Various Artists
released September 8th, 2003
isbn: 751937236023

Compiled from 3 years worth of recordings, from live sets to mastered tracks, our new compilation “Praeface” stands as a guide to where Praemedia has been and where, as a new label, it is going.

Tracing various intersections of genres from improvisational jazz to plunderphonic electronics to field recordings, diverse splinters and fragmented roots sprout off into calm matrixes of sound. From Japan (Haco) through New York (The Gold Sparkle Band) to Italy (Mou, Lips!), the sounds merge in San Francisco. Pioneers of networked computer music (Tim Perkis) mix with modern masters (Wobbly), alongside unheard musicians and odd collaborations. Avant-jazz damaged blues sparks drum and bass roots to forage in an electrostatic world.

For all the monstrous mutations and shattered boundaries, the effect is soothing tranquility. Music for the ears. Precious gifts of sound open up in small fragments across the landscape of the disc, referencing comfortable moments of the familiar and merging them with a childlike fascination for the new.

reviews and press

V/A Praeface (Praemedia) cd 

One of the three new and not so new titles just in from the electronic music label Praemedia (Stars Like Fleas' Sun Lights Down On The Fence and Tim Perkis' Motive are the other two)! This comp features a wide variety of solo and collaborative IDM tracks by the aforementioned artists as well as Lance Grabmiller, Shannon Fields, The Gold Sparkle Band, Matt Lavelle, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Mou, Lips!, HSoA, Lisle Ellis, Nanaqui, Quiet American, Martin Nieznanski, Tom Djll, Haco and AQ fave Wobbly. Much delightfully clickery, woozy sputtering, squelching and itchy glitchin' ensues!

Various "Praeface" (Praemedia, 460A Waller St., San Francisco, CA 94117) The packaging of this collection is so anonymous that it took me awhile to check out the track listing, and give this a spin. A veritable who's who of experimental artists: Haco, Daniel Carter, The Gold Sparkle Band, Wobbly, Ernesto Infante-Diaz, Matt Lavelle, and Shannon Fields with and without Stars Like Fleas, among others. Ranging from free form blipping sputtering electronics, to more songlike enterprises, or noisy amalgams of sound. There is a subdued and musical listenabilty to most of this which is atypical of this sort of thing, and since there are sixteen relatively brief tracks and the aim seems to be on diversity; things stay interesting throughout. Sort of like a guided tour through a very peculiar museum. Highly enjoyable; ranging from impossible microscopic free jazz, to clattering congregations of wooden slats dancing in mathematical patterns, to snorkeling rubber monkeys in pools of jello, to half whispered sleepy dream secrets.

George Parsons
Dream Magazine #5

“Praeface” CD Praemedia - 74:31
Tim Perkis “Motive” CD Praemedia - 49:11

Giro a tutto tondo nella scena post-digitale americana (ma non mancano gli stranieri, come i nostri Mou, Lips! e la nipponica Haco), la compilation "Praeface" inaugura con buoni esiti il catalogo della Praemedia di San Francisco. Eterogeneo il ventaglio di autori attivissimi in circuiti ultra-underground e di proposte acustiche, dal post-rock cameristico di Stars Like Fleas (un supergruppo con elementi di No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, At The Drive-In, Other Dimensions in Music etc. del quale dovrebbe essere già uscito intanto l'album d'esordio) a quello discreto, ma drasticamente revisionato dal multistrumentista Shannon Fields, della Gold Sparkle Band, passando per le scorrazzate in lungo e in largo, profluvio di laptop music, field recordings e quant'altro, del padrone di casa Lance Grabmiller e del già citato Fields, il plagiarismo di Wobbly e le affilate sciabolate impro-elettroniche di Tim Perkis.

E' proprio il veterano Perkis (in carriera collaborazioni con John Zorn, Fred Frith, Kaffe Mathews, Rova tra gli altri) a firmare il secondo CD dell'etichetta. Computer music aggiornata ai dettami dell'odierno lessico elettronico, asperità, granuli e accidenti diluiti all'interno di una cifra stilistica dal timbro ceramico e tagliente.

-Nicola Catalano
Blow-Up Magazine #68, January 2004

Ein neues Label präsentiert als Visitenkarte die Compilation Praeface (Praecd001), eine Melange aus Design-, Dream- & Drown-Electronic, Streifzüge ins Undefinierte mit San Francisco als Drehscheibe. Lance Grabmiller, der in Brooklyn aktive Shannon Fields und Martin Nieznanski spannen ihre Fäden zu Mou, Lips! aus Italien, The Gold Sparkle Band aus New York, dem Stars Like Fleas-Ensemble, Jazzern wie Daniel Carter & Matt Lavelle, Haco & Lisle Ellis, Ernesto Diaz-Infante und operieren im Trio als HSoA oder im Duo als Nanaqui. Weitere Beiträge stammen von Tim Perkis, Tom Djll, Wobbly & Matt Ingalls. Sie alle teilen eine Vorliebe für Klänge, die quecksilbrig im Rinnstein versickern. In einer elektroakustischen Zwielichtzone flackern und blaken die Totenlichtchen einer Ästhetik des 'Bedroom Minimalism'. Ihre glibbrig-glitschige Diffusität macht die Wände der eigenen Lautsphäre porös und transparent. Die ortlos schwebenden Soundschlieren suggerieren Schwerelosigkeit, negieren die Zentralperspektive, verwirklichen Saties Vorstellungen von der Klangmöblierung moderner, sich verflüssigender, mobiler Lebenswelten. Untergehend im 'Ocean of Sound' wird einem bewusst, wie sehr Luft und Stille längst als abstrakte Ideale abgelöst sind durch ein Medium, das gesättigt

Bad Alchemy Number 43

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, Macedonia
A War and Peace of a Chart from Toni of Macedonia...
best 2003 albums

01. Luomo - The Present Lover (Force Tracks)
02. Data 80 - Data 80 (Force Tracks)
03. Alex Cortex - Inward CTRL (Ann Aimee)
04. Sophie Rimheden - Hi-Fi (Mitek)
05. Geoff White & Stewart Walker - Discord (Force Inc.)
06. Monolake - Momentum (ICM)
07. Billy Dalessandro - Midievalization (Resopla Schalware)
08. Pole - Pole (Mute)
09. Nooncat - Under The Moon/Under The Sun (Triebstoff)
10. Dub Taylor - Experience (Force Tracks)
11. T.Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout (Novamute)
12. Rip-Off Artists - Pet Sounds (Vertical Form)
13. Jirku/Judge - Plusism (Onitor)
14. V/A - Mitek: Process (Mitek)
15. V/A - Staedtism 4 (~scape)
16. Rechenzentrum - Director's Cut (Mille Plateaux)
17. Tujiko Noriko - From Tokyo To Niagara (Tom Lab)
18. Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures - La Nouvelle Pauvrete (~scape)
19. Tomas Jirku - 1999 (No Type)
20. Ricardo Villalobos - Alcachofa (Playhouse)
21. V/A - What Was It Like Before I Got Into Electricity (Sud)
22. Alexander Kowalski - |response| (Kanzleramt)
23. AGF - Westernisation Complete (Ortlong Musork)
24. V/A - Futuristic Experiments #006 [BG035] (Background)
25. Soul-Junk - 1958 (Sounds Are Active)
26. HDJ Tom - Taste (Inflatabl Label)
27. Cordell Klier - Winter (Ad Noiseam)
28. Si-Cut.Db - Find Some Shade (Highpoint Lowlife)
29. Desormais - Iambrokenandremadeiambroken... (Intr_Version)
30. Hinterlandt/Karri O. - Sitting, Going Places/Departures and Arrivals (Abflug)
31. Anders Ilar - Everdom (Shitkatapult)
32. Matmos - Civil War (Matador)
33. Radio 4 - Gotham (City Slang)
34. Looproad - Acidfaketrax (Acid Fake)
35. Tim Hecker - Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux)
36. Blamstrain - Ensi (Merck)
37. Star Like Fleas - Sun Light Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
38. Decades - The First (Poeta Negra)
39. Apparat - Duplex (Shitkatapult)
40. Andrew Duke - Take Nothing For Granted (Acid Fake)
41. V/A - Praeface (Praemedia)
42. Tim Perkis - Motive (Praemedia)
43. Merzbow - Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled (Immortal)
44. Andrey Kiritchenko - Kniga Skazok (Ad Noiseam)
45. Formatt/Samuli Alapuranen - Connections/Apinavideo (Abflug)
46. Corker / Conboy - In Light of That Learnt Later (Vertical Form)
47. V/A - Geologists and Professional Tourists Volume 2 (N&B Research Digest)
48. Andrey Kiritchenko - Bees and Honey (Zeromoon)
49. Anthony Rother - Elixir of Life (Fax +49-69/450464)
50. Decomposed Subsonic - Gradients (Ware)

Perfect Sound Forever
Best of 2003
Bart Plantenga

Cor Fuhler - DJ Cor Blimey & His Pigeon (Conundrum)
Serge Gainsbourg - Mauvaises Nouvelles des Étoiles (Mercury)
Adrian Sherwood - Never Trust a Hippy (Realworld)
Grand Mal - Perfect Fit (Unsound)
Blurt - The Fish Needs a Bike (Salamander)
Manasseh meets the Equalizer - Step Like Pepper (Select Cuts)
Various - DIScontact! III (CEC)
Arnold Marinissen - Traces of Cultures (BVHaast)
R. Stevie Moore - Nevertheless Optimistic (Innova)
The Magic Carpathians Project - Water Dreams (Fly Music)
The Black Dog vs Black Sifichi - Genetically Modified (Hydrogen Dukebox)
L'Ouef Raide - 13' a la Douzaine (Jarring Effects)
Philosophy Major - Hypnerotomachia (WordSound)
Various - The Ultimate Yodelling Collection (Castle Pulse)
The DeZurik Sisters - The DeZurik Sisters (Dr. Benway)

Others include: Headphone Science - We Remain Faded (No Type), Sounds from the Ground - Natural Selection (Nutone), Junkie XL - Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin (Roadrunner), Laurent Pernice - Infrajazz (Land), Scott Marshall - Black / White (Paniculture), Gustavo Aguilar Get Libre Collective - Destinations (Circumvention), EZ3kiel - Barbary (Jarring Effects), Andrew Duke - Take Nothing For Granted (Cognition Audioworks), Houtkamp's Pow3 - The Thirteen Bar Blues (x-Or), Various - Praeface (Praemedia), Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm the Studio RMXs (Tino)

va - praeface (praemedia)

the experimental scene is expanding enormously. there are numerous labels which treat the issue of the noisy sound and the experimental tendencies. one of those labels is the new praemedia label. usually when a new label is introduced by its first edition, it is done with a compilation which reflects the sound image that will be presented by that label. this is what praemedia did with praeface, their first compilation edition. radically eclectic, compiled from live recordings, but also mastered tracks, praeface is a direction that shows where praemedia is and where it is going to be directed to as a new label. from improvising jazz, glitch, cut up electronica, field recordings to calm ambiental pieces and contemporary pop. not many well known names, but surely interesting enough and new which are yet to come on the scene. the tracks on this compilation are maybe their first serious initial impact. it is left for us to see… what will happen with these artists, and with this label. it is left for us to see…

Various Artists: Praeface CD

The San Francisco-based label Praemedia released a compilation featuring 16 tracks by a collection of rather unknown artists. A few names keep returning in the musical projects featured here, like Shannon Fields, Lance Grabmiller, Martin Nieznanski and Tim Perkis.
Praeface features a rich variation of hard to categorize musical styles. What most songs have in common is the combintion of electronics and traditional instruments and the relatively fast rhythm. The rhythm can even be very hectical, like in the uptempo track by Tim Perkis, during the cacaphonous, constantly changing sample-cut up track by Wobbly and Ma++ Ingalls or the stress generating contribution by HSoA.
Calmness returns when Stars like Fleas combine instruments like banjo, pedal steel, bass clarinets and cello to come up with a melancholic piece in which sad male vocals accentuate the general atmosphere.
Quite American's contribution is completely different again. They use a site recording from a park in India in which a boy keeps asking for his mother and add a dominant peeping of a swing to it.
Shannon Fields and Martin Nieznanski together contribute a piece consisting of minimalistic repetitive guitar strings, whereas morse-like electronics, high peeps and electronic hiss are generated by the duo Nanaqui.
Each song is completely different from the other, even when the same people are involved. Praeface contains a rich variety of improvisational music, showing the wide range of possibilities. If the listener can appreciate all this is a good question.

Phosphor Magazine
c/o Paul Bijlsma
Bänschstrasse 71
10274 Berlin
tel: 0049-30-44356459

Praemedia Compilation
Praecd 001

One thing you notice immediately about this album is its diversity. Traversing genres of glitch hop, musique concrete, improvised jazz and song, the
Praemedia team of Shannon Fields and Lance Grabmiller have put together a compilation that is bound to wet many sonic whistles. Praeface is compiled from three years of recordings and features tracks from live sets, improvisations to fully mastered recordings. The sheer eclecticism of some of the material could have led to problems in continuity, however the strength of the collaborations (the majority featuring either Fields or Grabmiller) give a feel of a label cultivating a very defined sound. With an expanding A&R which features international artists Haco (Japan) Mou Lips (Italy) along side recognized US artists The GoldSparkle Band, Tim Perkis and Wobbly, Praemedia have created an excellent platform to showcase some of their lesser known musicians. They also play a pivotal and active role in the San Francisco Bay Area’s new music community.

PRAEFACE (CD compilation by Praemedia)
TIM PERKIS - MOTIVE (CD by Praemedia)

Praemedia is a new label who kick off with three CD releases at once. Like many labels do, they kick off with a compilation CD, to show what they are standing for, which they claim to be from improvisational jazz to plunderphonics and field recordings. And for once (?) that is no lie. It's an hotch-potch of music, a high pressure cooker of all sorts of musics. This is shown in the first tracks already: the jazzy opening lines of 'Twovers' by Hsoa, the micro-beats from Mou, Lips! against the samples of Lance Grabmiller (many of the pieces are duo, collaborative pieces) and the more microsoundings of Nanqui. And so continues this CD, with tracks by Tim Perkis, Stars Like Fleas, Quiet American, Wobbly (plunderphonics at work here of course), Martin Nieznanski and Ernesto Diaz-Infante.Quite a nice collection, which made me curious about the other CDs.
The second CD is by Tim Perkis, an US electronic musician whose music was released on Tzadik, Artifact, Sonore and Meniscus and who has played with Fred Frith, Kaffe Mathews and John Zorn, to name but a few. The eight pieces on 'Motive' were released as MP3s in 2002, although the work was recorded in 2000 and now as a real CD by Praemedia. Perkis uses rhythmical sounds, stretches them a little bit and they all play in loop mode. Occasionally one could think that the input are drum & bass samples, but maybe it's just lifted drum samples from records. In either case, I found it very hard to find a good spot here. None of the eight tracks really could grab me and made a spark.Rather ok sort of electronic music, but once it's over you don't have the faintest idea what you heard.
Stars Like Fleas is the result of a collaboration Montgomery Knott of Austin and multi-instrumentalist and producer Shannon Fields. The press blubr cite as influences people like Gastr Del Sol, Talk Talk, Microstoria, Charles Mingus and Nobukazu Takemura, of which I think the first is most valid, other then it seems to me that Stars Like Fleas love to sample their music, rather then play it themselves (although one never knows whith a multi-instrumentalist). The music is quite swollen, a bit romantic, a bit jazzy, loungy but I must admit the vocals, by Montgomery, are not so much to my liking. He's neither David Grubbs nor Mark Hollis. He sings a bit held back, like he doesn't want to sing for real. In each song the vocals remain the same thing throughout the entire CD. Also musicwise, it stays very much on the same level, so that the whole lot of eleven songs is a bit hard to swallow at once. Maybe an extended cdep of six songs would have been enough (I know it would for me). Rated from one to ten I'd give a solid six.

- Frans de Waard from Vital Weekly number 398 -

Première sortie du nouveau label de San Francisco, Praemedia, la compilation Praeface est le manifeste du label qui a la prétention d'entrecroiser de nombreux styles musicaux pour ne pas se cantonner aux vulgaires étiquettes trop souvent bien vite données. Comprenant des travaux des trois dernières années, concerts et enregistrements studio, ce disque présente aussi bien des artistes reconnus qu'inconnus mais aussi de nombreuses collaborations. Ainsi les Italiens Mou, Lips! (qui ont sorti un album sur le label français List) ouvre le bal avec Lance Grabmiller pour un morceau engageant aux rythmiques digitales mêlées à des saveurs jazzy. S'ensuivent entre autres les créatures crépitantes de Nanaqui, l'épilepsie des samples de Wobbly et Matt Ingalls, le chant plaintif de Stars like fleas (quelque peu déplacé à mon goût), l'enregistrement de terrain brut de Quiet American qui se documente sur la jeunesse indienne, les fragiles mélodies étendues sur un lit moelleux de clics et de buzz de Martin Nieznanski et Shannon Fields... En bref, encore un intéressant petit microcosme sonore à découvrir.

YH -

Various artists
Praeface Praemedia

San Francisco and the Bay Area have been the theatre of a surge in experimental music activity in the early 2000s. Praemedia is one of the many small independent labels that popped up as a result. But if Pax Recordings, Edgetone, and even Accretions focus mostly on free improvisation, Praemedia’s manifesto hits closer to the laptop. And the compilation album Praeface, the label’s first release, does sound like a manifesto. We are treated to tracks from upcoming albums by Stars Like Fleas (a New York collective belonging to the circle of --- i.e. sharing members with -- the No-Neck Blues Band and Gold Sparkle Band) and Tim Perkis, pieces by the people who carry the label on their shoulders (Lance Grabmiller, Shannon Fields, and Martin Nieznanski, in various combinations), and contributions from a cast of international friends, including ex-Tu M’s Mou, Lips!, Wobbly, and Haco. Most of the tracks feature computer treatments of source recordings, be them field recordings, acoustic or electric instruments. The mood is kept rather quiet and serene, with a couple pieces introducing a thumping beat, but nothing harsh to startle you. Highlights include Fields’ collaboration with The Gold Sparkle Band (Emphasis Mine), Grabmiller;s duo with fellow Abstractions member Ernesto Diaz-Infante (Electrostatic Blues), Fields’ extensive treatment of Daniel Carter’s flute and Matt Lavelle’s bass clarinet in Solo Flute C and a beautiful trio by Haco, Lisle Ellis, and Grabmiller. This is a first step for the label, but it is by no mean tentative. Praeface describes a precise esthetic; we’ll just have to see if it becomes a springboard for new ideas or a constricting canvas.

 François Couture, All-Music Guide

nice ‘state of the new art’ scene comp, covering ‘dese-daze’ bay-area space-cake aktion(s). pretty damn dope over all, esp. good if the majority of these names are new/confusing...

-Keith Fullerton Whitman, Mimaroglu Music Sales


804noise Presents: "Noise Solution"
Noise Solution is an experimental music radio show hosted by 804noise which airs from 11:00pm - 2:00am every Sunday on Richmond's WRIR 97.3FM.ember.
"Noise Solution" Playlist for 10.24.04

-f "track 2" CDR (Chris Jeely of Accelera Deck processing drums)

-Crass "the swan song" '10 notes on a summer's day' (Crass Records)
-Bjork "Pleasure is all mine" 'Medula' CD
-Aki Onda/Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura "track 4" 'Meeting at Off Site Vol.2 CD
-ENE "Lucky Stars" 'unreleased' CDR
-Billionaires For Bush PSA "Mioddle Class Nightmare"
-Maria Chavez "live in Richmond @ Art Works 10.24.04"
-Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, & Shannon Fields "Solo.Flute C "Prafeace001 Compilation' (Praemedia Records)
Accelera Deck "Sunstrings" 'Sunstrings EP'(Scarcelight Records)
-Birds of Tin & Augur "a strange bouquet" 'strange seeds come from odd flowers' CD (Manifold Records)
-Lacoste "Track 2" CDR
-Maria Chavez "Live in Richmond 10.24.04)
-Axiomatic Integration "folie - live at kathedrale berlin 3.10.04) CDR
-Noiseman433 "Slayer" 'Cum on feel the Noise - Tribute to 80's Metal' CD (SADE Records)
-Accelera Deck "Fireflies" 'Hereafter" CD (Scarecelight Records)
-v.v. "sequel" 'Phonography 2 - compositions using field recordings' CD (
-Gemini "untitled" 3" CDR (
-Jabber Wocky "King Penis" 'Quick and to the pointless EP' CDR
-Commando-Z "Ting Ting Jahe" 'A mouthful of tunes' CDR (
-Commando-Z "Starship Shaizak" 'A mouthful of tunes' CDR
-Commando-Z "Beancan X" 'A mouthful of tunes' CDR
-Bomb20 "Wonda what it takes?" 'Field Manual' CD (DHR)
-Negative Land "Time Zones" 'Escape from Noise' CD (SST Records)
-To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie "Zin (unfinished)" '804noise Various Artists' CD (804noise Records)
-Suppresion "Cyanide (Iceman) Amputated Brain Stem" 'Supersonic Sounds' (CNP Records)
-Lacoste "Track 6" CDR
-Ebinger "17.07.1717" 'Prosit Zur Letzten Tide' CD
-Institut Fuer Feinmotorik "Ein Versuch ist ja wohl nicht strafbar" 'penetrans' CD (Staubgold Records)
-Toki No Kagero "KO for Shakuhachi Solo" 'Kifu Mitusahashi plays Akira Nishimura' CD (Cemerata Records)
-Hair Police "Forged by Wreck" 'Obedience Cuts' CD (FreedomFrom Records)

END radio
as of October 2004

+ deconstructing beck - [ illegalart ]
+ phillip greenlief - stalking andrei [ evander music ]
+ luc ferrari - petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps [ fixed media ]
+ michael thompson - miniatures, and rain falls like tears [ fixed media ]
+ kent jolly - bell box, cymbal, holding pattern [ fixed media ]
+ thom blum - cycle, j-wake, nomen plaid [ fixed media ]
+ cliff caruthers - resist, owl in daylight, killaloe moon, natoma [ fixed media ]
+ joseph anderson - loch lomand, changes music, mpingo, kyai pranaja [ fixed media ]
+ tony schwartz - standing here at the present time... [ fixed media ]
+ christopher bailey - ooogaaaah..., conceptual study, duude, ow my head, sand [ fixed media ]
+ the noodles - tell me what to do [ fixed media ]
+ jonathan mitchell - the trouble with key of g [ fixed media ]
+ jean-claude risset - invisible irene [ fixed media ]
+ larry austin - williams [re]mix[ed] [ emf ]
+ john cage - williams mix [ emf ]
+ maggi payne - resonant places, apparent horizon, breaks/motors [ fixed media ]
+ john young - liquid sky, sju, tongue [ fixed media ]
+ rick nance - more songs about asphalt and speed [ fixed media]
+ elaine lillios - dreams in the desert, artuo [ fixed media ]
+ chris burns - questions and fissures, strain, hero and leander [ fixed media ]
+ frank ekeberg - terra incognita [ fixed media ]
+ alicyn warren - path of iron [ fixed media ]
+ eric chasalow - various works [ fixed media ]
+ paul rudy - thema:omaggio after berio [ fixed media ]
+ adrian moore - superstrings [ fixed media ]
+ mark applebaum - janus remixes [ innova ]
+ tae hong park - abo-ji [ fixed media ]
+ denis smalley - neve [ fixed media ]
+ john bischoff - aperture [ 23five ]
+ wolfgang fuchs+tom djll+tim perkis, gino robair+john shiurba+matthew sperry - six fuchs [ rastascan]
+ kris tiner+noah phillips+sara schoenbeck - breathe in, feed out [ pfmentum ]
+ tom djll excerpt from "art of one" solo [ live @ ACME 2004 ]
+ evan parker - six of one [ psi ]
+ steven yi - on the sensations of tone [ self release ]
+ tom swafford - solo violin [ self release cdr ]
+ neil leonard - timaeus [ cedar hill ]
+ antimatter - transfixion [ artifact ]
+ polwechsel [ various recordings]
+ manpack variant - [ self release cdr ]
+ tim perkis - motive [ praemedia ]
+ robert dow - acousmatic works [ steel blue/burnt umber/white water (airflow) ]
+ porest - prude juice for the heritage swinger [ seeland ]
+ anthony braxton + taylor ho bynum - duets (wesleyan) 2002 [ innova ]
+ gary noland - 24 interludes for piano [ north pacific music ]
+ ricardo arias - musica global [ nurnichtnur ]
+ david slusser + scott looney - electronico plitico [ live @ southern exposure gallery 10/9/04 ]
+ giuseppi ielasi + renato rinaldi + domenico sciajno + gino robair - fringes 01 [ fringes ]
+ anthony braxton + scott rosenberg - compositions/improvisations 2000 [ barelyauditable ]
+ matthew sperry - fudge bridges and his li'l box of candy [ limited sedition ]
+ glenn spearman - first and last [ ermite ]
+ dan plonsey - ivory bill [ music and arts ]
+ zeek sheck - hot lines for the children [ skin graft records ]
+ selected live recordings provided by lance grabmiller: john bischoff, kyle bruckmann, bob boster, matt davignon, ernesto diaz-infante, marcos fernandes, lance grabmiller, philip greenlief, & tim perkis
+ greg kelley - if i never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack... [ rossbin ]
+ steve hise - original
+ spin-17
+ [y]earbook compilation of improvisation vol.2 [ rastascan ]
+ pauline oliveros - early electronic works 1965-67
+ xenakis persepolis + remixes vol.1 [ asphodel ]
+ sarah peebles - insect groove [ c74 ]
+ tetsu inoue + carl stone - pict.soul [ c74 ]
+ dan plonsey/daniel posicle - music of el cerrito vol.2a [ unlimited sedition ]
+ kathleen gallagher - contemporary flute solos [ dench dillon ford saariaho bieniek shanahan ]
+ spontaneous music ensemble - quintessence
+ jack wright large ensemble 8x9 [limited sedition]
+ david slusser's improv derby [ live @ ACME 12/03/00 - recorded by michael zelner ]
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+ selections from praemedia praeface compilation [ praemedia ]
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+ philip gelb+carla kihlstedt+john shiurba+matthew sperry - smoking balance [limited sedition]
+ gino robair - plates blocks cups and hair [limited sedition]
+ morgan guberman+gino robair+scott rosenberg+john shiurba - spotted dick [limited sedition]
+ 99hooker+tom scandura - cygnus adapter [limited sedition]
+ john shiurba+scott rosenberg - oneLiners [limited sedition]
+ karen stackpole - metalworks [limited sedition]
+ carla kihlstedt+gino robair+matthew sperry - sonarchy trio [matthew sperry memorial series]
+ matthew sperry+jack wright - duets 1998
+ matthew sperry solo bass vol.1 [matthew sperry memorial series]
+ myles boisen+john shiurba - uncle unplugged [limited sedition]
+ aaron bennett live [@ luggage store 8/19/99 - recorded by jim ryan]
+ moe!kestra pieces no. 4 & 5 [ dephineknormal/pax/edgetone ]
+ music from extend voices odyssey lp [oliveros/lucier/cage+mumma+tudor/ashley/ichyanagi]
+ hans grusel's krankenkabinet - ein haunted sommerplatz [ enterruption ]
+ natto quartet [ 482music ]
+ lisa cella performance of christopher jones' hommage to borges for solo flute @ stanford 2000
+ triaxium west performance of music by anthony braxton @ acme 6/23/02
+ anthony braxton - willisau quartet
+ john butcher+gino robair+matthew sperry - 12 milagritos
+ the bran (...) pos' chuirphus
+ john shiurba's triplicate and 5x5
+ jorge boehringer's the charmed and strange & clear songs [ self release cdr ]
+ kyle bruckmann's gasps & fissures multitracked oboe
+ bryan eubanks and john krausbauer's rasbliutto
+ john bischoff+tim perkis live at luggage store 2004
+ ernesto diaz-infante+chris forsyth - march
+ pauline oliveros' sonic meditations for orchestra performed at the spring new music series 2001
+ tom djll's xmas xarols (1979)
+ scott looney's artship cd
+ tom nunn burning palms
+ tim perkis' perkolator
+ schwimmer [ michael thieke+alessandro bosetti+sabine vogel+michael griener ]
+ ekg shift or latch mini cdr
+ charles engstrom and christopher fleeger's barpieces
+ bebop fantasy by good for cows
+ rubber o cement with sigtryggur berg sigmarsson cdr
+ musica impura: compositions by matthias spahlinger
+ paul dresher - channels passing [ new albion ]
+ chaya czernowin's shu hai practices javelin
+ various selections by helmut lachenmann
+ npr's california report segment about the last sf tape music festival
+ various works and performances from the sfSoundGroup, sfSoundSeries and ma++ ingalls
+ classics by berio, feldman, ligeti, maderna, webern, reich, glass, andriessen, ruttman, varese, tenney, stockhausen, and xenakis
+ random other things

art@radio - Wednesday October 20, 2004

live feed:

1. Praeface, compilation, t-1) take a look, lance grabmiller vs. mou, lips!, t-2) emphasis mine, Shannon fields vs. the gold sparkle band, t-3) twovers, HSoA, t-4) 6'25", nanaqui, t-5) wrack, tim perkis, t-6) I think he's serious, wobbly and ma+ +ingalls, t-7) as hard as you want, stars like fleas, t-8) mama, quiet American, t-9) damaged bedroom minimalism, shannon fields with martin nieznanski, t-10) solo flute c, daniel carter, matt lavelle and shannon fields, t-11) (untitled), haco, lisle ellis and lance grabmiller, t-12) on the crown, tim perkis and tom dill, t-13) remixed bedroom minimalism, martin nieznanski vs. shannon fields, t-14) electrostatic blues, ernesto diaz-infante and lance grabmiller, t-15) heavy traffic, lance grabmiller, t-16) ocean II (for oliver), shannon,, San Francisco, CA

11:00pm - 2:00am EASTERN US


804noise Presents: "Noise Solution"
Noise Solution is an experimental music radio show hosted by 804noise which airs from 11:00pm - 2:00am every Sunday on Richmond's WRIR 97.3FM, though its restricted to an internet only stream till WRIR goes live in late October early November.
"Noise Solution" Playlist for 10.10.04

-Birds in the Meadow "forks losing form" CDR
-Institut Fuer Feinmotorik "Problem?" 'Penetrans' CD
-To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie "And their eyes were like flashing screens" 'Split 7" w/ Harm Stryker'
-Combat Drug "Boombox Bombin'" 'Low Spirits' CD
-Wolf Eyes "Dead in a Boat" & "Stabbed in the Face" 'Burned Mind' CD
-Omei "Did you feel like Jesus?" '...a single sickened cell' CD
-Commando-Z "Brutal Bomber" 'a mouthful of tunes' CDR
-Buffalo Field, Inc. "Orange Horse" 'demo' CDR
-Axiomatic Integration "tune" 'syntonic' CDR "Yannick Dauby - Rain, reconstructed" 'compositions & field recordings 2' CD
-Bomb20 "Burn the Shit Down!" 'Field Manual' CD
-Pole "Paula" 'CD1'
-Narbenerde Seelenkalte "PacREC .25" Business Car CDR
-DjScud "Gun Court" 7"
-Never Presence Forever "Laid to rest under the cartilage of ribs" 'Split 3" CDR w/ Wapstan'
-434noise "October 22nd Show Announcement" CDR
-Stephen Smith "For L" '804noise Various Artists' CD
-Jabber Wocky "Tuesday Bar" 'Home Cookin' CDR
-Hair Police "Let's see who's here and who's not" 'Obedience Cuts' CD
-Billionaires for Bush PSA "Media Consolidation"
-Atari Teenage Riot "Into the Death" 'Burn, Berlin, Burn!' CD
-Praeface 'Various Artists' "Take a Look - LAnce Grabmiller vs. Mou, lips!" CD
-apt213 "drill in head" 'bath EP' 3" CDR
-Shelley Burgan & Trevor Dunn "Track 2" 'Live & Home Recordings, 2004' CDR
-Shizuo "Punks" 'Shizuo vs. Shizor' CD
-Merzbow "Cannibalism of Machine" 'Tauromachine' CD
-Howard Steltzer & Jason Talbot "teeth" 'Songs" CD
-Doofgoblin "sickdeigh" 'marblebarrel' CD
-Ting Ting Jahe "low quality CDR .2 rec Jan 2003" 3" CDR
-Incite "explicit" 'Live @ Spectrum in Boston 07-15-03' CDR
-Cristal "13:43" 'self-titled' 3" CD


Playlist for The No Show on September 10th, 2004
KDHX - St. Louis, MO

The Boy Beats the Rams - FRED FRITH – Gravity
Demodel – UZRUJAN – Demodel
My Wound is My Pocket – TUDOSOK - Ring Ring 99 Around the World
Damaged Bedroom Minimalism - MARTIN NIEZNANSKI with SHANNON FIELDS - V/A Praeface
-------- -------- --------
The Genuine Texas Roadhouse - JIM HIGHTOWER
I Dreamed I Dream - STEEL POLE BATHTUB - Confuse Yr Idols
Apocalypse Pow - THE ELECTRIC - Degenerotic Doses
No Beast So Fierce - THE SERMON – Volume
-------- -------- --------
A Clear Head - I.J. SMITH - Trickles and Floods
Where is the Line With You – BJORK – Medulla
The Chosen - KING MISSILE III - Royal Lunch
Leaver - HIGHWAY MATRONS - Drive By Sodomy Carjack Traffic Affair
Dragon Titties – KWISP - Teriyaki Vest Odyssey
-------- -------- --------
Blake Diamond: The Legend of Ramatek pt. 2 - TWO-MINUTE DANGER THEATER
America Kicks Ass - KING MISSILE III - Royal Lunch
Oh My God - MICHAEL FRANTI - Songs From the Front Porch: An Acoustic Collection
Burning Hell - DIAMANDA GALAS - La Serpenta Canta
-------- -------- --------
Body 1 and Body 2 - THE MAE SHI – Terrorbird
Mine is in Yours - MOUSE ON MARS - Radical Connector
Purple Heart (includes "Groovy" from the unpublished sections of BENEATH THE UNDERDOG) - Various Artists/Henry Rollins--voice/words and music by Charles Mingus - Weird Nightmare
Tonight at Noon - V/A - Weird Nightmare
Gunslinging Bird or If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats (includes "The Fire At the Coconut Grove" from the unpublished sections of BENEATH THE UNDERDOG) - V/A/Chuck D voice/Music of Charles Mingus - Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus
-------- -------- --------
Red Right Hand - NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS - Best of...
The Western Lands (A Dangerous Road Mix) – MATERIAL - The Road to the Western Lands
The Shoes of The Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers (includes "My Lives' Graves and Incarnations" from BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND) - DON BYRON--BASS CLARINET/ART BARON--GREAT BASS RECORDER/GREG C0HEN--BASS/BILL FRISELL--GUITAR/HUBERT SELBY JR.—VOICE - Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus

KTRU - Playlist, 2/23/2004
Time Artist Song Album Label

4:00 AM Drums & Tuba Brain Liaters Mostly Ape Righteous Babe
4:11 AM Dave Thompson got a bad feelign Little Dave and Big Love Fat Possum Records
4:18 AM Dizzy Gillespie Dizze Atmosphere Dizzy For President Knit Classics
4:25 AM The Defenestration Unit To Go Is To Return Vertigo Village Lazy Squid
4:30 AM Philip Gayle Byou Byou Kegurlbap N/A
4:34 AM Fatal Flying Guilloteens Straight Lines The Now Hustle For New Diaboliks Estrus
4:40 AM Groceries Mutterer Knuckleheads and Icons N/A
4:43 AM Xerophonics Toshiba 2060 Xerophonics seeland
4:45 AM Xerophonics Xerox Docucolor 12 Xerophonics seeland
4:51 AM Deanta The Lakes Of Ponchertrain Ready For The Storm Green Linnet
5:08 AM The Bothy Band A Jig And 5 Reels Live In Concert Green Linnet
5:12 AM Boxhead Ensemble two Quartets Atavistic
5:20 AM Clusone Trio White Christmas / Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Love Henry Gramavision
5:23 AM Splatter Trio Urban Ethnic Anagrams Rastascan Records
5:26 AM King Crimson Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream Thrack Virgin
5:31 AM Frank Zappa Dance Of The Just Plain Folks 200 Motels Rykodisc
5:39 AM kwisp teriyaki vest odyssey teriyaki vest odyssey pinephone
5:45 AM Evan Parker Buriden's Ass the snake decides psi
5:52 AM crawlspace Gravity Weaves Its Tender Trap law where prohibited by void gulcher
5:57 AM Linus Pauling Quartet Dance Of The Bug People Killing You With Rock September Gurls Records
6:09 AM The Mike Gunn Dry Nod Almaron Double Naught Records
6:12 AM childcraft tung's st self – released
6:19 AM loess chariv canopy st nonresponse
6:22 AM Shannon Fields vs. The Gold Sparkle Band Emphasis Mine Praeface Praemedia
6:27 AM lederhosen lucil space tales from the pantry hypo
6:30 AM cooper-moore abbs-taylor stem cell triptych myth hopscotch
6:35 AM Tim Perkis Roil wrack Praemedia
6:42 AM Gasman Derbac remedial planet mu
6:45 AM 1 mile north In 1983 He loved to fly minor shadows Ba Da Bing!
6:50 AM Medeski Martin & Wood Nocturne Combustication Blue Note
6:55 AM Bill Evans Minha Homecoming Fantasy Jazz
7:00 AM Dan Tyack & Chuck Campbell Amazing Grace recorded live at the second sacred steel convention arhoolie

free103point9 Online Radio
February 2004 Top 40

1. Doily, "Mattress of the Universe" 12" (Broklyn Beats 10)
2. Primordial Undermind, Thin Shells of Revolution (Emperor Jones)
3. Wasteland, Spirit Shots EP (Transparent)
4. Alan Bishop + Manford Cain, Radio Java (Sublime Frequencies)
5. Avey Tare/David Grubbs, split 12" (Fat Cat)
6. Tan as Fuck, U-Sound #17 (U-Sound Archive)
7. Cooper Moore + Assif Tsahar, America (Hopscotch)
8. Espers, Espers (Locust Music)
9. Various artists, Netimage 04 (The Wire, Jan. 2004) Scanner, Kim Cascone, others.
10. Double Leopards, U-Sound #09 (U-Sound Archive)
11. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 13)
12. Criterion, "Wet Pain" 12" (Broklyn Beats 11)
13. Various artists, Sound Generation audio compilation (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
14. Various artists, Praeface (Praemedia) Includes Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, others.
15. Mammal, Double Nature (SNSE)
16. Cooper Moore + Tom Abbs + Chad Taylor, Triptych Myth (Hopscotch)
17. Gamelan Sonaflian, The Complete New Gamelan in the New World (Locust reissue)
17. 1-Speed Bike, "El Gallito" EP (Broklyn Beats 14)
18. Dean Roberts, Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)
19. Ghost Exits, Cincinnati Riot Blues EP (Social Registry)
20. Stars Like Fleas, Sun Lights Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
21. Artanker Convoy, Ocean Parkway EP (Social Registry)
22. Assif Tsahar + Tatsuya Nakatani, Come Sunday (Hopscotch)
23. Jessica Pavone, 27 Epigrams (Peacock 04)
24. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
25. Assif Tsahar + Mat Maneri + Jim Black, Jam (Hopscotch)
26. Alexander Tucker, U-Sound #18 (U-Sound Archive)
27. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
28. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
29. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
30. John Vanderslice, Cellar Door (Barsuk)
31. Family Underground, U-Sound #15 (U-Sound Archive)
32. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
33. M Behrens, Elapsed Time (Intransitive)
34. Andy Hayleck, Various Recordings Involving Ice (Here See)
35. J.D. Robb, Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog (Locust Music)
36. No. 9, Mushi-no-ne (Locust Music)
37. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
38. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
39. What's Yr Damage, Winter Tour '03-'04 CD-r (self)
40. Henry Flynt + The Insurrections, I Don't Wanna (Locust)

KTRU Playsheet
from Wed 02/11/2004 03:00:00 PM until Wed 02/11/2004 05:00:00 PM
Time- Artist / Song [Album]

04:59 PM- jorma kaukonen / starting over again [barbeque king] on the rca label.
04:58 PM- martha and the muffins / about insomnia [trance and dance] on the ? label.
04:18 PM- modest mouse / whenever i breathe out you breathe in [7-inch] on the subpop label.
04:17 PM- youssou n' dour / new africa [eyes open] on the columbia label.
04:16 PM- elena papandreou / hassapiko [laureate series guitar] on the naxos label.
04:14 PM- geeta dutt / mera sunder sapna beet gaya [evergreen hits of geeta dutt] on the emi label.
04:06 PM- dinosaur jr. / green mind [green mind] on the wea label.
03:59 PM- elvis costello / clubland [trust] on the cbs label.
03:58 PM- pauline murray and the invisible girls / screaming in the darkness [s/t] on the illusive label.
03:53 PM- komeda, krzysztof quintet / astigmatic [astigmatic] on the polskie nagrania label.
03:51 PM- voltaire brothers / the mother ones [i sing the booty electric] on the fall of rome label.
03:50 PM- leila bela / 1 [angra manyu] on the ellahy amen label.
03:48 PM- japan / methods of dance [gentlemen take polaroids] on the virgin label.
03:47 PM- nudge / love-in accident [elaborate devices for filtering crisis] on the tigerbeat6 label.
03:40 PM- arab strap / who named the days? [monday at the hug & pint] on the matadork label.
03:39 PM- various / electrostatic blues [praeface] on the praemedia label.
03:34 PM- urge overkill / the polaroid doll [jesus urge superstar] on the world pacific label.
03:33 PM- lois / evening in paris [strumpet] on the k label.
03:33 PM- iggy pop / gimme danger [raw power] on the columbia label.
03:23 PM- gasman / pyloric [remedial] on the planet mu label.
03:19 PM- parker. evan / the snake decides [the snake decides] on the psi label.
03:19 PM- black lips / down and out [s/t] on the bomp label.
03:17 PM- various / bata salute [havan & mantazas, cuba] on the smithsonian folkways label.
03:16 PM- chrome / all data lost [alien] on the touch and go label.
03:14 PM- a certain ratio / the fox [to each] on the factory label.
03:13 PM- the clash / somebody got murdered [sandinista!] on the epic label.
03:09 PM- pretenders / phone call [s/t] on the sire label.

ktru 91.7fm houston  ->  |  rice university

KTRU Playsheet
from Wed 02/11/2004 08:40:00 AM until Wed 02/11/2004 11:00:00 AM
Time- Artist / Song [Album]

11:05 AM- guitar kelly / i got a funny feeling [louisiana blues] on the arhoolie label.
11:02 AM- sharp, elliott, and dj soulslinger / one [rwong territory] on the cavitysearch label.
10:52 AM- daniel carter, matt lavelle, and shannon fields / solo flute c [preface] on the praemedia label.
10:49 AM- kwisp / red pap lotus [teriyaki vest odyssey] on the pinephone label.
10:48 AM- retconned / Live At the Driverdome [game sounds] on the stickfigure/volume one label.
10:37 AM- black dice / head like a door [lost valley] on the tigerbeat 6 label.
10:37 AM- zombi / taurus [circuits of steel] on the sss label.
10:28 AM- sparrow / shine bright o morning [s/t] on the overcoat label.
10:21 AM- sonic youth / mieux: de corrosion [syr1] on the perspectives musicales label.
10:18 AM- vanderslice, john / promising actress [cellar door] on the barsuk label.
10:15 AM- dj wally / paint by number [nothing stays the same] on the thirsty ear label.
10:09 AM- komeda, krzysztof quintet / kattorna [astigmatic] on the polskie nagrania label.
10:01 AM- morgenspaziergan / morgenspaziergang [autobahn] on the phonogram label.
09:51 AM- dizzee rascal / vexed [boy in da corner] on the matadork label.
09:47 AM- rough assemblage / mit starken schlagen strect ich dich [construction and demolition] on the tzadik label.
09:46 AM- mindflayer / had of state on a plate [take your skin off] on the bulb label.
09:44 AM- big joe williams / mean step father [shake your boogie] on the arhoolie label.
09:31 AM- mammal / double nature [double nature] on the snse label.
09:20 AM- luigi nono / liebeslied [wien modern] on the deutsche grammophon label.
09:16 AM- hella / women of the 90s [the devil isn't red] on the 5rc label.
09:12 AM- robert pete williams / two wings [I'm blue as a man can be-vol. 1] on the arhoolie label.
09:08 AM- miss kitten and the hacker / life on mtv [defining tech] on the orbisconic label.
08:56 AM- albert ayler / universal indians [love cry] on the impulse label.
08:54 AM- ae / steak [bootleg] on the sonig label.
08:41 AM- Lee Hyla / amnesia variance [riff and transfiguration] on the tzadik label.

ktru 91.7fm houston  ->  |  rice university

Playlist for The No Show on February 6th, 2004
Song Title Artist Album

Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac DIZZY GILLESPIE Talkin' Verve
Thanks to Andy Coco for reminding me of this... Go easy in your caddy out there tonight.
Saigon Pickup JOHN ZORN/NAKED CITY Naked City
-------- -------- --------
in town from Los Angeles TYPEWRITER TIM IS HERE IN THE STUDIO He's in town and is from St. Louis
We're going to talk to Tim throughout this set and play some of his sound...
-------- -------- --------
Lisbon PERE UBU St. Arkansas
By the Time I Get to Venus THE JUAN MACLEAN DFA Compilation #1
Lotion ALDO NAGY Let the Healing Begin
-------- -------- --------
untitled more stuff from Typewriter Tim unreleased
Green Typewriters OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL Music from the unrealized script Dusk at Cubist Castle
We Come in Peace BOBBY CONN The Homeland New on Thrill Jockey Records
Cartoon Music JOHN ZORN The Classic Guide to Strategy
Songs for Sadists Without A Place To Sit Down CHARLES BUKOWSKI 70 Minutes in Hell
Temple Eat Temple MICHAEL MASCARO Mutts P.O. Box 17, Hampton, MA 01036
-------- -------- --------
Relax BOBBY CONN The Homeland
In a Cold Shower HACO Haco ReR Megacorp
Peering Sonata CENOZOIC Aon:Omnilateral (unreleased/local)
-------- -------- --------
untitled HACO/LISLE ELLIS/LANCE GRABMILLER Praeface on Praemedia
Perpetuum Mobile EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN Perpetuum Mobile

KDHX FM 88.1
3504 Magnolia
St. Louis, MO 63118

Vancouver, BC

1 - No Luck Club – Happiness - Ill Boogie
2 - Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends.. - Ninja Tune
3 - Seksu Roba - Pleasure Vibrations - Eenie Meenie
4 - Below the Sea - Endings EP - Where Are My
5 – Gay - You Know The Rules – Mint
6 - Various Artists - Live At The Yale Two – Festival
7 – Pulses - Little Brother EP – Dirtnap
8 - Pete Rock - Lost And Found: Hip Hop.. – BBE
9 – Usaisamonster - Tasheyana Compost – Load
10 - Spread Eagle - Spread Eagle – Nerve
11 - The Album Leaf - Seal Beach EP – Acuarela
12 – Inject – Inject – Independent
13 – Fondas - Wanna Be + 1 - Sympathy For Th
14 - Jesse Sykes/Steve Tu - Split CD - Burn Burn Burn
15 – Greenhornes - Loving In The Sun - Sweet Nothing
16 - Banzai Rebels - Surf Panic! - R.I.P.
17 – Sights - Be Like Normal - Sweet Nothing
18 - Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life – Domino
19 - Fuse! - Breaker! Breaker! - In The Red
20 – Tenki - View Of An Orbiting Man - Future Appletre
21 - Lederhosen Lucil - Tales From The Pantry – Independent
22 - Run Chico Run – Shashbo – Independent
23 - Two Minute Miracles - Vol. III:The Silence Of.. - Teenage USA
24 - Tommy McCook - Blazing Horns Tenor In... - Blood + Fire
25 - Various Artists - Canned Hamm's Karazma... - Pro Am
26 - Six Parts Seven - Lost Notes From Forgotten - Suicide Squeeze
27 - DJ France - Electric Garden Of Deligh - Tuff City Massi
28 – Stars – Heart - Arts & Crafts
29 - Barmitzvah Brothers - Mr. Bones Walk-in Closet – weewerk
30 - Sarah Peebles - Insect Groove - Cycling '74
31 - B. Fleischmann - Welcome Tourist - Morr Music
32 - Various Artists – Praeface – Praemedia
33 - Various Artists - The Amos House Collection - Wishing Tree
34 - Band Of Blacky Ranch - Still Lookin' Good To Me - Thrill Jockey
35 - My Favorite - The Happiest Days Of Our - Double Agent 

free103point9 Online Radio
January 2004 Top 40

1. Cooper Moore + Assif Tsahar, America (Hopscotch)
2. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 13)
3. Various artists, Sound Generation audio compilation (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
4. Various artists, Praeface (Praemedia)
Includes Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, others.
5. Mammal, "Double Nature" (SNSE)
6. Cooper Moore + Tom Abbs + Chad Taylor, Triptych Myth (Hopscotch)
7. Dean Roberts, Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)
8. Ghost Exits, Cincinnati Riot Blues EP (Social Registry)
9. Stars Like Fleas, Sun Lights Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
10. Artanker Convoy, Ocean Parkway EP (Social Registry)
11. Assif Tsahar + Tatsuya Nakatani, Come Sunday (Hopscotch)
12. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
13. Assif Tsahar + Mat Maneri + Jim Black, Jam (Hopscotch)
14. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
15. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
16. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
17. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
18. M Behrens, Elapsed Time (Intransitive)
19. Andy Hayleck, Various Recordings Involving Ice (Here See)
20. J.D. Robb, Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog (Locust Music)
21. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, Object3 (Locust Music)
22. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Loctust Music)
23. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
24. What's Yr Damage, Winter Tour '03-'04 CD-r (self)
25. Painting Soldiers, Horizon Fall EP (Social Registry)
26. What's Yr Damage/Kodan Armada, split 7" (Dead Tank Records)
27. Knifestorm, Body-World (self)
28. Fear and Trembling, Sligo River EP (JMZ Records)
29. Various artists, Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic)
Anaphylaxis, Hollydrift, Kava Project, and The Devouring Element are included here.
30. No. 9, Where come from? And where to? EP (Locust Music)
31. Espers, Espers (Locust Music)
32. Burning Star Core, "A Brighter Summer Day/Baybe It Wasn't Meant to Me" 12" (Thin Wrist)
33. Tim Perkis, Motive (Praemedia)
34. The Usaisamonster, Tasheyanan Compost (Load)
35. T.K. Webb, The Ungodly Hours (Garnet Recordings)
36. Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Queen of Guess (VHF)
37. Clear Horizon, Clear Horizon (Kranky)
38. Coughs, Bent Babies (self)
39. DJ Olive, Bodega (The Agriculture)
40. Hair Police/Viki, split 12" (SNSE/Load)

KTRU Playsheet
from Sun 01/25/2004 12:52:00 AM until Sun 01/25/2004 04:00:00 AM
Time- Artist / Song [Album]

04:00 AM- Barnacled / Garbage and (Garbage and Fire) [6] on the Corleone label.
03:45 AM- MyTwilightPilot / Their Sleeping Endeavors [555] on the Feel Records label.
03:44 AM- Brownyn / Against The Island [Through The Fog, Through The Pines] on the GreyDay Productions label.
03:39 AM- Dzihan and Kamien / I Guess She... [Freaks & Icons] on the Six Degrees label.
03:36 AM- The Catheters / What Have They Done To You? [Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days] on the Sub Pop label.
03:35 AM- Jandek / Moon Dance [Glad To Get Away] on the Corwood (1994) label.
03:22 AM- Muddy Waters / She's 19 Years Old [The Lost Tapes] on the Blind Pig label. By Request
03:18 AM- No Reply / Feel [Conclusions Drawn On The Basis of Other Things] on the Rebound label.
03:12 AM- Robert Nighthawk / Murderin' Blues [V/A: The Rough Guide To Chicago Blues] on the World Music Network label.
03:09 AM- People Like Us / People Like Us Like People Like Us (Dummy Run) [Hate People Like Us (Remixes)] on the Soleilmoon label.
03:04 AM- Blood Oranges / Incineratior [Corn River] on the ESD label.
02:57 AM- neurosis & jarboe / Cringe [s/t] on the neurot label.
02:51 AM- Darren Hanlon / Cast Of Thousands [Hello Stranger] on the Drive-In label.
02:50 AM- deaville, darcie / Drunken Hiccups [plays the fiddle and sings] on the taller dog label.
02:46 AM- Gutterball / Falling From The Sky [S/T] on the Mute label.
02:43 AM- helmreich, stefan / Konica 4355 [xerophonics] on the seeland label.
02:39 AM- Lisa Gerrard / Biking Home [Whalerider OST] on the 4AD/Beggar's Banquet label.
02:38 AM- nettle / Myanmar (Timeblind) [firecamp stories: remixes] on the theAgriculture label.
02:31 AM- KG / Track 2 [Nature Morte] on the Fortune 4 label.
02:24 AM- tsahar/maneri/black / Part 5 [jam] on the hopscotch label.
02:22 AM- Geno Delafose / Les Flammes d'Enfer [Everybody's Dancin'] on the Times Square Records label.
02:19 AM- danel lentz / Midnight White [the complete 10-inch series on cold blue] on the cold blue label.
02:17 AM- Overwhelming Colorfast / Hipster [Sourdough] on the Goldenrod (1994) label.
02:11 AM- object / Subtext (Courage- [pandemic] on the quatermass label.
02:07 AM- John Hartford / Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie [Aereo Plain] on the Rounder(1997) label.
02:03 AM- nudge / 'Til The Sun Expands [elaborate devices for filtering crisis] on the tigerbeat6 label.
02:01 AM- TV On The Radio / Staring At The Sun [Young Liars EP] on the Touch & Go label.
01:55 AM- vitamins for you / Quand Peanut Fait [saturday morning empires] on the intr_version label.
01:54 AM- Dori Caymmi / Amazon River (Reprise) [Brazilian Serenata] on the Qwest/Warner label.
01:50 AM- vibert, luke / Synthax [yoseph] on the warp label.
01:45 AM- Speedball Baby / Milking Stool Blues [Get Straight For The Last Supper] on the PCP Entertainment label.
01:43 AM- shannon fields with martin nieznaski / Damaged Bedroom Minimalism [preface] on the praemedia label.
01:40 AM- Omoide Hatoba / Oyaji [Kinsei] on the Birdman Records label.
01:36 AM- thuja / Untitled IV [all strange beasts of the past] on the emperor jones label.
01:33 AM- Fred Avril / Double Mind [That Horse Must Be Starving] on the PIAS label.
01:31 AM- non-prophets / Fresh [hope] on the lex label.
01:25 AM- Pinkard & Bowden / Elvis Was A Narc [Pinkard & Bowden Live] on the Warner (1989) label.
01:18 AM- laminar / Shear [nozzle] on the ashodel label.
01:18 AM- Upsilon Acrux / Metal Tweek [The Last Pirates of Upsilon] on the Win label.
01:15 AM- rosina Trubia Gioiosa (Sicilian) / Lu Fistinu Di Palermo [hot women: women singers from the torrid regions of the world] on the kein and aber label.
01:12 AM- Chris Dahlgren / Harmonic Cloud #3 [Slow Commotion] on the Koch (1996) label.
01:06 AM- Middleton, malcolm / 1,2,3,4 [5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine] on the chemikal underground label.
01:05 AM- The Good Ship / Sugarcane [S/T] on the Orange Twin label.
12:57 AM- twine / Piano [s/t] on the ghostly international label.
12:55 AM- Pierre-Jean Grassi/ Yann Guiro, Christophe Perez perf. / Contrastes: III [Prelude/Piece Symphonique/Trois Esquisses/Contastes] on the Solstice label.

ktru 91.7fm houston, texas USA

feedback monitor
radio: playlist: january 13th, 2004

The Blankket "Hey Ya!" Songs of Love EP  Recording Club 
Stop Disco Mafia "C.H.A.X." Stop Disco Mafia EP Proptronix
Secret Mommy "Andrew W. Cake" Mammal Class Orthlorng Musork
Hitz Exprezz "Exprezz" Playin da Harsez Huron Street Hunt Club
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks "The One With The Girl Singing" Window Pain Piehead
DJ Frane "Green Buds In The Springtime" Electric Garden of Delights Tuff City
Shannon Fields vs. The Gold Sparkle Band "Emphasis Mine" Praeface [compilation] Praemedia
Tim Perkis "Farb" Motive Praemedia
Stars Like Fleas "third night, Wisconsin" Sun Lights Down On The Fence Praemedia
Hydatid "Awash With Even" Awash With Even indie
Canartic "Turn On The Blacklight" Blacklight Days EP Dank Disk
Lopside "At The Old Place" 37 indie
Icecake "Version" ambient extraction Supple
Richard Ashe "Static2" Ether Static Ten Dances
Andrew Duke "Shuffle" Take Nothing For Granted Cognition Audioworks
L'Ombre "Off Course" Simulations 1.0 Ant-Zen
Fanny "A New Life Awaits You" Revelry and Decadence as the Right of Slaves Mirex
Igneous Flame "Nebullar" Intox Chillfactor 10
Maitreya "We Are Linked" Telluric Waves Council of Nine

feedback monitor has been a weekly radio show on CIUT Radio in Toronto since February, 1996. It can currently be heard on Tuesdays at 10 PM until 12 midnight Eastern at 89.5 FM in Toronto and surrounding areas and via RealAudio at worldwide.

KTRU Playsheet
Genetic Memory
from Mon 01/12/2004 10:00:00 PM until Tue 01/13/2004 01:00:00 AM

Time- Artist / Song [Album]

12:51 AM- jandek / only lover [blue corpse] on the corwood industries label.
12:45 AM- bill dixon with tony oxley / the statesman [papyrus volume 1] on the soul note label.
12:44 AM- Minton, phil / turner, roger / moderate [drainage] on the emanem label.
12:25 AM- cremaster / 12.10 n/m2 [32.41 n/m2] on the absurd label.
12:16 AM- mika vaino / snowblind [in the land of the blind one eyed is king] on the touch label.
12:10 AM- haco/lisle ellis/lance grabmiller / (untitled) [praeface] on the praemedia label.
12:03 AM- mimeo & john tilbury / the hands of caravaggio part iii [the hands of caravaggio] on the erstwhile label.
11:54 PM- matt valentine / jud the obscure [u-sound volume 1] on the paralellism label.
11:50 PM- the blithe sons / the grazing line [green mansions] on the jewelled antler label.
11:35 PM- dafeldecker/kurzmann/drumm/dieb 13 / graz 2 [(the green album)] on the charhizma label.
11:23 PM- julien ottavi / 1. 30:58 [nerveure magnetique] on the sigma label.
11:11 PM- robert lax / one stone [wake up re:lax] on the intermedium label.
11:08 PM- parson sound / sov gott rose-marie [s/t] on the subliminal sounds label.
10:55 PM- gang gang dance / track 3 [revival of the shittest] on the the social registry label.
10:44 PM- the no neck blues band / why is love wrong? [the birth of both worlds] on the zirth label.
10:36 PM- terrestrial tones / experimental farm [space is no place] on the psych-o-path label.
10:29 PM- hafler trio / a small child dreams of voiding the plague [a small child dreams of voiding the plague] on the important label.
10:25 PM- samara lubelski / all the tired horses [s/t] on the child of microtones label.
10:16 PM- david gross & liz tonne / houston [performing sunday 7:30] on the sedimental label.
10:13 PM- kevin drumm / track 3 [land of lurches] on the hanson label.

ktru 91.7fm houston  ->  |  rice university

Vintage, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Vocals, Avant Garde & progressive music currently in rotation


Abrams, Josh-Cipher-Delmark
Active Ingredients-Titration-Delmark
Amsallem, Frank-Summer Times-Sunnyside
Anderson, Ernestine-Love Makes the Changes-High Note
Baker, Jeff-Baker Sings Chet-Origin
Barkan, Gilad-Modulation-New Step
Bergeron, Wayne-You Call This a Living?-Wag Records
Berne, Tim-The Sublime & Sciencefrictionlive-Thirsty Ear
Byard, Jaki Quartet-The Last from Lennie's-Prestige
Cables, George-Looking For The Light-Musefx
Carter, James-Gardenias for Lady Day-Columbia
Chicago Jazz (Various)-Chicago Jazz-Delmark
Chicago's Avant Today (Various)-Chicago's Avant Today-Delmark
Cobb, Jimmy's Mob-Cobb's Groove-Milestone
Colligan, George-Mad Science-Sunny Sky
Coq, Laurent Quartet-Like a Tree In the City-Sunnyside
Cotsirilos, George-Silenciosa-OA2
Cunliffe, Bill Sextet-How My Heart Sings-Torii
Ehrlich, Marty-The Long View-Enja
Either Orchestra-Neo-Modernism-Accurate
Ellman, Liberty-Tactiles-PI Recordings
Faulk, Dan-The Dan Faulk Songbook, Vol. 1-Ugli Fruit
Friedman, Don Trio-Waltz for Debby-441
Gunn, Russell-Mood Swings-High Note
Haines, Steve-Beginner's Mind-Artists House
Harrell, Tom-Wise Children-Bluebird
Holloway, Red-Coast to Coast-Milestone
Holmes, Richard Groove-On Basie's Bandstand-Prestige
Jones, Rodney-Soul Manifesto Live!-Savant
Kimbrough, Frank Trio-Quickening-Omni Tone
Kleinhaut, Mark Trio-A Balance of Light-Invisible
Korn, Steve-Points in Time-Origin
Kremer, Gidon & Kremerata Baltica-The Russian Seasons-Nonesuch
Kronos Quartet-Harry Partch: U.S. Highball-Nonesuch
Kronos Quartet-Peteris Vasks: String Quartet No. 4-Nonesuch
Lea, Babatunde-Level Of Intent-Motema
Malaby, Tony-Apparitions-Songlines
Manne, Shelly & His Men-Yesterdays-Pablo
Martino, Pat-Comin' & Goin'-32 Jazz
McConnell, Rob Tentet-Music Of The Twenties-Justin Time
McLaughlin, John-Thieves & Poets-Verve
McNeil, John-This Way Out-Onmi Tone
Murphy, Mark-Memories Of You-HighNote
Nova, Brian Trio-Shadow of your Smile-Pony Boy
Pallem, Fred & Friendz-Le Sacre de Tympan-Street Machine
Pastorius, Jaco-Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology-Warner Bros/Rhino
Payne, Jim-Sensei-Savant
Pearl Django-Swing 48-Modern Hot
Pelt, Jeremy-Close to My Heart-MaxJazz
Pilc, Jean-Michel-Cardinal Points-Dreyfus
Praeface (Various)-Praeface-Praemedia
Richmond, Kim-Refractions-Origin
Robertson, Herb-The Legend of the Missing Link-Splasc(h)
Rozen, Issi-Dark Beauty-New Step
Ryan, Jackie-This Heart Of Mine-Open Art
Saisse, Philippe Acoustique Trio-My Favorite Songs-441 Records
Silver, Horace-Rockin' With Rachmaninoff-Bop City
Sloane, Carol-Whisper Sweet-HighNote
Smith, Wadada Leo & Brxton, Anthony-Organic Resonance-PI Recordings
Sosa, Omar-Pictures of Soul-Ota
Soulive-Turn It Out Remixed-Velour
Svensson, Esbjorn Trio-E.S.T. Live '95-Act
Tatum, Art-The Best of the Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces-Pablo
Turre, Michael James-Compositions-Illusory
Untinted (various)-Untinted: Source's for Madlib's Shades of Blue-Blue Note

KBCS - Bellevue, Washington, USA

Émission du 6 janvier 2004
Show of January 6, 2004

GILLES GOBEIL & RENÉ LUSSIER / Le Contrat, parties 12-17 (19:03) – Le Contrat (empreintes DIGITALes)
STÉPHANE ROY / Masques et parades: Exultation (10:05)/ Masques et parades: Burlesque (6:00) - Migrations (empreintes DIGITALes)
BERNARD FORT / La Paix de l¹entendre (15:45) - Lumière dans la nuit (empreintes DIGITALes)
XAVIER CHARLES / La Neige atttend la neige (extrait/excerpt: 18:30) – La Neige attend la neige (A Bruit Secret)
ALEXANDRE BELLENGER / Run 6 (12:10) - Mister Run Run (Acid Resistant Records)
ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE & LANCE GRABMILLER / Electrostatic Blues (5:28) - Praeface (Praemedia)
ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE & CHRIS FORSYTH / Tomorrow (5:54) - (as is stated...before known) (Evolving Ear/Pax Recordings)

Merci / Thanks,
François Couture
Rédacteur, journaliste (All-Music Guide, Ici), traducteur, réviseur. Réalisateur de Délire Actuel et Délire Musical, CFLX

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 242: Best of 2003
Maandag, 5 Januari 2004 (17.00 to 19.00)

Demon Love > L'Oeuf Raide [13 a la Douzaine / Jarring Effects]
Concepts in Travel Comfort > Gustavo Aguilar Get Libre Collective [Destinations /Circumvention]
Treading #8 > Radio Free Clear Light [Treading Softly Against the Tide / Black Note]
Public Transportation > Claudia Bonarelli* [No Type Sampler / No Type / VA]
Take a Look > Lance Grabmiller vs Mou, Lips! [Praeface / Praemedia / VA]
Temazcal > Arnold Marinissen [Traces of Cultures / BVHaast]
Non Sens > Laurence Pernice [InfraJazz / Land]
Inconsequentialist > Paniculture [ Black - White / Paniculture]
Twisted Neuron > L'Oeuf Raide [13 a la Douzaine / Jarring Effects]
New Your Dorx > Black Dog vs Black Sifichi vs Laub [Genetically Modified / Hydrogen Dukebox]
Cement > Andrew Duke [Take Nothing for Granted / Cognition Audioworks]
Pyschic Blueprint for a City > Philosophy Major [Hynerotomachia / Word Sound]
Paradise of Nada > Adrian Sherwood [Never Trust a Hippy / Real World]
Finite State Machine Dub > Bill Laswell [Certified Dope, vol. 4: Babylon is Burning / WordSound / VA]
Night Train Version > Manasseh meets the Equalizer [Step Like Pepper / Select Cuts]
Nostalgie Dub > Serge Gainsbourg [Mauvaises Nouvelles des Étoiles / Mercury]
Rok/Singer > DJ Cor Blimey [DJ Cor Blimey & His Pigeon / Conundrum]
First-Hand > R. Stevie Moore [Nevertheless Optimistic / Innova]
Some Come > Blurt [The Fish Needs A Bike / Salamander]
Larcenous > Headphone Science [We Remain Faded / No Type]
DDR > Gand Mal [Perfect Fit / Unsounds]
Turn of the Century Tide > Lulu Ong [DISContact III / CEC]
Chilled > Junkie XL [Radio JXL: Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin / Roadrunner]
Mean Old Bed Bug Blues > Ernest Tubb [The Ultimate Yodelling Collection / Castle Pulse / VA]
Shanghai Rooster & Hillbilly Wedding in June [DeZurik Sisters / Dr. Benway]
I Want To Be A Real Cowboy Girl > Girls of the Golden West [The Ultimate Yodelling Collection / Castle Pulse / VA]


The above records, in no particular ranking order, were all part of my Best of 2003 list as documented in Perfect Sound Forever's Top 2003 [online music magazine with warped perspectives since 1993].

Wreck This MeSS
Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe bart plantenga Zeilstraat 23 / II 1075 SB Amsterdam the Netherlands


1. luomo - the present lover (force tracks)
2. data 80 - data 80 (force tracks)
3. alex cortex - inward ctrl (ann aimee)
4. sophie rimheden - hi-fi (mitek)
5. geoff white & stewart walker - discord (force inc.)
6. monolake - momentum (icm)
7. billy dalessaandro - midievalization (resopal schalware)
8. pole - pole (mute)
9. nooncat - under the moon/under the sun (triebstoff)
10. dub taylor - experience (force tracks)
11. t.raumschmiere - radio blackout (novamute)
12. rip-off artist - pet sounds (vertical form)
13. jirku/judge - plusism (onitor)
14. va - mitek: process (mitek)
15. va - staedtisizm 4 (~scape)
16. rechenzentrum - director's cut (mille plateaux)
17. tujiko noriko - from tokyo to naiagara (tom lab)
18. jan jelinek avec the exposures - la nouvelle pauvrete (~scape)
19. tomas jirku - 1999 (no type)
20. ricardo villalobos - alcachofa (playhouse)
21. va - what was it like before i got into electricity (sud)
22. alexander kowalski - |response| (kanzleramt)
23. agf - westernisation complete (ortlong musork)
24. va - futuristic experiments #006 [bg035] (background)
25. soul-junk - 1958 (sounds are acticve)
26. hdj tom - taste (inflatabl label)
27. cordell klier - winter (ad noiseam)
28. si-cut.db - find some shade (highpoint lowlife)
29. desormais - iambrokenandremadeiambroken... (intr_version)
30. hinterlandt/ karri o. - sitting, going places/departures and arrivals (abflug)
31. anders ilar - everdom (shitkatapult)
32. matmos - civil war (matador)
33. radio 4 - gotham (city slang)
34. looproad - acidfaketrax (acid fake)
35. tim heker - radio amor (mille plateaux)
36. blamstrain - ensi (merck)
37. stars like fleas - sun light down on the fence (praemedia)
38. decades - the first (poeta negra)
39. apparat - duplex (shitkatapult)
40. andrew duke - take nothing for granted (acid fake)
41. va - praeface (praemedia)
42. tim perkis - motive (praemedia)
43. merzbow - ikebana: merzbow's amlux rebuilt, reused and recycled (immortal)
44. andrey kiritchenko - kniga skazok (ad noiseam)
45. formatt/samuli alapuranen - connections/apinavideo (abflug)
46. corker / conboy - in light of that learnt later (vertical form)
47. va - geologists and profesional tourists volume 2 (n&b research digest)
48. andrey kiritchenko - bees and noney (zeromoon)
49. anthony rother - elixir of life (fax +49-69/450464)
50. decomposed subsonic - gradients (ware)

free103point9 Online Radio
2003 Top 100

1. Various artists, Radio Action I, (free103point9)
2. Wasteland, Amen Fire (Transparent)
3. Animal Collective, Here Comes the Indian (Paw
4. Sightings, Absolutes (Load)
5. Donna Summer, "Fluxus, Inc./Awkward Song" 7"
6. Nautical Almanac, Cisum (Here See)
7. Matthew Shipp, Equillibrium (Blue Series/Thirsty
8. Joyce Hinterding, Spectral (Antiopic)
9. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar
(Ecstatic Peace)
10. Daniel Carter + Reuben Radding, Luminescence
(Aum Fidelity)
11. Various artists, SIC: The Broklyn Beats 7" Series (Broklyn Beats)
12. Scanner, Warhol's Surfaces (Intermedium)
13. Various artists, Tune(In))) (free103point9 AD
14. The Blue Series Continuum (Roy Campbell, Jr.,
Alex Lodico, William Parker, Josh Roseman, Matthew Shipp), Good and Evil Sessions (Thirsty Ear)
15. Jared Ashburn, Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Shawn Onsgard, Dado Blade (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 12)
16. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
17. Jackie-O Motherfucker, Europe 2002 (Cast Exotic.U-Sound)
18. Various artists, Variious (Intransitive
19. Ultra-Red, ¡Amnistía! (Antiopic)
20. Matthew Ostrowski, The Legendary Poptones (self)
21. Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Queen of Guess
22. Various artists, Space is No Place, NYC: Noise
from the Underground (Psych-O-Path Records)
23. Lightning Bolt, Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
24. Various artists, "Sound Generation audio compilation" (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
25. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
26. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
27. Tim Berne, The Sublime Sciencefrictionlive (Thirsty Ear)
28. Various artists: Donna Summer, Hrvatski, Timeblind, etc., Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes (The Agriculture)
29. Neon Hunk, Swarmy Mob (Load)
30. DJ Olive, Bodega (The Agriculture)
31. Thomas Joyce, Sound Works 2002-2003 (self)
32. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
33. Dan Matz, Carry Me Over (Amish)
34. Mammal, Double Nature (SNSE)
35. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
36. Various artists, Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish (Animal World)
37. Dion Workman, Ching (Antiopic)
38. Rev. Charlie Jackson, God's Got It (CaseQuarter/Aum Fidelity)
39. Julien Ottavi, Nervure Magnetique (Antiopic)
40. Kim Cascone, Anti-Correlation (Anechoicmemdia)
41. Various artists, Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic)
42. Ernesto Diaz-Infante + Chris Forsyth, March (Evolving Ear)
43. Knifestorm, Body-World (self)
44. T.K. Webb, The Ungodly Hours (Garnet Recordings)
45. Hominid, Hominid (self)
46. Ben Owen, Easter 02 (self)
47. Astral Blessing, Astral Blessing (self)
48. Bottle Skup Flenkenkenmike, Looks Like Velvet, Smells Like Pee (Broklyn Beats)
49. Surface of Eceyon, "Purposeful Availment" (Three Lobe Recordings)
50. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 AD 013)
51. No. 9, Where come from? And where to? EP (Locust Music)
52. Andy Hayleck, "Various Recordings Involvng Ice" (Here See)
53. Young People, "Young People" (GER)
54. Hair Police/Viki "split 12"" (SNSE/Load)
55. Dean Roberts, "Be Mine Tonight" (Kranky)
56. Ghost Exits, "Cincinnati Riot Blues" EP (Social Registry)
57. Stars Like Fleas, "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia)
58. Artanker Convoy, "Ocean Parkway" EP (Social Registry)
59. P.G. Six, Old Man on the Mountain, b/w High, Low and In-Between (Amish)
60. Panicsville, "Imperfection of the Organism" (SNSE/Load)
61. Espers, "Espers" (Locust Music)
62. Black Dice, Lost Valley/Head Like a Door 12" (Catsup Plate)
63. Various artists, "Praeface" (Praemedia)
64. M Behrens, "Elapsed Time" (Intransitive)
65. J.D. Robb, "Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog" (Locust Music)
66. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, "Object3" (Locust Music)
67. Burning Star Core, "A Brighter Summer Day/Baybe It Wasn't Meant to Me" 12" (Thin Wrist)
68. Tom Roe/A Forma Foma, split 7" (free103point9 AD 09)
69. Andrew Barker + Daniel Carter, Duo (QBICO 02)
70. Clear Horizon, Clear Horizon (Kranky)
71. Loren Connors. The Departing of a Dream Pt. II (Family Vineyard)
72. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
73. Fear and Trembling, Sligo River EP (JMZ Records)
74. USAISAMONSTER, Citizens of the Chronic (Infrasound)
75. Painting Soldiers, Horizon Fall EP (Social Registry)
76. Surface of Eceyon, Purposeful Availment (Three Lobe Recordings)
77. Pothole Skinny, Time Shapes the Forest Lake (Perhaps Transparent)
78. Tim Perkis, Motive (Praemedia)
79. Various artists (Paul Dutton, Jazzkammer, Astro, etc.), Bananafish 17 CD + magazine (Tedium House)
80. 100% Storms Ensemble, A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair (Emperor Jones)
81. Ssion, Opportunity Bless My Soul (Version City Records)
82. Nerve Net Noise, Meteor Circuit (Intransitive)
83. Z'ev, An Uns Momento (CIP)
84. Flaming Fire, Songs from the Shining Temple (Perhaps Transparent)
85. Various artists, No Tribute (Carbon)
86. Radio Shock/Radio Shack, split 7" (Ignivomous)
87. Rev. 99, Everything Changed After 7-11 (Pax)
88. Pffr, Rock, Rocker, Rocketh (self)
89. Calla, Scavengers (Young God)
90. Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra, s/t (Pax)
91. Rotten Piece, Emperor of Appliances (Lazy Squid)
92. Tigersmilk, Tigersmilk (Family Vineyard)
93. Coughs, Bent Babies (self)
94. The Usaisamonster, Tasheyanan Compost (Load)
95. Mr. California and the State Police, Audio Hallucinations (Load)
96. Vertonen, The Ocean is Gone, the Ship is Next (Ground Fault)
97. Jesse Dulman, Tuba Songs (self)
98. DJ North Guinea Hills, Telling This Woman to Uncle Tom Series IV (self)
99. The Blithe Sons, We Walk the Young Earth (Family Vineyard)
100. Harm Stryker, s/t (self)

Show Date: 28/12/03
Artist / Track / Album / Label

Nanaqui / 6' 25" / Praeface / Praemedia
Fredrico Monti / hermano / Partition / Biodata (online only release)
Terre Thaemlitz / welcome / Lovebomb / Mille Plateaux
Hydatid / negative space / Awash With Even / self released
Opiate / insert / While You Were Sleeping / April
Tim Perkis / code / Motive / Praemedia
Tim Hecker / 7000 miles / Radio Amor / Mille Plateaux
Peter Blamey / alike / Motion: Movement In Australian Sound / Preservation
Mika Vainio / he was a sound sometimes / In the Land of the Blind One-Eyed is King / Touch
Omnid / careless with a cigarette / (web-only release) / Stasisfield (online only release)
Will Guthrie / westspace / Building Blocks / Antboy
Quiet American / hush / Vox Americana / (online)
Electric Birds / cyclist / Gradations / Mille Plateaux
Vs_Price / palm / <calin>minette_ / Expanding Records
Pita / iida denki / Get Down / Mego
Alejandra & Aeron / empire 01 / Empire / Fallt (online exclusive)
Keith Fullerton Whitman / modena / Playthroughs / Kranky
Rechenzentrum / bleichbaduberbruckung & nelson reshoot / Director's Cut / Mille Plateaux
Murcof / Unison / Martes / Leaf
Phonem / war by other means / ilisu / Morr Music

"Sound Textures"
Headphones recommended

12am - 2am Sunday nights
(1pm - 3pm Sunday afternoon GMT)

102.7 FM, Melbourne, Australia
Listen online:

c/o Triple R
PO Box 304
Fitzroy, VIC 3068

Playlist for The No Show on December 12, 2003
Key: Artist:::Title:::Album::: +=Request *=New [Notes]

NEGATIVLAND:::Rooty Poops:::Helter Stupid
CHOCO AND RZA:::Bebop (Live at the Rooftop):::Bird Up!*
THE BAYSAYBOOS:::Pellet Form:::The Baysayboos*
CORPORAL BLOSSOM:::The Christmas Song (Chestnuts):::A Mutated Christmas
CHRISTAL METHODISTS:::Numerology:::Satanic Ritual Abuse
UTAH PHILLIPS:::Stupid's Song:::Fellow Workers
ROB SWIFT and X-ECUTIONERS:::Cheers (X-ecutioners Style):::Bird Up! The Charlie Parker remix project*
THE BEATLES:::Christmas 1964:::The Beatles Christmas Album [This was released on Polygram way back when...Sounds like the boys had a few in the studio at EMI.]
MATERIAL (BILL LASWELL):::Seven Souls (The Secret Name):::Material: The Road to the Western Lands
WILLIAM ELLIOT WHITMORE:::Lord Only Knows:::Hymns for the Hopeless* [Check this cat out on or]
CHEER-ACCIDENT:::Societal Demands:::Life Isn't Like That
BLACK FLAG:::Family Man:::Family Man
NEGATIVLAND:::White Rabbit and a Dog Named Gidget:::Helter Stupid
LE PERCUSSIONS DE STRASBOURG:::Iannis Xenakis' "Melanges":::Pleiades>
THE BAYSAYBOOS:::Dodo:::The Baysayboos
UTAH PHILLIPS AND ANI DIFRANCO:::The Most Dangerous Woman:::Fellow Workers
MARCOS FERNANDES/ROBERT MONTOYA/HANS FJELLESTAD:::Little Drummer Boy:::...and the reindeer you rode in on
SHANNON FIELDS WITH MARTIN NIEZNANSKI:::Damaged Bedroom Minimalism:::Praeface
CHRISTAL METHODISTS:::Jesus is Coming:::Satanic Ritual Abuse
CURTIS MAYFIELD:::If There's a Hell Below:::The Very Best of Curtis Mayfield
ANI DIFRANCO:::Kazoointoit:::Revelling
LES PERCUSSIONS DE STRASBOURG:::Iannis Xenakis' "Claviers" (partial):::Pleiades

free103point9 Online Radio
December 2003 Heavy Rotation
Top 40

1. Various artists (Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, etc.), "Praeface" (Praemedia)
2. Mammal, "Double Nature" (SNSE)
3. Dean Roberts, "Be Mine Tonight" (Kranky)
4. Ghost Exits, "Cincinnati Riot Blues" EP (Social Registry)
5. Various artists, "Sound Generation audio compilation" (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
6. Stars Like Fleas, "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia)
7. Artanker Convoy, "Ocean Parkway" EP (Social Registry)
8. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, "Radio Guitar" (Ecstatic Peace)
9. The Blue Series Continuum (Roy Campbell, Jr., Alex Lodico, William Parker, Josh Roseman, Matthew Shipp), "Good and Evil Sessions" (Thirsty Ear)
10. Landing, "Circuit" (Music Fellowship)
11. John Hudak, "Room With Sky" (Chaba Recordings)
12. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, "Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion!" (Here See)
15. M Behrens, "Elapsed Time" (Intransitive)
16. Andy Hayleck, "Various Recordings Involvng Ice" (Here See)
17. J.D. Robb, "Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog" (Locust Music)
18. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, "Object3" (Locust Music)
19. Tod Dockstader, "Eight Electronic Pieces" (Loctust Music)
20. The Hepatitis Youth, "Hex is a Curse" (Kinky Noise)
21. Painting Soldiers, "Horizon Fall" EP (Social Registry)
22. 24. Knifestorm, "Body-World" (self)
25. Fear and Trembling, "Sligo River EP" (JMZ Records)
26. Various artists: Sightings, No-Neck Blues Band, etc., "Space is No Place, NYC: Noise from the Underground" (Psych-O-Path Records)
27. Tim Berne, "The Sublime Sciencefrictionlive" (Thirsty Ear)
28. Scanner, "Warhol's Surfaces" (Intermedium)
29. Espers, "Espers" (Locust Music)
30. Various artists: Donna Summer, Hrvatski, Timeblind, etc., "Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes" (The Agriculture)
31. Vibracathedral Orchestra, "The Queen of Guess" (VHF)
32. DJ Olive, "Bodega" (The Agriculture)
33. Hair Police/Viki "split 12"" (SNSE/Load)
34. Donna Summer, "Fluxus, Inc./Awkward Song" 7" (Tonschacht)
35. The Sabers, "Specter" (Neurot Recordings)
36. Jared Ashburn, Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Shawn Onsgard, "Dado Blade" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 12)
37. USAISAMONSTER, "Citizens of the Chronic" (Infrasound)
38. Matthew Shipp, "Equilibrium" (Thirsty Ear)
39. Coughs, "Bent Babies" (self)
40. Tim Perkis, "Motive," (Praemedia)

post global 11. 12. 03

tim perkis and tom djll - on the crown - va: praeface (praemedia)
tim perkis - zig - motive (praemedia)
cellular - retrigs - kikapu gold standard (kikapu)
every kid on speed - 2 - every kid on speed vs every kid on acid (retinascan)
cordell klier - 1 - cavern poems (miisc)
cordell klier - 4 - winter (ad noiseam)
looroad - untitled - acidfaketrax (acidfake)
tomas jirku - clindamycin/psychosis - bleak 1999 (no type)
folie - vide - misspass (mitek)
t.raumschmiere - radioblackout - radioblackout (novamute)
rechenzentrum - tiefenschaerfe - director's cut (mille plateaux)
minimalistic sweden - skm3 - va mitek: process (mitek)
cerebrus shoal - a paranoid home companion(intermission) - chaiming the knoblessone (norteast indie)
ronin - ronin theme - ronin ep (bar la muerte)
apparat - wooden - duplex (shitkatapult)
my robot friend - i am the robot (my robot friend remix) - why wont you cal lme back? (proptronix)
dj wally - scared yet? - emulatory whoredom (the agriculture)
pj pooterhoots - liebe safety scissors remix! - barf (liebe meine ep) - (proptronix)
sophie rimheden - strange - hi-fi (mitek)
pole - arena - pole (mute)
cappablack - harder to unravel - staedtizism 4 (~scape)
nettle - untitled cancion hip hop arabe (nettle feat. aziz arradi) - firecamp stories remixes (the agriculture)
bus - mc rhino - middle of the road (~scape)
riow arai - break roads - mind edit (leaf label)
ripp of artisrt - frogs for my pillow - pet sounds (verical form)
mu - chair girl - afro finger and gel (tigersushi)
ricardo villalobos - theogenese - alcachofa (playhouse)
mitek - tshirt - mitek15 (mitek) (wearing it during this program)
music radio channel 103 (very soon online!)

Playlist for The No Show on November 14, 2003
Key: Artist:::Title:::Album::: +=Request *=New [Notes]

IVA BITTOVA & CIKORY:::Mravenci Sila (The Strength of Ants):::Iva Bittova & Cikory
GHISLAIN POIRIER:::Gray Space feat.diverse:::Beats as Politics* [Montreal native on Chocolate Industries Records]
TINO/MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO:::Basic Beat/Dynamite Fresh mixed by DJ Spooky:::Live Without Dead Time
MC HONKY:::A Good Day to Be You (Featuring Koool G Murder):::I Am the Messiah
THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY:::Don't Try This At Home:::The High Evolutionary/Enemy From Space Split 7 " [ AAJ Records ]
ELAN:::Afterbirth part 2:::The Deluge of Sountracks and Other Voices From the World's Silent Majority* []
NEGATIVLAND:::The Gun and the Bible:::Free
FROG EYES:::Masticated Outboard Motors:::The Golden River
DJ FOOD WITH KEN NORDINE:::The Aging Young Rebel:::
THE JEFF KAISER OCKODEKTET:::This Sweet Fountain of Science:::13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic* [A pfMentum CD]
EDGARD VARESE:::Deserts:::The Varese Album
LANCE GRABMILLER VS. MOU, LIPS!:::Take a Look:::Praeface* [A Praemedia compilation]
CALLA:::Hover Over Nowhere:::Scavengers
ROPE:::Rubicon:::Widow's First Dawn*
FRED FRITH:::Absinthe Memories (for Phil Nenn):::Accidental

post global 11. 05. 03

claudio rocchetti - existenz - the work called kitano (bar la muerte)
ronin - ronin theme - ronin ep (bar la muerte)
ovo - bufera di neve - vaevictis (bar la muerte)
corker conboy - in the dust and haze - in the light of that learnt later (vertical form)
forever einstein - maybe spending the rest of your life in a madhouse will teach you some manners - down with gravity (cuneiform)
nettle - grit (dj/rupture & jenny jones remix) - firecamp stories remixes (the agriculture)
aoki takamasa - dear people - indigo rose (progressive form)
souljunk - geolinguistics - 1958 (sounds are active)
dj wally - reptilian agenda/guardian - emulatory whoredom (the agriculture)
rw able - four kinds of meaning - morpheme (rw able)
wobbly and ma ++ ingalls - i think he's serious - va: praeface (praemedia)
my friend robot - why wont you call me back? (matmos remix) - why wont you call me back? (proptronix)
matmos - reconstruction - the civil war (matador)
tomas jirku - haloperidol - bleak 1999 (no type)
every kid on speed - 06 - every kid on speed vs every kid on speed (retinascan)
cordell klier - 06 - winter (ad noiseam)
claudia bonarelli - avenue - everything happens only a certain number of times (mitek)
ripp of artist - telefunken - pet sounds (vertical form)
pole - umbrela - pole (mute)
bus - keep life right - middle of the road (~scape)
pheek - there you are - tabisuru kokoro lp [thn043] (thinner)
hinterlandt - oslo - sitting going places (abflug)
music radio channel 103 (very soon online!)

Playlist for Inflatable Squirrel Carcass
with Rick Hazelton
November 2, 2003

Booker Ervin – Mojo - The Space Book
Go-Go Fightmaster - Dream Song - Go-Go Fightmaster
Robert Cornford – Welcome - Sept Tableaux Phoniques Erik Satie
Eyvind Kang – Taksim - Virginal Coordinates
A Small Good Thing - 3 Word Prayer - Slim Westerns Volumes I & II
Pierrot Lunaire - Gudrun (Versione Inedita) – Gudrun
Decibel – Manati - "El Poeta Del Ruido Plus..."
The Residents – Time - God In Three Persons
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Pardon Me Ms. Carmen – Futuremuzik
Piero Piccioni - Easy Dreamer (Choir) – Colporovente
Vanilla Fudge - All In Your Mind - Psychedelic Sundae: The Best Of Vanilla Fudge
OO-Soul - Hot Sake (extended cut) - All Brothers, Different Mothers
Cedric Im Brooks – Sabayindah - Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba
Jet Black Crayon - Pump Up Your Ass - Experiments In The Space Metal Time Signature
Wobbly And Ma ++ Ingalls - I Think He's Serious – Praeface
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge - DFA Compilation #1
Babbletron – Birds - Mechanical Royalty
Ladytron - Another Breakfast With You – 604
Colder – Colder – Again
Hilde Torgersen - Masago's Confession - Voice Stories
Sunn O))) - A Shaving Of The Horn That Speared You - White1
Cozmic Corridors – Daruber - Cozmic Corridors
Cul De Sac - The Dumpster - The Strangler's Wife
Shelly Manne - Boone Done In - Young Billy Young
Robert Lax - Time For Distraction - Wake Up Re:Lax
Pascal Esteve - The Man On The Train - The Man On The Train
Orkestina – Mary - Transilvania Express
Igor Stravinsky (Composer)/Columbia Symphony Orchestra - Danse Infernale De Tous Les Sujets De Kastchei from The Firebird - The Essential Igor Stravinsky
Saule – Hola – Saule
Fugazi - Forensic Scene - Red Medicine
Yat-Kha – Kadarchy - Yenisei-Punk

Playlist for the Stochastic Hit Parade
With Bethany Ryker
November 2, 2003

Sonic Catering Band - Table Manners - Seven Transdanubian Recipes
Drone Hill 225 - FB.21.98 / DC.26.97a - Recordings 97-99
Quiet American – Mama - Praeface
Tower Recordings – Oxotokotoxo - The Futuristic Folk of the Tower Recordings Vol. 2
Quantic Soul Orchestra-     -Stampede
Paul Dutton / Jaap Blonk / Koichi Makigami / Phil Minton / David Moss - Esprit d'Encorece - Ice Sculture Theater: 17
Eddie Gale - Fulton Street - Ghetto Music
Josh Abrams - Mental Politician - Cipher
Moondog -     - Moondog and His Honking Geese
Al & Del - Camel Pox / Pox Final - Poppies of Fourteen
Miminokoto - [8] - The Night Gallery: 21st C. Psychedelic Underground
Erase Errata - Flippy Flop - At Crystal Palace
Nels Cline - X-Ray My Dreams - You've Got Your Orders, Vol. 1
IDX1274 - Tickle Party #2 - You've Got Your Orders, Vol. 1 
Arthur Verocai – Sylvia - Arthur Verocai
Saule – Ole - Saule
Tba - animacia / emin - Tba
Eyvind Kang - I am the Dead - Virginal Coordinates
Warn Defever / Hitoko / Ian Masters -     - Mountain Ocean Sun
Alistair Galbraith / Constantine Karlis – Radiant - Radiant
Herman Dune - Garaje #1 - The Whys and Hows of Herman Dune & Cerberus Shoal
Harris Newman - Sometimes a Bad Attitude is All it Takes - Non-Sequiturs
Herman Dune - Garaje #2 - The Whys and Hows of Herman Dune & Cerberus Shoal
Charalambides – Magnolia - Unknown Spin

Playlist for The No Show on October 17, 2003
Key: Artist:::Title:::Album::: +=Request *=New [Notes]

CHEER-ACCIDENT:::Camp O' Physique:::Introducing Lemon*
DISCORD AGGREGATE:::Things That Make Me Happy:::Step Forward and Be
 ROPE:::Routine Mood Swings:::Widow's First Dawn* [ Great new stuff from this Chicago trio. Widow's First Dawn features Grazyna Auguseik (vocals), Darin Gray (Piano) and Marty Belcher (soprano saxophone). On Family Vineyard Records: ]
from THE FREEDOM ARCHIVES:::The Coup:::Chile: Promise of Freedom* [ This is an audio-documentary reflection on the September 11, 1973 military coup against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende. I'll play more of this next week. Released by and ]
from THE FREEDOM ARCHIVES:::Coup Background:::Chile: Promise of Freedom*
NANNAQUI:::6' 25":::Praeface*
NOAM CHOMSKY:::Good Terrorists, Bad Terrorists, and 'Monied' Muslims:::The Emerging Framework of World Power*
NOAM CHOMSKY:::Why Do They Hate Us? Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters:::The Emerging Framework of World Power*
CHEER-ACCIDENT:::Track 29:::Introducing Lemon*
THRALL:::Path of Initiation:::Lifer* [ Long awaited stuff from the doom punk outfit from Detroit. This one on Alternative Tentacles.]
COPERNICUS:::Balloon Dreams:::Immediate Eternity [ I don't know if this site is still up, but you can try it: http// ]
THRALL:::We're Gonna Get What We Deserve:::Lifer*
PLUNLINK:::I Am Very Happy:::Hate People Like Us: Remixes and Interpretation of the work of People Like Us
MIKA VAINIO:::untitled:::Hate People Like Us: Remixes and Interpretations of the work of People Like Us
ROBYN HITCHCOCK:::a bit of dialogue on carcasses in> church:::Storefront Hitchcock
CHRISTAL METHODISTS:::Jesus is Coming:::Satanic Ritual Abuse+
JOHN GIORNO:::Eating the Sky:::Nova Convention, 1978
BRIAN ENO:::Third Uncle:::Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
HSoA:::Twovers:::Praeface* [ A compilation album of three years of recordings from the label. ]

c/o The No Show
3504 Magnolia
St. Louis, MO 63118

KUSF San Francisco Top Spins -week of October 6th through 10th, 2003

1: Matmos "The Civil War" (Matador)
2: Peaches "Fatherfucker" (Kitty-Yo/ XL/ Beggars Group)
3: Prefuse 73 "Extinguished: Outtakes" (Warp)
4: Meat Beat Manifesto "R.M.X.S" (Tino Corp)
5: Senor Coconut and His Orchestra "Fiesta Songs" (Emperor Norton)
6: Colleen "Everyone Alive Wants Answers" (Leaf)
7: V/A "Praeface" (Praemedia)
8: DJ Olive "Bodega" (The Agriculture)
9: Villain Accelerate "Maid of Gold" (Mush)
10: Jaga Jazzist "The Stix" (Ninja Tune)

post global 10. 15. 03

jennifer gentle and kawabata makoto - bring them - the wrong cage (sillyboy)
jennifer gentle - my memories book - funny creatures lane (sillyboy)
nettle - com.a & dj shiro the goodman - firecamp stories remixes (the agriculture)
dj wally - caught in the worm hole - emulatory woredom (the agriculture)
dj olive - hen porch blues - bodega (the agriculture)
souljunk - geolinguistics - 1958 (sounds are active)
stars like fleas - as hard as u want - va: praeface (praemedia)
cordell klier - 1 - winter (ad noiseam)
greag headley - subliminal motion - a bulletin on vertigo (28 angels)
andrey kiritchenko - 833-45: cryptic invic - bees and honey (zeromoon)
dual - katlus - keimar sty (coombe)
niko skorpio - chill winters - selected dumbient works 95-98 (some place else)
plastikman - ask yourself - closer (nova mute)
toshimaru nakamura - nimb#29 - vehicle (cubic music)
rw able - self-possesion - morpheme (rw able)
t.raumschmiere - radio blackout/musick boy - radio blackout (nova mute)
flatic - proto landscape - nano/youth (plop)
music radio channel 103 (soon online!)

post global 10. 08. 03

wobbly and ma++ ingalls - i think hes serious - va-praeface (praemedia)
souljunk - autosmuddling - 1058 (sounds are active)
greg headley - night blooming - a bulletin onvertigo (28 angels)
cordell klier - 1 - winter (ad noiseam)
andrey kiritchenko - moonshine - bees and hoey (zeromoon)
andrey kiritchenko - cheers, my fairly - kniga skazok (ad noiseam)
tujiko noriko - mugen kyuukuo - from tokyo to naiagara (tomlab)
rw able - ensky - morpheme (rw able)
andrey kiritchenko - cray: moonshinermx56 - bees and hoey (zeromoon)
toshimaru nakamura - nimb#29 - vehicle (cubic music)
karaoke tundra - rain 18082003 - demo (unreleased)
freiband - excerpt - regular of light [forthcoming] (acid fake)
deep beep - deep-o-rama - deep-o-rama (suizid)
hinterlandt - santiago - sitting, going places (abfulg)
krill.minima - die blumen in der vase auf dem tisch in deinem zimmer - zwischen zwei und einer sekunde (thinner)
rumpistol - morgenfugl - rumpistol (rump)
apparat -contradiction - duplex (shitkatapult)
rechenzentrum - directors cut - paramount (mille plateaux)
pole - black home - 45/45 (mute)
music radio channel 103 (soon online!)

october 7 2003

[2/tau] boris d hegenbart > snooze > somethingmovinginsideplasticbox > quecksilber
alan licht > muhammed ali & the crickets > a new york minute > xi records
lance grabmiller > heavy traffic > praeface > praemedia
oren ambarchi and martin ng > vigil I > vigil > quecksilber
mike hallenbeck > striking union workers san francisco/copy shop, minneapolis/birds in the backyard, minneapolis/revellers, summer festival, st paul, mn/ passing el train, chicago / el station, chicago > wandering ear
afflux > aizier > aizier st. martin-sur-mer dieppe > edition...
eric la casa > incandescence part 3 > fonderie paccard > collectif & cie
slawek kwi > bellios I > fonderie paccard > collectif & cie
tore honoré bøe > tajine > siesta > jazzassin
sigtryggur berg sigmarsson > a nasty piece of work > this one comes highly recommended > fire inc.

RADIO 666 – 99.1 FM (Caen - France)
On air every Tuesday from 23.00 to 0.30 (France standard time)
Internet LIVE streaming on

Playlist for John Allen - October 6, 2003
Artist - Track

Basil Kirchin - Once Upon a Time
Gray Bunnies - Cigarette
DNA - 5:30
Heart Attack - Last War
Q and not U X - polynation
Japanther - Super Tap
Davy Graham - Leaving Blues
     - Forty Ton Parachute
     - wash nha homa/two hymns/Uskudar
     -Don't Think Twice
Yo La Tengo - Needle of Death
Love - Mind and We Belong Together
Bellrays - Used to be
Christine McVie - I want you
Urinals - Let a little dark into your heart
Trad Gras Och Stenar - Ride Me High
Blossom Toes - Electricity
JJ Cale - Ride Me High
Chuck Wayne&Joe Puma - Let's Do It Again
Donald Fagen - Green Flower Street
Cymande - Brother's on the Slide

Music behind DJ:
Sean Meehan & Sachiko M - Improvisation
Ali Ekbar Cicek - Ilahi dostom bagina
Cinucen Tanrikorur - Taksim Huseyni
Sad Eyed lemurs - Vandwelling 4
Television - Marquee Moon
Teenage Fanclub - Alcoholiday
Blue Orchids - Sun Connection
Leaving Trains - She's Looking at You
Points of Friction - Fastidious
Arthur Russell - Waxing the Van
Randy Newman - Rednecks
Lance Grabmiller vs. Mou, lips! - Take A Look
DJ Olive - Titnhology Roof
Milton Cardona - Elugua
Nelson Angelo E Joyce - Ponte Nova

Why Not?
Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

Matthew Boughner - untitled - Live at the Underground - independent
Marc Ribot - Earth - Scelsi Morning - Tzadik
Andrew Barker - Three-part Invention - Apostolic Polyphony - Drimala Records
Jonathan Segel/Fred Frith/Joelle Leandre - Housecleaning at the Beginning of the New Year - Tempted to Smile - Spool
Han Bennink/Simon Nabatov - Foaming - Chat Room - Leo records
Bosetti/Krebbs - 9:02 - Bosetti/Krebbs - Grob
Butcher/Longberg-Holm/Zerang - Sugar of Lead - Tincture - Musica Genera
AMM - Kline - AMM111 - ECM
Gunter Muller/Toshimaru Nakamura - .Tint - Wire Tapper 10 - Wire Magazine
Ernesto diaz-Infante/Lance Grabmiller - Electrostactic Blues - Preaface - Preamedia
Kaffe Matthews - A Hot Bath - CD Ann - AnnetteWorks
Black Dice - Seabird,Things Will Never Be The Same - Beaches & Canyons - DFA
Matt Turner - Buoyant - Patina - feverpitch
Ingebright Haker Flaten - The Joy of German Bowling 2 - Double Bass - Sofa
Le Quan Ninh - Autres Distorsions elementaries - Le Ventre Negatif - Meniscus
Avaliable Jelly - Cowboy Henk - Happy Camp - Ramboy
Walter Wierbos - Clic Clac/Fade - Wierbos - Data
Jonathon Segel/Sheko Hikage - Part 9 - GEN - Spool
Peter Blamey - Sugar of Milk - Salted Felt - Impermanent
Black Dice - The Dream is Going Down - Beaches and Canyons - DFA
Available Jelly - Waggery - In Full Flail - Ramboy
 John Edwards and Mark Saunders - Peeling - Nisus Duets - Emanem
Jerome Noetinger/Erikm - Pretty in the Sky - What a Wonderful World - Erstwhile
Mike Hansen - Waltz for Debbie - Bill Evans Project - Independent
Manon Winter/Franz Hautzinger - Brospa - Brospa - Grob
Michael Bates - Tunisian - Outside Sources - Pommerac Records

Mike Hansen
CKLN FM 88.1
Whynot Jazz Program
79 Benson Ave.
M6G 2H7

Playlist for The No Show on September 26, 2003
Key: Artist:::Title:::Album::: +=Request *=New [Notes]

TAPE-BEATLES:::Earlids:::Music with Sound [ ]
DISCORD-AGGREGATE:::Think Man Thought:::Step Forward and Be [ still linked on my page see it down there on the left border of my page ]
GRANDPA'S GHOST:::Dead Head #1:::(The Tumble/Love Version) Hear Past the Static [ Members of GG will be improving with underground/experimental film-maker Jim Fotopoulos at the A.D. Brown building Saturday night. see click on calendar--November 14th see and click on the calendar]
GRANDPA'S GHOST:::Bright Eyes in the Dark:::(The Tumble/Love Version) Hear Past the Static
GEORGES TEPERINO:::Weird Sounds No. 1:::Barry 7's Connectors: 21 Rare Library Tracks
DJ FRANE:::Thought Seeds:::Electric Garden of Delights []
POINT LOMA:::Ensemble Circuits:::Music from the Documentary Film "Frontier Life"/"Banda Sonora"* [ Mixed here in studio with Noam Chomsky, "War on Terror, Old and New---And Orwellian Doublespeak" from the newest Chomsky on Alternative Tentacles, THE EMERGING FRAMEWORK OF WORLD POWER.]
CHEER-ACCIDENT:::Death and Taxes:::Sever Roots, Tree Dies [ Good old stuff from C-A “...acquisitions of industry, must retain a facade of democracy, rising above, the ethics of things does not mean that is the way it should be" ]
BOBBY CONN:::Axis '67 Pt. 2:::Rise Up!
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN:::Abfackeln!:::Strategies Against Architecture II
GRAND ULENA:::Crowbar at Crescent and Cricket:::Gateway to Dignity [ Dignity indeed, slpd! An award, though. You hear them here. ]
LAIBACH:::B Machina:::Wat* [ New stuff from the former Yugoslavia on Mute Records. We'll have some of this available as premium next week during pledge drive. ]
APE HAS KILLED APE:::The Fall of Man:::Another Fraudulent Hoax* [ ]
ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE AND LANCE GRABMILLER:::Electrostatic Blues:::Praeface* [ new music from new, individual composers from a compilation on ]
APE HAS KILLED APE:::Down River Meltdown:::Another Fraudulent Hoax*
APE HAS KILLED APE:::Micro-gravity Atrophy:::Another Fraudulent Hoax*
DJ FRANE:::In the Bag:::Electric Garden of Delights* [ see above ]
DJ FRANE:::Hi Without U:::Electric Garden of Delights*
MC HONKY:::The Object:::I Am the Messiah
MC HONKY:::A Good Day to Be You:::I Am the Messiah
DESOLATION RADIO:::Shadows:::Desolation Radio [ This CD will also be available as a premium next week during pledge drive. ]
DORIS HAYS:::Scared Trip:::Barry 7's Connectors: 21 Rare Library Tracks
THE PHANTOM LIMBS:::From a Distance:::Displacement* [ ]
LAIBACH:::Hell:Symmetry:::Wat* [ see above ]

c/o The No Show
3504 Magnolia
St. Louis, MO 63118

september 23 2003

shannon fields vs. the gold sparkle band > emphasis mine > praeface > praemedia
ovil bianca > love is the way I walk in gratitude > the wide album > [2/tau]
boris d hegenbart > hermetik > somethingmovinginsideplasticbox > quecksilber
minamo > track #3 > beautiful > apestaartje
anderegg > historical figures > anomia > apestaartje
illusion of safety > clock dominant > time remaining > ossosnossos
herpes ö deluxe > trunkenes schiff > havarie > everest records
michael j. schumacher > untitled > room pieces > xi records

RADIO 666 – 99.1 FM (Caen - France)
On air every Tuesday from 23.00 to 0.30 (France standard time)
Internet LIVE streaming on

Edge Radio #49, September 23 2003:

386DX - California Dreamin’  album: The Best Of (Staalplaat)
HSoA - twovers  album: Praeface (Praemedia)
Tim Perkis - Wrack  album: Praeface (Praemedia)
Bruce Haack - School For Robots  album: Hush Little Robot (qdk)
Merzbow - Suzumebachi No Kinbu  album: Frog + (Misanthropic Agenda)
Bruce Haack - Thank You  album: Hush Little Robot (qdk)
Fennesz - frog remix  album: V/A: Merzbow "Frog" remixed and revisited (Misanthropic Agenda)
Eric Weber - The Museum Pick Up  album: Picking Up Girls Made Easy (Symphony Press, audiocassette)
Cracow Klezmer Band - The Warrior  album: The Warriors (Tzadik)
Mauricio Kagel - Antithese  album: Siemens - Studio für elektronische Musik (NDR)
Barry Schrader - Zero X Theme  album: Thunderbirds Are Go (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray)
Barry Schrader - Still Lives  album: EAM (Innova)
Various Artists/Wendy Mae Chambers - New York New York  album: Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones
Sonja Schmidt - Ein Himmelblauer Trabant  album: Das Beste aus der DDR-Box (BMG)
Eric Lyon - Butter  album: Red Velvet (Smart Noise Records)
 Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique No. 8  album: Pop Electronique
Angus MacLise - Tunnel Music #’s 1, 2, 3  album: The Cloud Doctrine (Sub Rosa)
Service Station Sal - The Tubeless Tire Swing (bf goodrich 78 prm single) [1950’s]
Augsburger Tafelconfect Serviervorschalg Halumi Franz Müntefering  album: Fusion In The Slaughterhouse (Nneon Records)
Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E - Dr. Evils Ray Transmitter  album: With The Finger On The Trigger (Gigot/Kebab)
Si-cut.db - Draft  album: Find Some Shade (Highpoint Lowlife)

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