a chorus of doomed budgies singing their hearts out.
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Stars Like Fleas
Sun Lights Down on the Fence


1. let cedar rain
2. as hard as you want
3. third night, Wisconsin
4. on a generous day
5. good enough alone
6. swallows my tongue
7. Isabel of lilac
8. welterweight
9. lump. of. clay.
10. i’ve pumped your stomach and broken through your skin
11. cruise ships

This is the release that started our empire. If we started this label for any one reason, this is it. Undescribeable blend of electronics, free jazz, pop and folk. Finely crafted by Shannon Fields around the voice of Montgomery Knott. Features Members of The Gold Sparkle Band, Outhud, Other Dimensions in Music, The No Neck Blues Band and many more.
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Tim Perkis


1. wrack
2. farb
3. lude
4. prick
5. roil
6. wound
7. zig
8. code

Tim Perkis is one of the pioneers of computer music. A founding member of the first network computer music group, The Hub, along with Chris Brown, John Bischoff, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Mark Trayle, and Phil Stone, as well as an accomplished computer improviser. This release finds Tim tackling the developements of modern electronic music, including the wide and debated field of IDM. Originally completed in 1999 and released via MP3 on the Artifact Records website, we present it to you now in its clearest form.
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Various Artists


1. take a look - lance grabmiller vs. mou-lips!
2. emphasis mine - shannon fields vs. the gold sparkle band
3. twovers - HSoA
4. 6’25” - nanaqui
5. wrack - tim perkis
6. i think he’s serious - wobbly and matt ingalls
7. as hard as you want - stars like fleas
8. mama - quiet american
9. damaged bedroom minimalism - shannon fields with martin nieznanski
10.solo flute c - daniel carter, matt lavelle and shannon fields
11. (untitled) - haco, lisle ellis and lance grabmiller
12. on the crown - tim perkis and tom djll
13. remixed bedroom minimalism - martin nieznanski vs. shannon fields
14. electrostatic blues - ernesto diaz-infante and lance grabmiller
15. heavy traffic - lance grabmiller
16. ocean II (for oliver) - shannon fields

Tracing various intersections of genres from improvisational jazz to plunderphonic electronics to field recordings, diverse splinters and fragmented roots sprout off into calm matrixes of sound. From Japan (Haco) through New York (The Gold Sparkle Band) to Italy (Mou, Lips!), the sounds merge in San Francisco. Pioneers of networked computer music (Tim Perkis) mix with modern masters (Wobbly), alongside unheard musicians and odd collaborations. Avant-jazz damaged blues sparks drum and bass roots to forage in an electrostatic world.
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