Stars Like Fleas
Sun Lights Down on the Fence
released November 10th, 2003
isbn: 751937239123

On Monday, November 10, San Francisco label Praemedia finally and quietly released the second record (completed early 2002) by Brooklyn-based ‘avant-electro-folk-improv-whatever’ recording project, Stars Like Fleas, "sun lights down on the fence".

This recording, nearly two years in the making, includes members/ex-members of OutHud, Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Gold Sparkle Band, Little Huey Orchestra, At The Drive-In, Fiery Furnaces, The Silent League, and Mercury Rev, and features original cover art by Marcel Dzama.

"This is organic sounding music with a sound and coherent logic, yet cleanly avoids sounding like either an exercise in conceptual interrogation, or mere...fusion; these are 'damaged blues for the post-everything castaways, torch songs for a newly scorched city. The songs are lyrical & romantically confused, confrontationally beautiful, syntactically fucked; they demand attention and encourage drift'. Sad bassoons, happy robots, clouds of pink noise, stuttering auctioneers promoting body-modification while playing Webern etudes on the pedal steel, hoarse little rock stars with five string banjos on the dance floor, dancing electro-nasty with Werner Herzog and a brass band, a chorus of bleeding, coked-up cicadas, humming in tune with the primordial drone."

Shannon Fields is a Brooklyn-based composer, electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist, sound-artist and creative producer. He is the producer and a founding member of NYC avant-pop ensemble, Stars Like Fleas. He is also a performing guitarist for "The Silent League" with Justin Russo (ex-Mercury Rev, Hopewell), is producing records for Matt Lavelle and Daniel Carter, and participates in a number of live electronic and noise acts around NYC.  Shannon has also performed and collaborated with Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, Randy Petersen, and Fulbright composer, Ryan Ingebritsen. He is also sound-art editor for Michigan literary and arts journal, DIAGRAM.

Ubiquitous singer and video artist, Montgomery Knott, is an Austin, Texas music veteran who has worked for many years with Stars Of The Lid (Kranky, Sub Rosa), etc. He is founder and curator of the Monkeytown space in Williamsburg, which presents evenings of simultaneous culinary, video, live sound and art installations.

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Stars like fleas - Sun lights down on the fence [Praemedia - 2003]

Sun lights down on the fences begins like many albums of today’s experimental music: glitches, noises, saxophone, a little bit of guitar, nothing really engaging. Mind you, it ain’t bad. It’s nothing special. Then comes the second track. All of sudden, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is one gem of an album.

Stars like fleas is mainly a two man project. It was started by Shannon Fields, a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentist who remains the creative core of the band. The other very important person on this album is Montgomery Knott, a former Stars of the Lid collaborator. He wrote all the lyrics and sung them with a Michael Stipe-sounding voice, which can be a little annoying. Thankfully, it works on most tracks. And then, you have a rather large cast of guest musicians giving a helping hand: Daniel Carter (who worked with Matthew Shipp, William Parker and Yo la Tengo among countless others), Gerald Menke (ex-Mercury Rev), Molly Schnick (Out Hud), Matthew Heyner (No neck blues band) and countless other musicians, most of them coming from the jazz world.

It’s a bit like a wet dream come true: today’s most advanced electronica meets up with jazz, folk and timeless songwriting. The spirits of Robert Wyatt, Gastr del Sol and Talk Talk… Such is the beauty of this CD that it feels a bit trivial to speak about particular tracks rather than about the whole thing, the continuum that Sun lights down on the fence is. The main instruments are piano, acoustic guitar (occasionally banjo) and voices. To this central core is added, when needed, strings, horns, electronics, accordion… The list is as endless as the collaborator’s list. There might be as many musicians and instruments as in a big band, but it doesn’t harm the subtlety of it all the slightest bit. Orchestral manoeuvres in rural America backyards.

I’ve heard quite a few CD’s that could be part of a sort of small family: März, The Books, Hood… Now that I’ve heard (at long last) Stars like fleas’ debut, I can confidently say I found the manifesto of the “genre”. One of the best CD’s 2003, and I wasn’t even aware of it existence back then.

François Monti
October 2004

Stars Like Fleas
Sun Lights Down on the Fence CD

Stars Like Fleas happens to be another one of those widespread, collaborative doohickeys between a producer, a singer, and a whole slew of guest musicians. The players in this case are Shannon Fields, a Brooklynite who plays in Justin Russo's post-Mercury Rev outfit The Silent League, and the improbably named Montgomey Knott, a long-time player in the Austin music world. Like most projects of this nature, *Sun Lights Down On The Fence* began a few years ago, with Fields and Knott accumulating a mess of improv-style studio material with amiable guest instrumentalists, No Neck Blues Band, OutHud, At The Drive-In and Papa M among them. After sifting through hours of such heady stuff, Stars Like Fleas put the editing knife to work and ended up with 70 minutes of painstakingly crafted songs. What amazes about this record isn't the sheer size or talent of its cast, instead it's the quiet control and focused sheen. Despite what must have been a stylistic free-for-all, Fields and Knott have emerged with a subdued, close-knit assembly of tunes. Despite the virtual orchestra of players on them, these songs are quiet, jazzy, slow-paced and confidently organic. Knott's voice assumes the easy elasticity of later-era David Byrne, and indeed, Stars Like Fleas does approach the wild inventiveness and wide breadth of the Talking Heads at their most ambitious. But whereas *Remain In Light* wore its agenda on its sleeve, *Sun Lights Down on the Fence* is a careful work of subtle craft that demands and rewards close listening.

Reed Jackson
Skyscraper Magazine, Issue 17, Fall 2004

back in stock after a short absence. this is a very special record, slowly (in the 10 months since its release) proving to be one of the best sellers here @ mms due to a certain... something... (hard to elicit really) which has surely sparked warm feelings in the minds of those few who have heard it...

stars like fleas would appear to be mainly the project of one shannon fields (as he’s the only one contributing to every track) although there’s a considerable amount of input from lance grabmiller, matthew heyner (nnck), daniel carter, matt lavelle, charles waters, xavier ortiz, molly schnick, anthony fine, gerald menke, etc...

as much as i callously bash brooklyn/williamsburg (and its majority shareholders: the fashion-zombie cartel) elsewhere on this site, it’s hard to imagine how this record could have been made without the sort of go-go/no-ego spirit the music-making residents of said zipcode possess... many members of many area groups contribute quirky instrumentation (pedal steel, banjo, etc...) and ideas throughout (which, unlike many comittee-vote projects of recent, works to great affect in achieving a wide array of sonic material).

well, regardless of all of that, i can safely say that you haven’t heard this particular combination of elements in this exact form in this exact way before. which, in this day and age, speaks volumes about any project. check it out...

- Keith Fullerton Whitman for Mimaroglu Music Sales on September 2nd, 2004

STARS LIKE FLEAS “Sun lights down on the fence”

Due to my oh-not-so-green age, a contemporary record that’s surprising is a rarer and rarer find: something that is able to leave me speechless and confused, sitting pondering on my sofa, like it used to be in those days...
Also, I may happen to find out about a record many months after it’s out in the daily magma of music industry. Thanks to a recommendation of a friend of mine I’ve bumped into Stars like Fleas and their records (which I suppose is their first, dated 2003 and inserted in a finely simple package with Marcel Dzama drawings). This cd manages to take away the seat from my back and let me fall on the floor, in a state of blissful disbelief: think of Jackie-O Motherfucker even more strongly rooted in folk, add some (free) jazz and contemporary minimalism, but with catatonic vocals which could be by far compared to old new wave, and you might have a rough idea of what this record sounds like.
These guys are able to let traditional instrumentation (lush and various but never retro) go together well with sudden plunging into jazz and glitchtronics, of poor means but rich taste.
Tracks (the cd lasts more than one hour but in such a naturally fluent way that it’s hard to realize) unfold in an arcane and ancient way, just to be stopped here and there suddenly by instrumental sections which sound like the Art Ensemble of Chicago on a prairie with a broken laptop in their bag or persuade us that we are listening to Pauline Oliveros in Harry Smith’s “Anthology of American Folk Music” or, again, give birth to “Laughing Stock” era’s Talk Talk on the Appalachian mountains.
Visionary and mesmeric, ancient yet fresh, “Sun light…” reveals its very own richness after many passages, allowing the listener the pleasure to discover new details every time in the (apparent) uniformity of the whole. A strangely curious air is breathed in here, familiar yet not really discernable, enabling names and places to come up in our mind.
Shall we call it “Genius”?
[ 5 stars over 5]

Written and translated from the original Italian by Giancarlo
For an unidentified Italian webzine

From the Lost at Sea Experimental Music Guide Part I:Post-Rock by Max Schaefer
August 3, 2004

Stars Like Fleas - A project of Shannon Fields (who handles over two dozen instruments) and ex-Stars Of The Lid collaborator Montgomery Knott, who’s rambling half-sung half-whispered litanies brew throughout pages of electronica, avant-jazz and dreamy post-rock. At times quite abstract, soft piano and guitar motifs occasionally nail down these open-ended compositions; however, it usually isn’t too long before they once again start falling where they may. Sun Lights Down On The Fence is their debut album and it has been received well, garnering comparisons to Robert Wyatt’s landmarks in Shleep and Cuckooland.
Living Quarters -
Notable Diary Entry - Sun Lights Down On The Fence

Sun lights down on the fence – Stars Like Fleas
Praemedia – praecd003

It was on a train travelling through the beautiful Blue Mountains outside of Sydney when I first listened to this CD on my Walkman. Watching the sheer blue distance fall behind I found myself in a sublime moment of spectacular visuals met with a soundtrack so befitting that it could have been written just for this journey. An eclectic fusion of electro acoustic, free jazz, beats and songs knitted together by understatement and subtlety with multiple layers that foreground something new on each listen. It’s orchestrated with an vast array of instruments including cello, trumpet, piano, guitar, bass clarinet, banjo & accordion to name a few, many of which are played by Shannon Fields himself and illustrate the diversity of sounds on the album. Montgomery Knott’s vocal style lies somewhere between Robert Wyatt and Marc Hollis whilst maintaining an originality that is fluid and melodic. There is also something in the laziness of the bottleneck guitar and the vocal at times that radiates the warmth of a late summer afternoon sitting outside drinking cold beer. Xavier Oritx & Charles Waters contribute some great string and woodwind arrangements and the many instrumentalists involved play with a real depth and feeling. Another quality release from Praemedia and a must for fusion heads everywhere.

review by Roger Mills

STARS LIKE FLEAS Sun Lights Down On The Fence (Praemedia) 

One of the three new and not so new titles just in from the electronic music label Praemedia (Tim Perkis' Motive album and the Praeface compilation are the other two)! Stars Like Fleas bring many different influences and styles to their musical palette -- fusing together elements of jazz, experimental soundscapes, chamber music and earthy folk. Vocals are less about conveying recognizable words and lyrics, instead they're layer upon layer of hushed yet emotive, seemingly sub-conscious murmurings and incoherent yearnings. Sort of like what you'd imagine the shy brother of TV On The Radio (or as someone here suggested, Gastr Del Sol meets the Grateful Dead with Michael Stipe singing!). These vocals ebb and flow atop gentle rhythms and glistening electronic and acoustic instrumental embers. On other tracks, S.L.F. bring in NYC art-jazz style horns and cyclical note patterns which also bring to mind moments of Laurie Anderson (track 4 "On A Generous Day"). The perfect soundtrack to kicking back and watching the afternoon passage of "sun lights down on the fence".

Bip bip. Ce disque commence par un bip bip. Vous savez les bip bip qu'aimait Olivia tremor Control, ces samples passés à l'envers. Stars like fleas où l'anti chambre des stars de l'indie…Je vous laisse chercher par vous-même le line up de ce groupe, qui signe avec sun lights down on the fence son premier album. Une goutte de lait dans un océan de café. Stars like fleas, adoucit, enlève l'amertume, touche du bout des lèvres les contours d'une tasse en velours. Les voix qu'on dirait parfois sorti de cLOUDDEAD, ses éléments électroniques subtilisés à dntel…Oui en quelque sorte, Sun lights down on the fence, semble venir du yorkshire, contrée des frères Adams, contrée d'une des plus belles musiques qu'il soit, d'un groupe hors norme…Hood. Des rythmes jazzy, des intrusions électroniques, mêlées à une guitare acoustique ou à un piano…on y est, on le sent, tout ceci nous semble si familier, si proche de choses qu'on aime, ces notes dont la saveur nous rappelle celle d'une immense beauté. Du coup ce disque ne peut être mauvais. Et il ne l'est pas d'ailleurs, il est même au-delà de nos attentes, il est fabuleux, émerveillant. Il fait partie de ces disques qu'on écoute une fois, pour voir, puis on passe à autre chose, et quand on y revient, bien justement on n'en revient pas et on s'étonne, on se demande pourquoi on l'avait laissé de côté. Mais quand on connaît le line up du groupe on ne pouvait espérer autre chose. Si vous ne deviez écouter qu'un seul morceau de ce disque, je ne saurai que trop vous conseillez le phénoménal On a generous day, un espèce de concentré de stars like fleas, dans lequel vous trouverez tout ce que le groupe peut faire et c'est assez impressionnant. C'est de circonstance, alors c'est à découvrir absolument. En vous remerciant.


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Stars Like Fleas – Sun Lights Down on the Fence (2003, Praemedia)

   At times Sun Lights Down on the Fence approaches Radiohead's Kid A in it's minimalist genius, at others it collapses into a sonic mess.
   The vocals are all over the place. From a sedate David Bowie in "As Hard As You Want," to Dave Matthews with his leg stuck in a bear trap in "Welterweight." At other times the vocals sound like they are being murmured through a cardboard tube. Lyrics are indecipherable, and some songs are mixed in a way that it sounds like singer Montgomery Knott is doing a duet with himself. I dug that element, although it over-powers the music at times. For all my complaining, the vocals will rarely take you out of the songs, but they will be a challenge to what most listeners are accustomed to.
   The music is a mixed bag as well, but there is some wonderful instrumentation going on. "On a Generous Day" goes from a minimalist electronic beat to an excellent jazz improv and back again. Much of the album features a horn section, and that's when Sun Lights Down on the Fence really takes off. The guitar work is usually excellent as well. There are many layers of sound and many musicians involved on the album, and for the most part everything works. Once in a while the mixing seems to be off and sudden changes in volume are slightly jarring, but that may have been the band's intent.
   In the end, I would probably prefer the album as an instrumental, or have some of the vocals, and a few of the "musical outbursts" mixed down a bit. But that doesn't mean it's bad. Sun Lights Down on the Fence is surely worth a listen for people who are looking for something a little different. Great title too. PB -

Stars Like Fleas
Sun Lights Down on the Fence
media; 2003]
Rating: 8.2

The post-rock collective is the hippie commune of the 21st century. "Peace, love, and empathy" has been replaced by "more peace, more love, and ornate orchestral pop music." Lately, here in the northeast, where it's been too cold to safely eat, sleep and write about music, I've felt glad to be a fan of these groups and not a member. Few things could deter me from producing transcendent avant-garde opuses; living in a farmhouse with no heat during subzero nights is one of them. Luckily, there are those who brave it, like New York-based conglomerate Stars Like Fleas, whose 21 members lurked stealthily under the indie radar in 2003.

I first heard Sun Lights Down on the Fence after an accident involving week-old pot roast gravy, in which I ruined a pair of suede shoes and what had been a perfectly good night at the theater. After scrubbing my kitchen floor and all the cabinets that had been splattered, I was too worked up to sleep, so I retreated into my headphones and tried to ignore the lingering odor. The smell of gravy took two days to lift, by which time I had thoroughly examined the wily 70-minute landscape of Sun Lights Down on the Fence. Unfortunately, my relationship with this engaging and relentlessly subtle album will be forever marred by an association with putrid pan juices, but it speaks to the band's merit that I was still able to derive such pleasure from it under those circumstances.

Aside from sporting a member for every A.D. century, the Stars Like Fleas lineup is duly impressive for its jaw-dropping genealogy: Sun Lights Down on the Fence received contributions from bands as diverse as Out Hud, Mercury Rev, Papa M, No-Neck Blues Band, and At the Drive-In, to name just a few. The group was founded in 1998 by Austin music-scene veterans Shannon Fields (producer and multi-instrumentalist) and vocalist Montgomery Knott (who formerly collaborated with Stars of the Lid). 2000's Took the Ass for a Drive saw New York-only release on the now-defunct Shimmy-Disc and is currently unavailable.

Sun Lights Down on the Fence is the fruit of two years' labor, and a ruthless attention to detail is apparent throughout. Many of the songs saunter by, content to linger in a particularly comfortable spot for minutes at a time. "On a Generous Day", the album's generously sized centerpiece, evokes Talk Talk in its slow evolution and subtle movements. Montgomery Knott's vocal delivery borrows directly from Mark Hollis, but his arrangements are much busier: Where Hollis placed curt crescendos and one-liners sporadically and perfectly throughout his songs, Knott drags a lazy legato out for minutes at a time. His vocal sheets are seemingly interminable and often mar otherwise pristine instrumental passages, sometimes plummeting into defenseless gratuity. Over the staggering denouement of "On a Generous Day", he sings, "Bending over you lightly/ Hard on/ In your ass." The song is a pained lament to a lost sexual relationship, but the words sully what is conveyed beautifully and articulately through the music alone.

Luckily, Knott's voice serves just fine as textural element, often blending delicately into the instrumental mix. The Dust Bowl melodies are scarce and fragile. Flutes, saxophones, clarinets, trumpets and bassoons share the spotlight and take frequent solos that, like the vocals, often ramble aimlessly. Songs occasionally break out into well-placed free jazz trances, which offer welcome relief from the sometimes cloying vocals. The album avoids the cheese-factor inherent in most electro-free jazz these days, which is typically performed by indie musicians who are, by nature, awkward and soulless. Some of the more amorphous sections are among the album's best moments.

Sun Lights Down on the Fence's most impressive quality is its balancing of carefully arranged electronic sounds with improvisational acoustic performances. As on The Books' stunning The Lemon of Pink, there are two types of virtuosity present: sonic manipulation and instrumental prowess. Songs dive through wormholes of thought without inhibition, but pass through intact and neatly polished. The improvised sections are tasteful and restrained, and at times feel quite intentional: Songs such as "Isabel of Lilac" and "Third Night, Wisconsin" are precognitive glimpses into the workings of the subconscious mind. Fields and Knott take the immensity of musicians and concentrate their disparate ideas into one intimate and wonderfully realized statement. It's hard to tell whether this record is the cerebral read-out of its entire populous lineup, or of two very complex minds, but the finished result is intimate and utterly beautiful.

-Sam Ubl, February 12th, 2004

"Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (2003)
 Note : 7/10

Quelle est cette capsule qui danse dans l'anonymat sans se soucier de qui ou de quoi, de son savoir, de la manière par laquelle...ou encore de cet envers corporel emporté par je ne sais quelle ivresse intersidérale? Stars Like Fleas and Sun Lights Down on the Fence, but mon sang se gonfle sous l'effet de la pompe et ce n'est pas désagréable.

Shannon Fields a l'espace qu'il veut pour sa clarinette, son piano, son banjo et ses timides, mais perverses chirurgies audiophoniques d'écouteurs. Les 13 minutes de la quatrième proposition a beau refaire Radiohead National Anthem sans la poigne de conviction, elles sortent de nulle part et forgent une fusion de rock et de jazz pour les jours à venir. Les suivantes égalent bien des artisans de la pop irrationnelle sous soubresauts déroutants. Plus loin, des traditions folkloriques font surfaces. Ne croyez pas qu'ils sont perdus, la fin réserve une paisible pénombre trouble.

Stars Like Fleas a quelques tics sérieusement énervants, même pour un aimant des tics. Kennett Montgomery (Stars of the Lid) chante comme un Michael Stipe (REM) en sérieuse panne d'inspiration. Son timbre de voix s'ajuste naturellement à ce type de musique, et donc, ce n'est pas qu'il ennuie, mais il divague, murmure des essais et erreurs de malodies (c'est maintenant un mot) péniblement connectées. Parfois, cela fonctionne comme sur un Tujiko Noriko, avec Björk "Amphibian" (1999) ou les disques de Arab Strap, par émotions troubles créées par la multiplicité des vocaux l'un par dessus l'autre. En d'autres occasions, il remplace ni plus ni moins une texture sonore. Les batteries digitales primitives font surtout penser à un accompagnement pour une ballade pop de Bruce Springsteen : pas du tout un compliment de ma part! Elles se ressemblent toutes et manquent de vie. Dans un album qui s'étire en longueur (68 minutes), l'absence intermittente de batterie aurait aidée ; ce qui est partiellement fait.

Ensuite, il y a cette tendance à la répétition systématique très post-rock. En 45 minutes, il aurait été possible d'en dire autant avec tellement plus d'énergie vitale. Au lieu de cela, Stars Like Fleas ne sait pas quand s'arrêter et réduit l'impact de plusieurs des meilleures idées comme à la l'époque des rockeurs progressifs. C'est dommage. Heureusement, ils ne vont pas jusqu'à ajouter une copie d'un motif de Bach.

Ironiquement, ils excellent sur les brouillons moins composés : l'introduction, l'avant-dernière proposition et les séquences les plus modifiées par l'ordinateur. J'aimerais bien voir Stars Like Fleas délaisser le folklore américain, s'énerver un peu plus.

Original tout de moins.

Mes pièces préférées :

Artistes similaires......Gastr Del Sol, Bobby Birdman, Radiohead, Matthew Shipp, Robert Wyatt

- Vincent Bergeron


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STARS LIKE FLEAS ist ein gelinde gesagt bizarres Projekt des Sängers Montgomery Knott aus Austin mit dem in Brooklyn lebenden Multiinstrumentalisten und Produzenten Shannon Fields, der seine Finger in allem hat, das zwischen den Stühlen von Jazz, Elektronik, Noise und 'Pop' kreucht und fleucht. Er spielt Gitarre in The Silent League, mischt bei Jazzern wie Matthew Shipp mit, ist verbandelt mit Leuten von der Gold Sparkle oder No Neck Blues Band und kollaborierte bereits in den frühen 90ern mit dem ähnlich abenteuerlustigen Elektroniker und Praemediabetreiber Lance Grabmiller. Sun Lights Down on the Fence (praecd003), mit seinen asiatisch angehauchten Comic-Illustrationen (von Marcel Dzama) allein schon optisch ein Blickfang, bezieht seinen Oberflächenreiz aus Knotts schmachtendem Crooning. Im Multitrackingeffekt singsangt er ein dichtes Geflecht an eigenen Lyrics, dem sein Timbre in sehnsüchtiger Eindringlichkeit den Stempel aufdrückt. Und doch sind wir hier von Singer-Songwriting meilenweit entfernt. Denn Fields Arrangements und ein Gewirr an Gastspielern (darunter CIMP-Jazzer wie Daniel Carter, Avram Fefer, Matt Lavelle, Elektroniker wie Grabmiller und Martin Nieznanski, die Cellisten Xavier Ortiz und Molly Schnick, der Reedmann Charles Waters) verunklaren die Songform zu manieristischen Enormitäten auf den Spuren von Scott Walker, Mark Hollis oder Gastr Del Sol. Ein romantisch-melancholischer Impetus fächert auf in klangfarbliche Delirien, glitcht psychedelisch durch elektronische Cyberspaces, swingt blue und jazzig im rauchigen Noir, klampft akustisch eine Folklore für surreale Lagerfeuer, und dazu gräbt sich ein Geisterchor aus Knott-Doubles mit herzerbarmender Wyatt'esker Wehmut ins Gemüt. Fields hat den in Avant-Kreisen verbreiteten Hang, das Gute manchmal zu übertreiben. Knotts Feeling verheddert sich dann im Ornamentgewucher, das allerdings auch als V-Effekt jedem mondsüchtigen Authentizitätsphantasma vorbeugt. Verfremdung durch Vielfalt. Oder hat hier die Postmoderne nur ihr Rokokostadium erreicht?

Bad Alchemy Number 43

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48. Andrey Kiritchenko - Bees and Honey (Zeromoon)
49. Anthony Rother - Elixir of Life (Fax +49-69/450464)
50. Decomposed Subsonic - Gradients (Ware)

Other 2003 Favourites

More CDs I enjoyed in 2003, outside the top 25. In alphabetical order. The asterisks* flag Canadian CDs.

Angels of Light - Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home
Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished/ Danse Manatee
Azita - Enantiodromia
The Barmitzvah Bros. - Mr. Bones' Walk-In Closet *
The Books - The Lemon of Pink
Carla Bozulich - Red-Headed Stranger
Calexico - Feast of Wire
Ralph Carney - This Is!
Rosanne Cash - Rules of Travel
Rob Clutton Band - Holstein Dream Pageant *
The Deadly Snakes - Ode to Joy *
Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
Dizee Rascal - Boy in the Corner
Fred Eaglesmith & the Flathead Noodlers - Balin *
Jay Farrar - Terroir Blues
The Fembots - Small Town Murder Scene *
The French - Local Information
Howe Gelb - The Listener
Lisa Germano - Lullaby for Liquid Pig
Al Green - I Can't Stop
Jim Guthrie - Now, More Than Ever *
Tim Hecker - Presents Radio Amor *
Lucie Idlout - E5-770: My Mother's Name *
Jon Langford and his Sadies - Mayors of the Moon *
The Libertines - Up the Bracket
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Pig Lib
Manitoba - Up in Flames *
Matmos - The Civil War
Tim McB - Figment Bee *
Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? *
Mountain Goats - Palmcorder Yajna (would be in the top 25 if it weren't just a teaser for the upcoming album We Shall All Be Healed)
Willie Nelson - Crazy: Demo Sessions (reissue)
Harris Newman - Non-Sequiturs *
Pernice Bros. - Yours Mine & Ours
Liz Phair - Liz Phair
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Truthfully, Truthfully *
Pretty Girls Make Graves - The New Romance
Ratsicule - Un Chaud Combo *
The Reveries - Blasé Kisses *
Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson - Picture in a Frame
Robert Crumb presents Hot Women Singers (compilation)
Sam Shalabi - Osama *
The Sick Lipstick - Sting Sting Sting *
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited (reissue) *
(Smog) - Supper
Stars - Heart *
Stars Like Fleas - sun lights down on the fence
Strapping Young Lad - SYL *
The Swords Project - Entertainment Is Over If You Want It
Tangiers - Hot New Spirits *
Richard Thompson - The Old Kit Bag
The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? *
U.S. Maple - Purple On Time
Ken Vandermark - Furniture Music
Rufus Wainwright - Want (One) *
Doug Wamble - Country Libations
David S. Ware String Ensemble - Threads
The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site *
White Stripes - Elephant
Wire - Send
Wolf Eyes - Mugger
Xiu Xiu - A Promise
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun
VA - Eaglesmith: The Songs of Fred Eaglesmith, A Tribute *
VA - You Gotta Serve Somebody: Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan
VA - Masked and Anonymous soundtrack

Carl Wilson

a very cool and quite other-planes-of-there recording of the outsider-variety, something that doesn’t come along all too often these days. taking chances, then standing by the results...

- Keith Fullerton Whitman (Hrvatski)

Sun Lights Down on the Fence is the sort of album a reviewer hopes for, desperately, and yet finds utterly terrifying upon having received it. It's just that good.

Core members Montgomery Knotts and Shannon Fields collaborated with a laundry-list of respectable musicians over a period of two years, amassing hundreds of hours of audio. Then they cut it down, apart -- apparently pretty much every way you can cut something -- leaving seventy minutes of painfully spare music. The sound is impossible to pigeonhole, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

It's the bluesy side of jazz with smatterings of folk, but killed and then revived with electricity like Frankenstein's monster. When the horns and the piano, the clarinet, the drums, whatever, can't carry on alone, somebody gives them more juice, pumping in slightly shrill, prodding synths. Opener "Let Cedar Rain" is highly suggestive of this: fuzz, beeps, clicks, stuff you can imagine coming out of a broken phone, pokes and prods until the instruments employed throughout the disc start warming up, remembering how to work. Soon the instruments can work on their own and mostly without synthetic harassment. What follows is a seven-and-a-half-minute epic that, despite its slowness, seems to take no time at all. Knotts's vocals, a part of the music rather than something that floats above it, are cut to pieces and arranged, honestly arranged. He might sound more at home on a folk album, but then, he's not meant to sound at home here.

Sun Lights is a concept album of sorts, but at a time when many new albums sound like twelve takes on the same idea (See: every emo record ever, most current popular music, politi-rock...), actually coming out and admitting that your disc tells a single story isn't pretentious -- it's honest.

As rendered by Knotts's detached and longing vocals -- the unfeeling tones he utilizes cannot hide his desire -- Sun Lights tells the story of an agonizing love triangle from the perspective of one of the men involved. He's presumably the woman's original lover, but it's hard to say. He could just as easily be her secret affair. They could both be married, and jealous of each other -- the lyrics so fragmented that multiple thoughts can be extrapolated from single sentences. You'll see it differently than I do, no doubt.

It sounds like emo but it's not. The writing, the singing, the instrumentals all come together to create an experience as mature and gut-wrenching as all the pouting pretty boys, who'd like us to think they don't know how to keep a girl around, are afraid to be. I can't take Chris Carraba seriously; I don't think people as miserable as he pretends to be can make music that digestible. Stars Like Fleas, with their earthy mixture of hatred and bottomless sexual yearning, capture this brand of misery, report it, fictionalize it and in doing so elevate it from mere gutter wallowing to a communicative experience -- something that you can learn from and move past. I'll be surprised to see Carraba ever stop crying foul and claiming a broken heart, but Stars Like Fleas admit the reality of it.

"He'll fuck you as hard as you want it." It's the bitter promise those other bands tiptoe around. They're all itching to say it, but they don't. Not out loud. "You can believe that she loves you the best / Make up your own shit."

As the cycle repeats itself and, more limply, our three players seem to perpetuate their previous errors out of habit, it becomes clear: like the career of every heart-on-sleeve singer/songwriter you can name, the triad would rather do anything than move from this mire they've stuck themselves in. But being actual people rather than songwriting genres, they know they're eventually going to have to. Suddenly that seems, to both the characters and their listeners, to be the biggest tragedy of all. We have to grow up and get past this high school bullshit.

Strangely, Sun Lights can even transcend itself, given time. When you lose interest in the sordid lyrical content, you'll find jazzy dirges aplenty, intensely powerful melodies. It's heartfelt, and you don't ignore its old meaning, but you've grown past it, now, together. Listen to Knotts's voice, not his words, and you'll find he's moved past the highschool bullshit right along with you.

-- Mike Meginnis

Stars Like Fleas
Sun Lights Down on the Fence

Release Date:
November 10, 2003

Eight avants, guarded

The skinny:
The sound of avant-garde usually makes you think of bespectacled turtlenecks swarming around piles of garbage that pass for “art” in the bohemian sections of this country’s larger cities. And that’s usually right. But somehow the Stars Like Fleas take that avant sound and make it (dare we say) cool. Lush and layered, Sun combines elements of free jazz, techno, pedal steel, hip-hop, noodling guitars, a cappella vocals, banjoes, violins and Swahili (OK, no Swahili) to produce a surprisingly catchy album that exists within its own improvised universe. It’s a musical version of Alzheimer’s, if Alzheimer’s were, you know, good.

If you liked this album, you’d like:
Talk Talk, High Llamas, Mercury Rev, Lambchop, At the Drive In, Stars of the Lid.

Who else likes this album?
Anyone who “plays” a laptop, anyone who “prepares” his guitar, anyone who “listens” to music.

What do the major-label music industry puppet masters think of this?
Mwaaahahahaaa. Don’t bother listening to this crap, my little kiddies. Turn your affectionate ears to the Britneys, the Christinas and the P. Diddies. Their brand of ultrableached power pap covers all the emotional bases. Feeling whorish? Just listen to Britney’s hot new disc! Feeling slutty? Just pop on Christina’s new disc! Feeling a little whorish and a little slutty? Put them both on at the same time!

Did we listen to this?
We only listened to the musical parts.

Tantalizing tidbits:
Stars Like Fleas were originally a tribute band called Skaas Like Flea. During live performances, they would play every solo in the Red Hot Chili Peppers catalog as a tribute to their favorite bassist, Flea.*

*Not true!

Stuff Magazine Online -

Stars Like Fleas
Sun Lights Down on the Fence

If Stars Like Fleas’ promotional photos are anything to be believed, then at every moment that one of the principal members of the group (Shannon Fields (music) and Montgomery Knott (words)) comes into focus, the other becomes blurry. This trend is not limited to photography, however. On their second record, following the ultra-limited Took the Ass for a Drive, the group trades the focus effortlessly between one and another. Not that this is a two person show, the duo is joined by no less than 21 others from a whole host of bands, including members and ex-members of Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Out Hud, Gold Sparkle Band, Mercury Rev and At the Drive In. The roster of talent is enormous and, luckily, masterfully arranged by Fields.

Taking hours of sonic material, Fields whittled it down to a still somewhat bloated 70 minute running time. But what a 70 minutes it is. Musically speaking, the album moves in territory somewhere between Robert Wyatt’s brilliant Cuckooland and later Talk Talk. But where Mark Hollis and company traded in the judicious economy of music, Stars Like Fleas trades in the oppositional binary—filling the sonic palette to the brim at every opportunity. It’s a pure fusion of the organic and digital that excites, sounding like little else that has come before it. The elements used to create it are numerous, but usually simple acoustic accoutrements: flutes, clarinets, saxophones, guitars, pianos and a host of others. On the other hand, Fields is frequently credited with using a sampler and doing electronic processing. Luckily, the singular vision of Fields is realized throughout, tying the disparate instruments together into a tight finished product.

The centerpiece of the album is “on a generous day”, coming in the middle of the album and clocking in at 13 minutes. It begins with the solo singing of Knott, overdubbing two lines on top of one another. It soon morphs into a simple wheezing groove, placing Knott’s vocals underneath and interspersed within the beat. This opening movement continues for some time, allowing Knott to narratively confuse and feint towards coherency, never quite reaching it. The second movement transforms the track into a controlled free jazz freak-out, ala Miles Davis’ On the Corner, where the improvisations are grounded by a controlled undercurrent (a drum machine) that rarely changes. This middle movement gives away to the final section, by way of a plaintive acoustic guitar melody, introducing again Knorr, who revisits some of the same thematic material of the opening movement.

The lyrics, throughout the album, are scattered thoughts and phrases, all revolving around central ideas and themes. Each track is a world unto itself, but even within each track little seems to connect the entire narrative. Freud seems to be a major influence (Knott even goes so far to mention his name in “i’ve pumped your stomach and broken through your skin”), but the effect of the lyrics are more like reading every third page in a psychosexual memoir—confusing, scary and altogether intriguing. Either way, Knott’s voice may be a stopping point for some, as his lyrics are invariably delivered in a slurred Texas drawl, evoking TV on the Radio’s combined vocalists or Hollis at various times during the album.

And this can wear on the listener, over the course of 70 minutes. As can the overwhelming sonic detail put on display throughout the album. At times, it seems like there is simply too much to take in in merely one listen—which is ultimately its selling point, as well. For listeners looking for what Talk Talk would sound like if they were working in the dust of Texas and in the 21st century, Stars Like Fleas is the closest approximation to it. For listeners looking for easy answers, Stars Like Fleas offers few.


Reviewed by: Todd Burns
Reviewed on: 2004-01-05

Simon Reynolds’ Blissblog Best of 2003

1/ Dizzee Rascal, Boy In Da Corner
2/ Animal Collective, Here Comes The Indian
3/ Villalobos, Alcachofa
4/ LFO, Sheath
5/ N.A.S.T.Y. mix-CD by Jammer, Deuce magazine July 2003
6/ DJWrongspeed, Pirate Flava
7/ Michael Mayer, Fabric13
8/ David Banner, Mississippi: The Screwed and Chopped Album
9/ Ward 21, U Know How We Roll
10/ DJ Scud & Panacea Present The Redeemer, Hardcore Owes Us Money
11/ Various Artists, Crunk & Disorderly
12/ Vybz Kartel, Up 2 Di Time
13/ Soundmurderer + SK-1. I<<

Runners up (unranked): Stars Like Fleas, Sun Lights Down On the Fence; Lightning Bolt; Heroin (Orthlong Musork); Richard X; Ragga Ragga Ragga 2003; Elephant Man; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Dinky; The Mover; Data 80; Mr. Scruff, Trouser Jazz; Bubba Sparxx; Kraftwerk; Akatombo, Trace Elements (Swim); More Fire Crew; Various Artists, Bricksmack (Drosstik); OutKast; David Toop, Black Chamber; Various Artists, Street Beats Mixed by Slimzee and Femme Fatale Featuring B-Live and Gods Gift; Matthew Dear, releases beyond counting; Platinum Performers 2 Fast 2 Ferocious free cd, Deuce winter 2003; Tobias Thomas, Smallville; Various Artists, Rephlexions; The Bug; Various Artists, The Biggest Dancehall Anthems 2003

Sun Lights Down on the Fence
Artist: Stars Like Fleas
Album Title: Sun Lights Down on the Fence
Date of Release: 2003
AMG Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Rock

AMG REVIEW: If there is one single influence to name, one comparison to make, it is with Robert Wyatt. Not that Stars Like Fleas' debut album reaches the heights of Shleep or Cuckooland, but at times it comes surprisingly close and it will surely appeal to fans of Wyatt's later material. The similarities reside in the group's joint use of pop instrumentation, free improvisers, and electronics. Mainly the project of multi-instrumentalist Shannon Fields (he racks up two dozen instrumental credits, ranging from piano to banjo, clarinet, and electronics), Stars Like Fleas also features the voice and words of ex-Stars of the Lid collaborator Montgomery Knott. His half-murmured half-sung litanies are often overdubbed two or three times, enhancing his rambling tone by slightly phasing out his narrative. The music often consists of soft piano and guitar motifs, laced in electronic textures. Multi-reedists Daniel Carter, Charles Waters, and Avram Fefer, trumpeter Michael Patti, and a few others improvise over the music, their place moving inside the mix from upfront soloing to background misdemeanor. Sometimes scored avant-jazz lines are substituted to improvisation. "I've Pumped Your Stomach and Broken Through Your Skin" thumps a bit hard at times, adding drums and fuzz bass, but most of the album floats in a dreamy state of consciousness. Highlights include "Lumps. of. Clay" and the 15-minute "On a Generous Day," which keeps on transforming into something else each time you expect it to end. Each song is a dense amalgam of acoustic, electronic, abstract, and pop elements. The balance is at times fragile, but Fields turns this fragility into an uncanny form of charm. Sun Lights Down on the Fence requires many listens, as there is so much happening on so many layers at once. But it grows on you in unexpected ways. Highly recommended.

— François Couture, All-Music Guide

Stars Like Fleas
“Sun Lights Down On The Fence”

Stars As Fleas is a collaboration of many NYC/Brooklyn artists/musicians that combine soft electronics mixed with tons of experimentation. Mixing elements of free jazz, world culture, folk, and tons improvisation, (“On a Generous Day”) Stars As Fleas includes members of Outhud, Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Gold Sparkle Band, Little Huey Orchestra, At The Drive-In, Fiery Furnaces, The Silent League, and Mercury Rev. This truly is an exceptionally well done experimental album that contains everything from soothing sounds to the avant-guard chants of a new age of musicianship. Produced by Shannon Fields, Stars As Flea’s second record is sure to capture some interest among musicians alike.

stars like fleas - sun lights down on the fence (praemedia)

i just listened to a really good album. i can freely say that it is very hard to come across a really good album in the whole constellation of hyper production even on the experimental scene. it is not about something so inventive, but about a relaxed album which will relax you while you listen to it. stars like fleas did not have an intention to create a revolutionary album. it is a result of the hours of accumulated sonic material received during the sessions of improvisation of this band. they were formed by the austin music - scene veteran montgomery knott (vocals) and the multi instrumentalist and producer shannon fields in the year of 1998. in the following period up to 2000 they already have enough material which will result in 'sun lights down on the fence'. in this period the list of collaborators is up to 21 musicians who come from different bands such as: papa m, mercury rev, at the drive-in, other dimensions in music, out hud, test, gold sparkle band, no neck blues band… with all this the story evidently sounds like the story of a similar band - lambchop. the similarity doesn't end here. even without knowing this story, the first thing that will make you think of lambchop is the similarity of sensibility. and when it comes to similarity of sound, the most similar would be palace or will oldham with their off key country vocals, and also gastr del sol and jim o'rourke. here somewhere are nobikazu takemura, microstoria, tom waits or deus. according to all this, their music could be described as contemporary, seducing desert country music in a deconstructed experimental context. disoriented trumpets, confusing off key vocals with romantic lyrics, sad slow bass, relaxing acoustic guitars and strings parts, subtle experimental electronica... no matter how much they sound or remind us of something, they are still just stars like fleas. particularly original in creating desert atmosphere. everything is slow, warm and relaxed… sunshine and sand.

Stars Like Fleas: Sun lights down on the fence CD

This outfit was formed by Austin music-scene veteran Montgomery Knott (vocals) and multi-instrumentalist and producer, Shannon Fields, in the winter of 1998. They collected hours of sonic material and cut it down to 70 minutes for this album. Over this time they collaborated in total with 21 musicians and artists including members of Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Out Hud, Gold Sparkle Band, At The Drive-in, and Mercury Rev, among others.
The songs started off as improvisations and are therefore based on a free form type of structure. The tracks were then worked on and arranged carefully afterwards. The range of sounds found on this CD include everything from Bassoons to pink noise. In track 02 As hard as you want two Bassoon lines beautifully and hauntingly play out a melodic counterpoint and are followed by a guitar and piano based introduction to the first vocal offering from Knott. The voice provides simple melodies layered on top of one another at times and the overall sound that ís created is something quite new and surreal sounding. His soft yet rough-edged voice slurs in and out with some bizarre incredible texts (provided in the sleeve) often catching one by surprise such as lines like He'll fuck you as hard as you want.
Various instruments merge in and out of the scenery. Throughout the CD you can hear the collaboration clearly of many different people with many different instruments adding little bits and pieces sporadically along the way including a female vocal at the end of track 03 Third night, Wisconsin.
There is somehow an ethnic feel to some of the songs thrown in for good measure for example the melodic vocal layering at the start of track 04 On a generous day but this is just as quickly taken away again. Another example of the range of ideas being handled throughout this album.
One of the nicest tracks is track 06 Swallows my tongue where a trumpet quietly plays a melody sounding at times digitally glitched and surrounded by guitar, bass clarinet and accordion among others. The title aptly suggests the lack of vocals that appear in this instrumental.
The amusingly titled I've pumped your stomach and broken through your skin is a manic improvisation incorporating most of the instrumentalists involved in the whole album and is accompanied by more layered bizarre and interesting vocal lines.
If you want to listen to something quite new and definitely refreshing this is the album to check out.
Its chock full of interesting ideas and is worth giving a few listens to appreciate the content.

Phosphor Magazine
c/o Paul Bijlsma
Bänschstrasse 71
10274 Berlin
tel: 0049-30-44356459

Avey Tare & Panda Bear/Animal Collective
Rapider Than Horsepower
Sigur Ros
Mars Volta *
Ephel Duath *
Stars Like Fleas **

* these two courtesy of Mostly Weird, Some Normal

** check their excellent
Sun Lights Down on the Fence for electro-acoustic quirktronica, instrumental palette includes bass clarinet, copper bells, zurka, pedal steel, flute, clarinet, accoridan, toy xylophone, harp, prepared guitar, bassoon, cello, banjo, rhodes piano, and egg shaker.

excerpt from Simon Reynolds’ ‘Blissblog’ -
November 24th, 2003

Stars Like Fleas "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia, 460A Waller St., San Francisco, CA 94117

A collaboration between Austin singer/musician and Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist/producer Shannon Fields that has swollen to include as many as 21 additional players including members of: Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Out Hud, Gold Sparkle Band, Mercury Rev, and others. Making their own amazing amalgamation of stylistic influences and ingredients into something writhing with life and quite beyond genre or logic, but wholly lovely psychedelic and humane. Fragile fractured scraped rhythm skitters till the warm melodies ooze up to the surface and sweep us downstream on a current of surreal whispered dream secrets and hidden mazes of reflected light. Classical motifs are seamlessly sewn onto the warm wet body of a free jazz while some seesaw folk forms are tossed around like slow motion sonic beachballs. Comparable to: Robert Wyatt, Mark Hollis and latter day Talk Talk, Lambchop, Carl Stallings, Nina Rota, Microstoria, Hood, and a few more. Actually breathtaking, and certainly one of the finest albums of 2003.

- George Parsons
  Dream Magazine #4

PRAEFACE (CD compilation by Praemedia)
TIM PERKIS - MOTIVE (CD by Praemedia)

Praemedia is a new label who kick off with three CD releases at once. Like many labels do, they kick off with a compilation CD, to show what they are standing for, which they claim to be from improvisational jazz to plunderphonics and field recordings. And for once (?) that is no lie. It's an hotch-potch of music, a high pressure cooker of all sorts of musics. This is shown in the first tracks already: the jazzy opening lines of 'Twovers' by Hsoa, the micro-beats from Mou, Lips! against the samples of Lance Grabmiller (many of the pieces are duo, collaborative pieces) and the more microsoundings of Nanqui. And so continues this CD, with tracks by Tim Perkis, Stars Like Fleas, Quiet American, Wobbly (plunderphonics at work here of course), Martin Nieznanski and Ernesto Diaz-Infante.Quite a nice collection, which made me curious about the other CDs.
The second CD is by Tim Perkis, an US electronic musician whose music was released on Tzadik, Artifact, Sonore and Meniscus and who has played with Fred Frith, Kaffe Mathews and John Zorn, to name but a few. The eight pieces on 'Motive' were released as MP3s in 2002, although the work was recorded in 2000 and now as a real CD by Praemedia. Perkis uses rhythmical sounds, stretches them a little bit and they all play in loop mode. Occasionally one could think that the input are drum & bass samples, but maybe it's just lifted drum samples from records. In either case, I found it very hard to find a good spot here. None of the eight tracks really could grab me and made a spark.Rather ok sort of electronic music, but once it's over you don't have the faintest idea what you heard.
Stars Like Fleas is the result of a collaboration Montgomery Knott of Austin and multi-instrumentalist and producer Shannon Fields. The press blubr cite as influences people like Gastr Del Sol, Talk Talk, Microstoria, Charles Mingus and Nobukazu Takemura, of which I think the first is most valid, other then it seems to me that Stars Like Fleas love to sample their music, rather then play it themselves (although one never knows whith a multi-instrumentalist). The music is quite swollen, a bit romantic, a bit jazzy, loungy but I must admit the vocals, by Montgomery, are not so much to my liking. He's neither David Grubbs nor Mark Hollis. He sings a bit held back, like he doesn't want to sing for real. In each song the vocals remain the same thing throughout the entire CD. Also musicwise, it stays very much on the same level, so that the whole lot of eleven songs is a bit hard to swallow at once. Maybe an extended cdep of six songs would have been enough (I know it would for me). Rated from one to ten I'd give a solid six.

- Frans de Waard from Vital Weekly number 398 -


Why Not?
Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

Keith Rowe/Oren Ambarchi/Robbie Avenaim – Honey Pie - Honey Pie – Grob
Kent Carter String Trio - Willisau Suite Pt 1 – The Willisau Suites – Emanem
Michael Wertmuller - Entleibung pt 1 - Entleibung pt 1, pt 3 – Grob
Sopie Agnel/Christine Wodrascka – Machine - Cinq cent trente-cinq – Emovance
Triage - Rust Belt - American Mythology - Okka Disk
Sakada - Never Give Up On the Margins of Logic - Never Give Up On the Margins of Logic – Antiopic
Fabrice Eglin/jerome Noetinger – 2 - Psychotic & Lightnin' Rag - A Bruit Secret
Chefa Alonso - Verde Mar – solo – independent
Ute Volker/ John Russell/Mathieu Werchowski - Fletch 'N' Sketch - Three Planets – Emanem
Wendy Atkinson - Back and Forth - Trim - Smarten Up and Get to the Point
Ferran fages/R.Barbarian/A.C.Monteiro - 98y2r – Atolon – Rossbin Productions
Pau Torres – untitled - Mt Wrong Mood - Testing Ground
DSM - Vanishing of the Painter with his Brush of Squirre - Some Conceptual Obligations... - Pinch a Loaf
C.Giffoni/L.Ranaldo/J.O'Rouke - North Six – North Six – Antiopic
Stars Like Fleas - I've pumped your stomach and broken thru your skin - Sun lights Down the Fence – Praemedia
Kenneth Patchen/Al Neil Quartet - As I open the Window - Jazz in Canada - Locust Music
Peggy Lee Band – Spells - Worlds Apart – Spool
Samworth/Falise/Tanquay/van der Schyff - Hey Happy Chew - The Unexpected One – Dame
Kenny Wheeler - The Good Doctor - Song for Someone – PSI

Mike Hansen
CKLN FM 88.1
Whynot Jazz Program
79 Benson Ave.
M6G 2H7

Utility Fog
Sunday nights from 10pm to 1am on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia
Playlist 05.09.04 (10:21 pm)

Well it’s all over bar the fat lady singing! Nevertheless, 15 people called tonight to sign up as new FBi supporters, just in time! Had a great chat to Michael Upton aka Jet Jaguar, and half of Montano, who wa up from Melbourne for the weekend. Starting off with a very interesting cover of Nine Inch Nails by a local acoustic lass!

Kiko - Piggy [self-released demo by Ani Neradilkova]
QuasiMojo - Horse-Faced Woman [Mira]
Jet Jaguar - Stone Cat Stone Tail [Capital Recordings]
Jet Jaguar - I’ve Got A Fist Of Pure Emotion [Involve]
Montano - Like Laksa [self-released promo CDR]
Stars Like Fleas - lump. of. clay. [Praemedia]
Juana Molina - Tres Cosas [Domino]
Ms. John Soda - I & # 8217 (”Ms. John Soda works adapted by Subtle“) [Morr Music]
Subtle - Earthsick [Dose]
Subtle - The Hook [Lex Records]
Subtle - F.K.O. [Lex Records]
Wayne And Wax vs DJ C - (A) It Dat [Mashit] {This is my special edit, taking Wayne and Wax’s original dancehall tune and DJ C’s stellar ragga jungle remix, and welding them together all beatmatch-stylee, so I can play them both at once!}
Squarepusher - Tundra 4 [Warp]
Slaughter Mob - Dub Weapon [Rephlex]
CDR - Ara (Debuota Mix) [ADAADAT]
Björk - Desired Constellation [One Little Indian]
Mara Carlyle - Lost To Sea [Accidental Records]
Gauche - Butter [self-released unmastered two-track promo of forthcoming album]
Decoder Ring - Music Box [Manasoundtracks]
The Mabels - Shifting Sands (Hydroplane remix) [Candle Records]
Airto Moreira - Chicken In The Mind (Amon Tobin remix) [MELT 2000]

from the WREK Playlist for Fri Jul 23, 2004 – 3:49 to 5:40AM
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Doctrine/Pablo Cruz Carrasco, Melania Cruz, Ana Ojeda/Traditional Music Of Peru 8 – Piura/Smithsonian Folkways
Call Out Our Lions/The Ssion/Opportunity Bless My Soul/Version City
Flordigan/Trio S/Trio S/Night Zitherine
Ancestrel Spirits/Bob Miles/Ancestral Spirits/Sheets Of Sound
This Moment, That Moment/Companion Trio/Our Customs/Mass Particles
Super Loser/Japanther/Dump The Body In Rikki Lake/Menlo Park Recordings
Klockar Aleksanteri/Troka/Nordic Roots/Northside
Hellraiser/Coil/Gold Is The Metal/Normal
Beat Again/Honey Barbara/1-10 & W. AVE./Emigre Records
Cruise Ships/Stars Like Fleas/Sun Lights Down On The Fence/Praemedia
Long Distance Toast/Resplendent/In A Wilderness/Mixx Tape
Fundamentals/Fiona Tyler/Changing Locations/Co-Op Radio
Melech Rachaman/Simply Tsfat/New Beginnings/Sameach
Baby Dee/Kenny Neal & Billy Branch/Double Take/Alligator Records
O Superman/Laurie Anderson/Big Science/Warner Bros.
Judy's Bounce/Jemeel Moondoc with Denis Charles/We Don't/Eremite
The Eve of the Purification Ceremony/Luvale People of Central Africa/Zambia: The Songs Of Mukanda/Multicultural Media
Arms Of Love/Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians/The Kershaw Sessions/Strange Roots
Ffwd (Matka Remix)/Asphalt/CD : War/Hybrid
Shepherd Song/The Okros Ensemble/Transylvanian Village Music/Rounder Records

Radio Squidco 
Embryology and the Gastro-Intestinal System
June 17, 2004

Squidco received a parcel from Canada, a reel-to-reel tape with a short note from our own Professor Brother Lucy. The note (in its entirety) read as follows:


I've been spending some fascinating time at a Calvinist retreat up here in temperate Ontario doing some important research about which I'm very excited. I can't go into too much detail here, but it has to do with the genetic superiority of the gastro-intestinal system possessed by humans with the YY chromosome, a sort of positive interrelationship between the digestive and reproductive systems. The enclosed recording will clarify, but I beseech thee, do not play this until the appointed broadcast hour.

I will be in touch soon, with further details of this exciting project.

Yours utrly (sic)
-Brother Lucy

We at Squidco were slightly concerned about the viability of such research, but we've known the professor since he was playing open mikes in the midwest and respected his wishes.

Tracks played, in part, in whole or collided, included:

“Bran Mash and Crushed Beans” – People Like Us from Jumble Massive
“The Superior Mesenteric” – Jon Rose/Chris Abrahams/Clayton Thomas from Artery
“Mucus” – Teuk Henri/Julien Paschal/Francois Verrue from Rawfrucht.2
“Table 2” – Jon Rose with Derek Bailey from Violin Music for Restaurants
“I’ve Pumped Your Stomach and Broken Through Your Skin” – Stars Like Fleas from Lights Down on the Fence
“Vegetables” – The Beach Boys from Smiley Smile
“Lunch” Evolution Control Committee from Plagiarhythm Nation
“Things I Have Eaten” – Miriam Sagan from AlbuZERXque Volume 11
“The Music of Worms in her Stomach” – Glands of External Secretion/Prick Decay from Who’s Who in Hospitalization
“Constipation Blues” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins from Real Life
“I Can’t Take a Shit” – The Can Openers from Sherbet
“Does God Go to the Toilet” – Danbert Nobacon fromThe Unfairy Tale
“Circumnavigating the Sea of Shit” – Paul Steenhuisen from Miniatures Concretes
“Fountain of Shit” – Ronruins from Big Shoes
“Topography of My Rectum” – Dual from Destroy All Improv
“Mangos” – Rosemary Clooney from The Essence of Rosemary Clooney

“Embryons desseches” – Anne Queffelec from Satie – Piano Works
“Embryo” – Black Sabbath from Master of Reality
"Embryonic Journey" - Jefferson Airplane from Surrealistic Pillow
“Amniotic Fluid” – Aube from The Land of the Rising Noise
“Juana” – John Fahey from Womblife
“The Womb Bit” / “Embryo Thought” / “March Past of the Embryos” – Ron Geesin/Roger Waters from Music from the Body
“Born” – Judith Ren-Lay from Out of Nowhere
“Shit, Blood & Eggs” / “Vox Dei” / “Chinese Hamster Ovary/Hgprt Mammalian Cell” – With the Entrails of the Last Priest from With the Entrails of the Last Priest
“Baby Doctor” – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum from Live
“Birthing Chair Blues” – Amy Denio from Birthing Chair Blues
“Baby” – George Cartwright from Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings
“Vegetation Flesh” / “Vegetation Narration” – Nocturnal Emissions from The World is my Womb
untitled tracks – Pietro Grossi from Battimenti
untitled tracks – Exzoskeleton from Exploring Biology

Gastro-intestinal field recordings courtesy of Hot Air, Dr. Asswani and Medical Milestones

Why Not?
Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

Derek Bailey/Maarten Altena - Pisa String Duet - Pisa 1980 Improvisors Symposium - PSI
Roscoe Mitchell - The Great Red spot - Solo 3 - Muteable Music
H. Bennink/M.Oliver/T. Lehn - Sheow 1 - Pica Pica - ICP
Charlotte Hug/Pat Thomas - q.06 - Certain Questions - Unit Records
Phh!k - Raven Highway - Phh!k - Artifact Music
P Wachsmann/P Ole Jorgenson/J Riis - Aboretum Fem - Expanded Botanics - Ninth World Music
Veda Hille/ Christof Migone - Narrow - Escape songs - Squint Fucker Press
Kim Cascone - : Alchemical Residue - Dust Theories 2 - Anechoicmedia
Aidian Baker - Circuiltry - Cicatrice - Dreamland
Peter Kowald trio Global Village w/Pamela Z - Movement 3 - Global Village - Free Elephant
Eve Packer w Noah Howard - Backstage - Crusisin w/ Moxie - Altsax
Stars Like Fleas - Lump of Clay - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - Preamedia
Lori Freedman - Mais Qu' Est Done Car Ni Or - A Un Moment Donne - Ambiance Magnetiques
Kaffe Matthews - Dashes Five - Cd Eb and Flo - Annette Works
Bernard Gunter/Graham Haliwell/Mark Wastell - Minus 2 - + Minus (Frist Meeting) - Trente Oiseaux
Philip Jeck - Museum - 7 - Touch
Miba - Bathing in Similar Objects - The Corplate Problem - Pax Recording
Ernesto rodriques/Antonio Chaparreiro/Jose Oliveri Landscapes with Persons and Furniture Sudden Music - Creative Sources
Gert - Jan Prinz - I Feel Love - Songs From the Sea of Love - Fire Inc
Efzeg - Wurm - Wurm - Charhizma
Rasp - How to Spot a Tourist - Mix Your Languages - Ramboy Records
Do Make Say Think - Outer Inner and Secret - Winter Hymn Country hymn Secret Hymn - Constellation
Tim Posgate/Jazzstory - Songs - In the Futrue of Your Dream - Guildwood Records

Mike Hansen
CKLN FM 88.1
Whynot Jazz Program
79 Benson Ave.
M6G 2H7

ree103point9 Online Radio
February 2004 Top 40

1. Doily, "Mattress of the Universe" 12" (Broklyn Beats 10)
2. Primordial Undermind, Thin Shells of Revolution (Emperor Jones)
3. Wasteland, Spirit Shots EP (Transparent)
4. Alan Bishop + Manford Cain, Radio Java (Sublime Frequencies)
5. Avey Tare/David Grubbs, split 12" (Fat Cat)
6. Tan as Fuck, U-Sound #17 (U-Sound Archive)
7. Cooper Moore + Assif Tsahar, America (Hopscotch)
8. Espers, Espers (Locust Music)
9. Various artists, Netimage 04 (The Wire, Jan. 2004) Scanner, Kim Cascone, others.
10. Double Leopards, U-Sound #09 (U-Sound Archive)
11. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 13)
12. Criterion, "Wet Pain" 12" (Broklyn Beats 11)
13. Various artists, Sound Generation audio compilation (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
14. Various artists, Praeface (Praemedia) Includes Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, others.
15. Mammal, Double Nature (SNSE)
16. Cooper Moore + Tom Abbs + Chad Taylor, Triptych Myth (Hopscotch)
17. Gamelan Sonaflian, The Complete New Gamelan in the New World (Locust reissue)
17. 1-Speed Bike, "El Gallito" EP (Broklyn Beats 14)
18. Dean Roberts, Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)
19. Ghost Exits, Cincinnati Riot Blues EP (Social Registry)
20. Stars Like Fleas, Sun Lights Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
21. Artanker Convoy, Ocean Parkway EP (Social Registry)
22. Assif Tsahar + Tatsuya Nakatani, Come Sunday (Hopscotch)
23. Jessica Pavone, 27 Epigrams (Peacock 04)
24. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
25. Assif Tsahar + Mat Maneri + Jim Black, Jam (Hopscotch)
26. Alexander Tucker, U-Sound #18 (U-Sound Archive)
27. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
28. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
29. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
30. John Vanderslice, Cellar Door (Barsuk)
31. Family Underground, U-Sound #15 (U-Sound Archive)
32. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
33. M Behrens, Elapsed Time (Intransitive)
34. Andy Hayleck, Various Recordings Involving Ice (Here See)
35. J.D. Robb, Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog (Locust Music)
36. No. 9, Mushi-no-ne (Locust Music)
37. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
38. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
39. What's Yr Damage, Winter Tour '03-'04 CD-r (self)
40. Henry Flynt + The Insurrections, I Don't Wanna (Locust)


GUIDO DEL FABBRO "La bergerie 1" + "Lonkens" + "Un champs l'été" + "Jaka" - CD "Carré de Sable" (Ambiances Magnétiques)
GILLES GOBEIL / RENE LUSSIER "Les Remparts" + "La Forêt" + "Le Flagorneur" + "Le Premier Baiser" - CD "Le Contrat" (Empreintes Digitales -
SENOR COCONUT vs KOCANI ORKESTAR "Usti, Usti,Baba" + MERCAN DEDE vs KOCANI ORKESTAR "Siki, Siki Baba" - Compilation Electric Gypsyland (Crammed)
GUIDO DEL FABBRO "Lojiuvis" - CD "Carré de Sable" (Ambiances Magnétiques -
ERKKI-SVEN TÜÜR "Exodus" (ECM New series -
STARS LIKE FLEAS "As hard as you want" – CD "Sun lights down on the fence" (Praemedia -
GUY KLUCEVSEK Tales from the Cryptic (Winter & Winter)
GUIDO DEL FABBRO "Gaviscon" - CD "Carré de Sable" (Ambiances Magnétiques -

Les programmes du Solénoïde -

SOLENOÏDE radioshow is actually retransmitted on 9 radios in France, in Belgium, in Canada and on Internet: ALIGRE FM 93.1 Paris / Ile-de-France, Radio PANIK 105.4 FM Bruxelles, HDR 99.1 FM Rouen, C'ROCK 89.5 fm Vienne, Radio MAU-NAU 94.2 fm Châlons-en-Champagne, L'EKO DES GARRIGUES 88.5 FM Montpellier, CHOQ FM Montréal, FMR Toulouse 89.1 FM et Radio WNE Mulhouse.  

Why Not?

Artist - Song Title - Album Title – Label

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jozef Van Wissem - The Golden Mass Part 1-11 - Proletarian Drift – BVHasst
Luca Formentini - If I Stop – Subterraneans – Auditorium
Thuston Moore/Walter Prati/Evan Parker – Is - The promise - Materiali Sonori
Bennink-Oliver-Lehn - Sheow 1 - Pica Pica – ICP
Gebhard Ullman - Translucent Tones - Conference Call - 482 Music
Howard Johnson Gravity - Here Comes Sonny Man – Gravity – Verve
Tim Posgate – Osmosis - In the Future of Your Dream - Guildwood Records
Eve Packer/Noah Howard - Daily News - Cruisin w/Moxie – Altsax
Vocal Quintet – untitled - Bananafish 17 - Bananafish Magazine
Iks - Desert Flowers - Abst cncr - Ora Productions
Jean Francois Guay – School - New School – Fidelioaudio
Stars Like Fleas - Third Night, Wisconsin/On a Generous Day - Sun Lights Down on the Fence – Praemedia
Fred Longberg-Holm/Weasel Walters/Kevin Drumm Blood(prologue,begin w/dribble,exploding artery,er Eruption – Grob
Cremaster - 4' 08" – Flysch - G3G Records
Wal - Good Morning Nightmare - Law and Disorder - Unit Records
Kaffe Mathews/Mike Hansen/tomasz Krakowiak – 3 – demo – independent
Luc Houtkamp's Pow 3 - Blues for Pierre Schaeffer - The thirteen Bar Blues - X-or
Konk Pak - Live in Utrecht(excerpt) - Live in Utrecht – Grob
Gunter Muller/Tomas Korber/Stienbruchel - Momentan Live - Momentan Def. – Cut
Matt Turner – Sus – Patina – Feverpitch
I Trenti Inerti – Ara – Ura - Creative Sources
Franck Vigroux - J'ai quitte l'Europe - Lilas Triste – Digitruc
Tim Posgate - Overture/Ultrasound/Dylan's Dream - In The Future of Your Dreams - Guildwood Records

Mike Hansen
CKLN FM 88.1
Whynot Jazz Program
79 Benson Ave.
CanadaM6G 2H7

free103point9 Online Radio
January 2004 Top 40

1. Cooper Moore + Assif Tsahar, America (Hopscotch)
2. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 13)
3. Various artists, Sound Generation audio compilation (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
4. Various artists, Praeface (Praemedia)
Includes Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, others.
5. Mammal, "Double Nature" (SNSE)
6. Cooper Moore + Tom Abbs + Chad Taylor, Triptych Myth (Hopscotch)
7. Dean Roberts, Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)
8. Ghost Exits, Cincinnati Riot Blues EP (Social Registry)
9. Stars Like Fleas, Sun Lights Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
10. Artanker Convoy, Ocean Parkway EP (Social Registry)
11. Assif Tsahar + Tatsuya Nakatani, Come Sunday (Hopscotch)
12. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
13. Assif Tsahar + Mat Maneri + Jim Black, Jam (Hopscotch)
14. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
15. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
16. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
17. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
18. M Behrens, Elapsed Time (Intransitive)
19. Andy Hayleck, Various Recordings Involving Ice (Here See)
20. J.D. Robb, Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog (Locust Music)
21. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, Object3 (Locust Music)
22. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Loctust Music)
23. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
24. What's Yr Damage, Winter Tour '03-'04 CD-r (self)
25. Painting Soldiers, Horizon Fall EP (Social Registry)
26. What's Yr Damage/Kodan Armada, split 7" (Dead Tank Records)
27. Knifestorm, Body-World (self)
28. Fear and Trembling, Sligo River EP (JMZ Records)
29. Various artists, Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic)
Anaphylaxis, Hollydrift, Kava Project, and The Devouring Element are included here.
30. No. 9, Where come from? And where to? EP (Locust Music)
31. Espers, Espers (Locust Music)
32. Burning Star Core, "A Brighter Summer Day/Baybe It Wasn't Meant to Me" 12" (Thin Wrist)
33. Tim Perkis, Motive (Praemedia)
34. The Usaisamonster, Tasheyanan Compost (Load)
35. T.K. Webb, The Ungodly Hours (Garnet Recordings)
36. Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Queen of Guess (VHF)
37. Clear Horizon, Clear Horizon (Kranky)
38. Coughs, Bent Babies (self)
39. DJ Olive, Bodega (The Agriculture)
40. Hair Police/Viki, split 12" (SNSE/Load)

GIMME 5 - SlideLab office ambience - January 2004

SPACEMEN 3 - "Recurrning" (BMG)
MOONRIDERS - "Istanbul Mambo" (PANAM)
BIZ MARKIE - "Unrereleased Weekend Worrior Sessions" (GROOVE ATTACK)

STARS LIKE FLEAS - "Sun Light Down On The Fence" (PRAEMEDIA)
SLUTA LETA - "Semi Peterson" (MEGO)
ECD - "Iukotokikuyonayatsurajanaizo" (ECDR)

ANDREW BRODER - "Modern Hits" (Dinkytown Records)
V.A. - "Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol.1" (SUBLIME FREQUENCIES)
THE BOOKS - "Thought For Food" (TOMLAB)

feedback monitor
radio: playlist: january 13th, 2004

The Blankket "Hey Ya!" Songs of Love EP  Recording Club 
Stop Disco Mafia "C.H.A.X." Stop Disco Mafia EP Proptronix
Secret Mommy "Andrew W. Cake" Mammal Class Orthlorng Musork
Hitz Exprezz "Exprezz" Playin da Harsez Huron Street Hunt Club
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks "The One With The Girl Singing" Window Pain Piehead
DJ Frane "Green Buds In The Springtime" Electric Garden of Delights Tuff City
Shannon Fields vs. The Gold Sparkle Band "Emphasis Mine" Praeface [compilation] Praemedia
Tim Perkis "Farb" Motive Praemedia
Stars Like Fleas "third night, Wisconsin" Sun Lights Down On The Fence Praemedia
Hydatid "Awash With Even" Awash With Even indie
Canartic "Turn On The Blacklight" Blacklight Days EP Dank Disk
Lopside "At The Old Place" 37 indie
Icecake "Version" ambient extraction Supple
Richard Ashe "Static2" Ether Static Ten Dances
Andrew Duke "Shuffle" Take Nothing For Granted Cognition Audioworks
L'Ombre "Off Course" Simulations 1.0 Ant-Zen
Fanny "A New Life Awaits You" Revelry and Decadence as the Right of Slaves Mirex
Igneous Flame "Nebullar" Intox Chillfactor 10
Maitreya "We Are Linked" Telluric Waves Council of Nine

feedback monitor has been a weekly radio show on CIUT Radio in Toronto since February, 1996. It can currently be heard on Tuesdays at 10 PM until 12 midnight Eastern at 89.5 FM in Toronto and surrounding areas and via RealAudio at worldwide.

THE ROCK SHOW Monday - Friday 2pm - 9:30pm
listen at

Hi Everyone,
Here is the first top 30 chart for the new year. I hope 2004 brings as much good music as 2003 did - we can only cross our fingers.
- Joel

1  DEAD C            The Damned (Starlight Furniture)
2  FLYING LUTTENBACHERS  Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder (Troubleman)
3  SKULLFLOWER          Exquisite Fucking Boredom (Tumult)
4  TWINE             Twine (Ghoslty International)
5  PHASES            May 03 (Worthy)
6  ANIMAL COLLECTIVE       Spirit They're Gone... / Danse Manatee (Fat Cat)
7  OPEN CITY           The Birth Of Cruel (Thin Wrist)
8  MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ     Blues Du Jour (Domino)
9  ILLOIN            Pinafore (Notenuf)
10  PHENOMENOLOGICAL BOYS     The Rainbow Record (Dave's Cock)
12  NERVOUS COP          Nervous Cop (5RC)
13  LOVELY MIDGET         Unknown (Family Vinyard)
14  STARS LIKE FLEAS       Sun Lights Down On The Fence (Praemedia)
15  DANGER ADVENTURE       The Pomegranate (Fork Series)
16  ELECTRELANE          On Parade EP (Too Pure)
18  MAMMAL            Double Nature (Scratch And Sniff)
19  NEW DEUTSCH          VARIOUS ARTISTS (International Deejay Gigolo)
20  USER             Abandon (Asphodel)
21  ILL EASE           The Exorcist (Too Pure)
22  PARAQUAT EARTH BAND If You Ain't With Us You're Against Us (Flipped Out)
23  ELECTROPUTAS         Piano Blooms 12-Inch EP (Social Registry)
24  CRACK WE ARE ROCK       Cosmic Mind Flight (Tigerbeat6)
25  TIM PERKIS           Motive (Praemedia)
26  AE              Bootleg (Sonig)
27  CRITERION AND DOILY      Criterion And Doily (Broklyn Beats)
28  GHOST EXITS          Cincinnati Riot Blues 12inch (Social Registry)
29  PIMMON            Snaps Crackles Pops (Tigerbeat6)
30  SHY CHILD           The Humanity EP (Grenadine)

Report compiled by Joel Penney, Rock Music Director

Sleepless Nights with Pat Naylis on 1/7/2004 from 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM
KGNU - Boulder, Colorado

June of 44 - The Anatomy of Sharks - sharks and sailors
Pelican - Pelican – mammoth
Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There to Come Back - madame Helga
------------- set break -------------
Clem Snide - A Beautiful EP - mike kalinsky
Vic Chesnutt - Silver Lake - 2nd floor
------------- set break -------------
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - as hard as you want
At Swim Two Birds - cd - Women Of A Certain Mental Age
the pixies - trompe le monde - motorway to roswell
Apollo Sunshine - Katonah - fear of hights
Broker/Dealer - Initial Public Offering - on a claire day/
Boozoo Bajou - Remixes - tosca--chocolate elvis (boozoo bajou soul sufferer version)
Karminsky Experience - The Power of Suggestion - belly disco
------------- set break -------------
Solace - 13 – indolence
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - Ruok? - horn of jerico
Electric Wizard - let us pray - the outsider
------------- set break -------------
Balzak - Beyond the Darkness - yami-no mukou-no subete-wo
PainKiller - John Zorn - Collected Works – portent
Men of Porn - Experiments in Feedback - Feedback IV
Loose (35007) - Liquid – crystalline
BUCKETHEAD - Monsters & Robots - Jump Man
HDQ - En el Cuarto de la Nada - Chico Ritalina
------------- set break -------------
Kyuss - Kyuss – whitewater
Casustic Resin - Body Hate – chainsaw
The Boredoms - Chocolate Synthesizer - shock city
Rosebuds - Make Out - wishes for kisses
------------- set break -------------
Various Artists - Cold Mountain - reeltime travelers- like a songbird that has fallen
Various Artists - Kill Bill - charlie feathers- that certain feeling
Various Artists - Kill Bill - chalie feathers- that certain female
Various Artists - Alan Lomax Popular Songbook - black betty- james 'iron hed'
Fred Mc Dowell - The Blues of Fred McDowell - the train i ride
Various Artists - Wild About That Thing - Bonnie Lee- got the blues bout my baby
------------- set break -------------
Jimi Hendrix - The Blues - Voodoo Chil

Afternoon Sound Alternative with george figgs on 1/5/2004 from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
KGNU - Boulder, Colorado

The Incredible Moses Leroy - Become the Soft.Lightes - the color of sky
rhythm & sound - With the Artists - Music Hit You
CHARLIE PARKER REMIX PROJECT - Bird Up - relaxin at Camarillo
Adventure Time - Dreams of Water Themes - sent from sandy shores
Clogs - Lullaby for Sue - who's down now
------------- set break -------------
Feature: Earth & Sky
Various Artists - Festival in the Desert - ali farka toure-karaw
Various Artists - Chicago's Avant Today - Ostinato - Robert Mazurek and Chicago Undergound
Robert Een - Mystery Dances - Roman Bath
Cibelle – cd – Waiting
TRAILER BRIDE - Hope is a Thing With Feathers - Vagabond Motel
Feature: Concert Calendar / KGNU presents
------------- set break -------------
Sex Mob - Dime Grind Palace - blue and sentimental
Gaby Kerpel – Carnabailito – Toritos
Po Girl - Po Girl - city song
STEPHEN MERRIT - Pieces of April - all i want to know
Martyn Bennett – Grit – Blackbird
------------- set break -------------
MASSIVE ATTACK – Protection - spy glass
Malachi Thompson & Africa Brass - Blue Jazz - The Panther
Kid Koala - Some of My Best Friends are DJs - More Dance Music
Vincius Cantuaria - Live 8/7/03 - Sem Pisar No Chao
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - As Hard As You Want
------------- set break -------------
The Band of…Blacky Ranchette - Still Lookin' Good to Me - Getting it made
Various Artists - The Soul of a Man - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "special rider blues"
Yo La Tengo - Today Is The Day – Outsmartener
Vic Chesnutt - Silver Lake - Zippy Morocco
BELLE & SEBASTAIN - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - if she wants me
Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers – Ritournelle
Vril - Effigies in Cork - spangled farmyard
------------- set break -------------
Bonobo – Flutter – Flutter
Lyrics Born - Later That Day - do that there
Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway - Glenn Tipton
Juana Molina - Tres Cosas - No Es Tan Cierto


1. luomo - the present lover (force tracks)
2. data 80 - data 80 (force tracks)
3. alex cortex - inward ctrl (ann aimee)
4. sophie rimheden - hi-fi (mitek)
5. geoff white & stewart walker - discord (force inc.)
6. monolake - momentum (icm)
7. billy dalessaandro - midievalization (resopal schalware)
8. pole - pole (mute)
9. nooncat - under the moon/under the sun (triebstoff)
10. dub taylor - experience (force tracks)
11. t.raumschmiere - radio blackout (novamute)
12. rip-off artist - pet sounds (vertical form)
13. jirku/judge - plusism (onitor)
14. va - mitek: process (mitek)
15. va - staedtisizm 4 (~scape)
16. rechenzentrum - director's cut (mille plateaux)
17. tujiko noriko - from tokyo to naiagara (tom lab)
18. jan jelinek avec the exposures - la nouvelle pauvrete (~scape)
19. tomas jirku - 1999 (no type)
20. ricardo villalobos - alcachofa (playhouse)
21. va - what was it like before i got into electricity (sud)
22. alexander kowalski - |response| (kanzleramt)
23. agf - westernisation complete (ortlong musork)
24. va - futuristic experiments #006 [bg035] (background)
25. soul-junk - 1958 (sounds are acticve)
26. hdj tom - taste (inflatabl label)
27. cordell klier - winter (ad noiseam)
28. si-cut.db - find some shade (highpoint lowlife)
29. desormais - iambrokenandremadeiambroken... (intr_version)
30. hinterlandt/ karri o. - sitting, going places/departures and arrivals (abflug)
31. anders ilar - everdom (shitkatapult)
32. matmos - civil war (matador)
33. radio 4 - gotham (city slang)
34. looproad - acidfaketrax (acid fake)
35. tim heker - radio amor (mille plateaux)
36. blamstrain - ensi (merck)
37. stars like fleas - sun light down on the fence (praemedia)
38. decades - the first (poeta negra)
39. apparat - duplex (shitkatapult)
40. andrew duke - take nothing for granted (acid fake)
41. va - praeface (praemedia)
42. tim perkis - motive (praemedia)
43. merzbow - ikebana: merzbow's amlux rebuilt, reused and recycled (immortal)
44. andrey kiritchenko - kniga skazok (ad noiseam)
45. formatt/samuli alapuranen - connections/apinavideo (abflug)
46. corker / conboy - in light of that learnt later (vertical form)
47. va - geologists and profesional tourists volume 2 (n&b research digest)
48. andrey kiritchenko - bees and noney (zeromoon)
49. anthony rother - elixir of life (fax +49-69/450464)
50. decomposed subsonic - gradients (ware)

free103point9 Online Radio
2003 Top 100

1. Various artists, Radio Action I, (free103point9)
2. Wasteland, Amen Fire (Transparent)
3. Animal Collective, Here Comes the Indian (Paw
4. Sightings, Absolutes (Load)
5. Donna Summer, "Fluxus, Inc./Awkward Song" 7"
6. Nautical Almanac, Cisum (Here See)
7. Matthew Shipp, Equillibrium (Blue Series/Thirsty
8. Joyce Hinterding, Spectral (Antiopic)
9. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar
(Ecstatic Peace)
10. Daniel Carter + Reuben Radding, Luminescence
(Aum Fidelity)
11. Various artists, SIC: The Broklyn Beats 7" Series (Broklyn Beats)
12. Scanner, Warhol's Surfaces (Intermedium)
13. Various artists, Tune(In))) (free103point9 AD
14. The Blue Series Continuum (Roy Campbell, Jr.,
Alex Lodico, William Parker, Josh Roseman, Matthew Shipp), Good and Evil Sessions (Thirsty Ear)
15. Jared Ashburn, Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Shawn Onsgard, Dado Blade (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 12)
16. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
17. Jackie-O Motherfucker, Europe 2002 (Cast Exotic.U-Sound)
18. Various artists, Variious (Intransitive
19. Ultra-Red, ¡Amnistía! (Antiopic)
20. Matthew Ostrowski, The Legendary Poptones (self)
21. Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Queen of Guess
22. Various artists, Space is No Place, NYC: Noise
from the Underground (Psych-O-Path Records)
23. Lightning Bolt, Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
24. Various artists, "Sound Generation audio compilation" (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
25. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
26. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
27. Tim Berne, The Sublime Sciencefrictionlive (Thirsty Ear)
28. Various artists: Donna Summer, Hrvatski, Timeblind, etc., Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes (The Agriculture)
29. Neon Hunk, Swarmy Mob (Load)
30. DJ Olive, Bodega (The Agriculture)
31. Thomas Joyce, Sound Works 2002-2003 (self)
32. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
33. Dan Matz, Carry Me Over (Amish)
34. Mammal, Double Nature (SNSE)
35. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
36. Various artists, Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish (Animal World)
37. Dion Workman, Ching (Antiopic)
38. Rev. Charlie Jackson, God's Got It (CaseQuarter/Aum Fidelity)
39. Julien Ottavi, Nervure Magnetique (Antiopic)
40. Kim Cascone, Anti-Correlation (Anechoicmemdia)
41. Various artists, Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic)
42. Ernesto Diaz-Infante + Chris Forsyth, March (Evolving Ear)
43. Knifestorm, Body-World (self)
44. T.K. Webb, The Ungodly Hours (Garnet Recordings)
45. Hominid, Hominid (self)
46. Ben Owen, Easter 02 (self)
47. Astral Blessing, Astral Blessing (self)
48. Bottle Skup Flenkenkenmike, Looks Like Velvet, Smells Like Pee (Broklyn Beats)
49. Surface of Eceyon, "Purposeful Availment" (Three Lobe Recordings)
50. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 AD 013)
51. No. 9, Where come from? And where to? EP (Locust Music)
52. Andy Hayleck, "Various Recordings Involvng Ice" (Here See)
53. Young People, "Young People" (GER)
54. Hair Police/Viki "split 12"" (SNSE/Load)
55. Dean Roberts, "Be Mine Tonight" (Kranky)
56. Ghost Exits, "Cincinnati Riot Blues" EP (Social Registry)
57. Stars Like Fleas, "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia)
58. Artanker Convoy, "Ocean Parkway" EP (Social Registry)
59. P.G. Six, Old Man on the Mountain, b/w High, Low and In-Between (Amish)
60. Panicsville, "Imperfection of the Organism" (SNSE/Load)
61. Espers, "Espers" (Locust Music)
62. Black Dice, Lost Valley/Head Like a Door 12" (Catsup Plate)
63. Various artists, "Praeface" (Praemedia)
64. M Behrens, "Elapsed Time" (Intransitive)
65. J.D. Robb, "Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog" (Locust Music)
66. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, "Object3" (Locust Music)
67. Burning Star Core, "A Brighter Summer Day/Baybe It Wasn't Meant to Me" 12" (Thin Wrist)
68. Tom Roe/A Forma Foma, split 7" (free103point9 AD 09)
69. Andrew Barker + Daniel Carter, Duo (QBICO 02)
70. Clear Horizon, Clear Horizon (Kranky)
71. Loren Connors. The Departing of a Dream Pt. II (Family Vineyard)
72. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
73. Fear and Trembling, Sligo River EP (JMZ Records)
74. USAISAMONSTER, Citizens of the Chronic (Infrasound)
75. Painting Soldiers, Horizon Fall EP (Social Registry)
76. Surface of Eceyon, Purposeful Availment (Three Lobe Recordings)
77. Pothole Skinny, Time Shapes the Forest Lake (Perhaps Transparent)
78. Tim Perkis, Motive (Praemedia)
79. Various artists (Paul Dutton, Jazzkammer, Astro, etc.), Bananafish 17 CD + magazine (Tedium House)
80. 100% Storms Ensemble, A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair (Emperor Jones)
81. Ssion, Opportunity Bless My Soul (Version City Records)
82. Nerve Net Noise, Meteor Circuit (Intransitive)
83. Z'ev, An Uns Momento (CIP)
84. Flaming Fire, Songs from the Shining Temple (Perhaps Transparent)
85. Various artists, No Tribute (Carbon)
86. Radio Shock/Radio Shack, split 7" (Ignivomous)
87. Rev. 99, Everything Changed After 7-11 (Pax)
88. Pffr, Rock, Rocker, Rocketh (self)
89. Calla, Scavengers (Young God)
90. Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra, s/t (Pax)
91. Rotten Piece, Emperor of Appliances (Lazy Squid)
92. Tigersmilk, Tigersmilk (Family Vineyard)
93. Coughs, Bent Babies (self)
94. The Usaisamonster, Tasheyanan Compost (Load)
95. Mr. California and the State Police, Audio Hallucinations (Load)
96. Vertonen, The Ocean is Gone, the Ship is Next (Ground Fault)
97. Jesse Dulman, Tuba Songs (self)
98. DJ North Guinea Hills, Telling This Woman to Uncle Tom Series IV (self)
99. The Blithe Sons, We Walk the Young Earth (Family Vineyard)
100. Harm Stryker, s/t (self)

post global 12. 24. 03 (retrospective of finest post global 2003 releases)

monolake - linear - momentum (m/icm)
sophie rimheden - touch - hi-fi (mitek)
t.raumschmiere - someday - radio blackout (novamute)
andreas tilliander - hasselby cares - mitek process (mitek)
geoff white - towards another - discord (force inc.)
alex cortex - 2 - inward ctrl (ann aimee)
hdj tom - aperitiff delux - taste (inflatabl label)
tomas jirku - cefuroxime - bleak 1999 (no type)
pole - slow motion - pole (mute)
bus - keep life right (feat. mc soom t) - middle of the road (~scape)
jirku / judge - sputnik - plusism (onitor)
akufen - theo's theory (to theo parrish) - staedtisizm 4 (~scape)
jan jelinek avec the exposures - there are other words - la nouvelle pauvrete (~scape)
deadbeat - post nasal drip - disaster in the dancehall (klitekture)
cordell klier - 5 - winter (ad noiseam)
stars like fleas - on a generous day - sun lights down on the fence (praemedia)
tujiko noriko - zipper - from tokyo to naiagara (tomlab)
andrey kiritchenko - parable - kniga skazok (ad noiseam)
rechenzentrum - synchron - director's cut (mille plateaux)
music radio channel 103 (very soon online!)

december 16 2003


kapital band > survival kit > 2cd > mosz
chib > s > moco > fat cat
stars like fleas > lump. of. clay. > sun lights down the fence > Praemedia
kat cosm > hotgirl (instrumental) > knightboat > staubgold
poney club > sylver > a six stock speeches > self released
animal collective > penny dreadful > spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished / danse manatee > fat cat
lunt > double strapontine > broken words and lost answers > self released
stephan mathieu & ekkehard ehlers > supertramp > heroin > brombron
fourtet > she moves she > rounds > domino
arca > portrait of an unsatisfied figure > angles > les disques du soleil et de l'acier
do make say think > auberge le mouton noir > winter hymn country hymn secret hymn > constellation
melatonine > la veille > les environnement principaux > unique records
baka! > arasi > baka! > unique records
chevreuil > rock'n'roll garnison > chateauvallon > ruminance & ottonecker
sister iodine > truck loads > pause > zeitgeist

RADIO 666 – 99.1 FM (Caen - France)
On air every Tuesday from 23.00 to 0.30 (France standard time)
Internet LIVE streaming on

Delire Musical
December 15th, 2003

Something interesting happened here. Daniel opened the show, but his selection launched François into a song sequence of such a strong logic that he stole most of the show, leaving Daniel unable to respond. So Daniel opened with the cello and bewitching voiceof Jorane. By her side on this track is guitarist Bernard Falaise, who also plays in singer-songwriter Frank Martel¹s back-up band. The voice of the former and the poetic world (verging on the childlike) of the latter conjured up Iva Bittová, who is here accompanied by Vladimír Václavek, who is also one third of the trio Klar, who writes new songs over Peter Hammill’s well-known lyrics. So we had to start Round 2 with Hammill, and the electronic textures of his song invited Stars Like Fleas’ wonderful blend of pop, electronic and free improv (think Robert Wyatt circa Shleep).

JORANE / Sous-marin Marion (5 :00) ­ Vent Fou (Tacca)
FRANK MARTEL & L’OUEST CÉLESTE / Le Limpopo (2 :19) ­ Sautons ce repas de midi
IVA BITTOVÁ & VLADIMÍR VÁCLAVEK / Sirka v Louz˜i (3 :44) ­ Bilé Inferno
KLAR / Patient (3 :48) ­ Between Coma and Consciousness
PETER HAMMILL / What I Did (3 :37) ­ Sitting Targets (PVC)
STARS LIKE FLEAS / As Hard As You Want (7 :24) ­ Sun Lights Down o the Fence (Praemedia)
CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO / Punta Patri (4 :22) ­ The First Decade (InsideOut Music America)
JONO EL GRANDE / Centrifuge in d minor (6 :27) ­ Fevergreens (Rune Grammofon)
KRAKATOA / Rotor Blade (3 :44) ­ We Are the Rowboats (Cuneiform)
JOSEPH SUCHY / Moo-ay (extrait/excerpt) ­ Calabi.yau (Staubgold)

Delire Musical is broadcasted on CFLX 95.5 FM (Sherbrooke, Quebec) every Monday from 9 to 10 pm (Eastern Time)
Web page at

free103point9 Online Radio
December 2003 Heavy Rotation
Top 40

1. Various artists (Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, etc.), "Praeface" (Praemedia)
2. Mammal, "Double Nature" (SNSE)
3. Dean Roberts, "Be Mine Tonight" (Kranky)
4. Ghost Exits, "Cincinnati Riot Blues" EP (Social Registry)
5. Various artists, "Sound Generation audio compilation" (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
6. Stars Like Fleas, "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia)
7. Artanker Convoy, "Ocean Parkway" EP (Social Registry)
8. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, "Radio Guitar" (Ecstatic Peace)
9. The Blue Series Continuum (Roy Campbell, Jr., Alex Lodico, William Parker, Josh Roseman, Matthew Shipp), "Good and Evil Sessions" (Thirsty Ear)
10. Landing, "Circuit" (Music Fellowship)
11. John Hudak, "Room With Sky" (Chaba Recordings)
12. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, "Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion!" (Here See)
15. M Behrens, "Elapsed Time" (Intransitive)
16. Andy Hayleck, "Various Recordings Involvng Ice" (Here See)
17. J.D. Robb, "Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog" (Locust Music)
18. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, "Object3" (Locust Music)
19. Tod Dockstader, "Eight Electronic Pieces" (Loctust Music)
20. The Hepatitis Youth, "Hex is a Curse" (Kinky Noise)
21. Painting Soldiers, "Horizon Fall" EP (Social Registry)
22. 24. Knifestorm, "Body-World" (self)
25. Fear and Trembling, "Sligo River EP" (JMZ Records)
26. Various artists: Sightings, No-Neck Blues Band, etc., "Space is No Place, NYC: Noise from the Underground" (Psych-O-Path Records)
27. Tim Berne, "The Sublime Sciencefrictionlive" (Thirsty Ear)
28. Scanner, "Warhol's Surfaces" (Intermedium)
29. Espers, "Espers" (Locust Music)
30. Various artists: Donna Summer, Hrvatski, Timeblind, etc., "Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes" (The Agriculture)
31. Vibracathedral Orchestra, "The Queen of Guess" (VHF)
32. DJ Olive, "Bodega" (The Agriculture)
33. Hair Police/Viki "split 12"" (SNSE/Load)
34. Donna Summer, "Fluxus, Inc./Awkward Song" 7" (Tonschacht)
35. The Sabers, "Specter" (Neurot Recordings)
36. Jared Ashburn, Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Shawn Onsgard, "Dado Blade" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 12)
37. USAISAMONSTER, "Citizens of the Chronic" (Infrasound)
38. Matthew Shipp, "Equilibrium" (Thirsty Ear)
39. Coughs, "Bent Babies" (self)
40. Tim Perkis, "Motive," (Praemedia)

Restless Mornings with Stephen Whitehead on 12/28/2003 from 03:00 AM to 06:00 AM
KGNU Boulder, Colorado

LYLE LOVETT - My Baby Don't Tolerate - San Antonio Girl
Various Artists - Guitar Harvest - David Patterson - White Summer/Black Mountainside
------------- set break -------------
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - I AmTrying to Break Your Heart
UI - Answers - Answers
The Postal Service - Give Up - Recycled Air
Her Space holiday - The Young Machines - Sleepy California
Matthew Shipp - Equilibrium - Vamp To Vibe
ELLIOT SMITH - XO - Sweet Adeline
Mercury Program & Maxerati - Confines of Heat - Maserati - Closer Than You Know How
Four Tet - Rounds - Hands
------------- set break -------------
Bobby McFerrin - Circle Songs - Circlesong Five
WILLIAM PARKER VIOLIN TRIO - Scrapbook - Scrapbook
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Signs of Life - Bean Fields
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - On A Generous Day
Richard Devine - Asect: Dsect - Track 4
Holland Hopson/James Keepnews - Hunting and Gathering - Substation
Twine - CD - Pendant
BROKE BACK - feild recordings from... - The Wilson Ave. Bridge At The Chicago River, 1953
[The User] - Abandon - Track 6
The Jimmy Cake - Dubliin Gone. Everbody Dead. - The Opposite Of Addiction
------------- set break -------------
Yo La Tengo - Today Is The Day - Outsmartener
BELLE & SEBASTAIN - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - Step Into My Office, Baby
Watoo Watoo - Le Fumalin - Une Decision
Dressy Bessy - Dressy Bessy - Baby Six String
CAT POWER - You Are Free - Shaking Paper
Scientist - The Great American Manure-Spreader Adventure - Sitting In The Moonlight
Bonobo - Dial "M" for Monkey - D Song
Caural - Stars On My Ceiling - Camphor
Benoit Delbeqc - Nu - Turn - In Rainbows
------------- set break -------------
Tod Dockstader - 8 Electronic Pieces - #3
Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway - Glenn Tipton
So - cd - c
Dekoboko Hajime & Yamantaka Eye - Nani Nani - Yoga Dollar
Dekoboko Hajime & Yamantaka Eye - Nani Nani - Test Tube
Dekoboko Hajime & Yamantaka Eye - Nani Nani - Eep Man
Bradford/Wong/Roper - Purple Gums - Purple Gums
------------- set break -------------
Ryoji Ikeda - Time Space - Time
Note:  On a double 3" cd from Staalplaat records in Amsterdam

Afternoon Sound Alternative with 99 & Barry on 12/26/2003 from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
KGNU Boulder, Colorado

WILLIAM PARKER VIOLIN TRIO - Scrapbook - Dust On a White Shirt
------------- set break -------------
Various Artists - The Rough Guide to Brazilian Electronica - Tejo Instituto - "Ohhh!"
Ghislain Poirier - Beats as Politics - Civil Disobedience (version)
Terry Hall & Mushtaq - The Hour of Two Lights - Grow
DJ Olive - Bodega - Shy Ear Swing
Thinking plague - A history of madness - Consolamentum
Feature:  Earth & Sky
Harmonia - Music of Eastern Europe - Poljana, Poljana/Poracki Zenicky
Harmonia - Music of Eastern Europe - Poljana, Poljana/Poracki Zenicky
Crescent - By the Roads and the Fields - Fountains
Gaby Kerpel - Carnabailito - Cada Vez Que La Visita
Various - Radio Java - Radio Jakarta #2
------------- set break -------------
Six-Fing Thing - Self-Portrait as a Venerable Shrub - Wisdom
Alhaca Sound System - Inevitable - Blessed
Feature:  Hot Shots
------------- set break -------------
Blue Series Continuum - Sorcerer Sessions - Last Chamber
Adventure Time - Dreams of Water Themes - Kappabashi
Adventure Time - Dreams of Water Themes - Girl of the Well
Bonobo - Flutter - Pick Up (Fourtet Mix)
BABATUNDE OLATUNJI - Healing Session - Emi Ka Sai D'arugbo
------------- set break -------------
Lutz Glandien - Lost in Rooms - Four Bedrooms
d2d - india all over - The Wheel
KRONOS QUARTET - Peteris Vasks: String Quartet No 4 - Toccata II
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - As Hard As You Want
FRANK PAHL - The Back of Beyond - Mikey Can't Sleep
Art Ensemble of Chicage - The Meeting - Tech Ritter & the Megabytes
------------- set break -------------
rhythm & sound - With the Artists - Queen in My Empire
Villian Accelerate - Maid of Gold - Things Told
Roxanne Turcotte - Libellune - Histoire Sans Parole
KEN SCHAPHORST - Indigenous Technology - Shades of Bronze
Orkestina - Transilvania Express - Manele

Afternoon Sound Alternative with george figgs on 12/15/2003 from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
KGNU Boulder, Colorado

Gaby Kerpel - Carnabailito - Sintenerte
Smokey & Miho - Tempo de Amor - Canto de Iemanja
Various Artists - The Reindeer Room vol II
Weevie - Nighty Night: Deep Soul in Dub - What's Going On - Pickit Line Dub
KID KOALA - Basin Street Blues - Basin Street Blues
Watoo Watoo - Le Fumalin - L'Univers Etrange
------------- set break -------------
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - third night, wisconsin
Joe Henry - Tiny Voices - this afternoon
Tim Berne's Science Friction Band - The Sublime and. - Van Gundy's Retreat
------------- set break -------------
Saafi Brothers - Liquid Beach - Fusedub
Marc Ribot - Scelsi Morning - Pennies from Hell
Grazyna Auguscik - PastForward - Why me (Czemu zes mnie)
The Band of…Blacky Ranchette - Still Lookin' Good to Me - The Train Singer's Song
------------- set break -------------
The Jimmy Cake - Dubliin Gone. Everbody Dead. - Eye of the Cowboy
Crescent - By the Roads and the Fields - new leaves
SAMITE - Tunula Eno - Maama Yi Baaba
The Incredible Moses Leroy - Become the Soft.Lightes - the color of sky
Note:  feat. miho hatori
Bonobo - Dial "M" for Monkey - D Song
ASYLUM STREET SPANKERS - A Christmas Spanking - baby its cold outside
------------- set break -------------
CAETANO VELOSO - Best of - 13 de maio
Various Artists - Astor Piazzolla Remixed - Nuspirit Helsinki "Verano Porteno"
Art Ensemble of Chicage - The Meeting - Hail We Now Sing Joy
W.A.C.O. - Finnegans W.A.C.O. - Goldenrod
wilco - more like the moon ep - handshake drugs
Note:  from australian ep, available free at
------------- set break -------------
Various Artists - French Essentials - Kora Jazz Trio "N'dyaba"
LOOP GURU - Bathtime with Loop Guru - devotion no.1
rhythm & sound - With the Artists - best friend
COREY HARRIS - Mississippi to Mali - Tamalah

Sleepless Nights with Stephen Wright on 12/14/2003 from 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM
KGNU Boulder, Colorado

The Jimmy Cake - Brains - Hungry Ghosts
ebondazzar - peak - ocean of dreams
ebondazzar - peak - abyss
ebondazzar - peak - nightmist
ebondazzar - peak - encounter
Richard Devine - Asect: Dsect - track # 3
Lutz Glandien - Lost in Rooms - into a better room
------------- set break -------------
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - lump. of. clay.
SCIENCE GROUP - Spoors - discrete networks
Lederhosen Lucil - Tales From the Pantry - fur annabella
nick didkovsky - now i do this - breath
nick didkovsky - now i do this - wig piggly
nick didkovsky - now i do this - of metal and wood
nick didkovsky - now i do this - buoyant saint vesa block party
nick didkovsky - now i do this - flykiller
LAIBACH - Wat - achtung
------------- set break -------------
bpmm - xtrakcts & arifakcts - what were you expecting
bpmm - xtrakcts & arifakcts - the irresistible blow torch
bpmm - xtrakcts & arifakcts - hello ghost
nomeansno - 0 + 2 = 1 - 0 + 2 = 1
Absolute Zero - Crashing Icons - stutter rock / you said
------------- set break -------------
anthony phillips - the geese &the ghost - the geese and the ghost / part ii
anthony phillips - the geese &the ghost - the geese and the ghost / part i
anthony phillips - the geese &the ghost - chinese mushroom cloud
Thinking plague - A history of madness - Rapture of the Deep
Cansecos - cd - in bloom
ohGr - Sunny PsyOp - hilo
skinny puppy - rabies - rodent

Afternoon Sound Alternative with 99 & Barry on 12/12/2003 from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM
KGNU Boulder, Colorado

Kiki and Herb - Do You Hear What We Hear? - Frosty the Snowman
------------- set break -------------
Crescent - By the Roads and the Fields - Mimosa
Blue Series Continuum - Sorcerer Sessions - Pulsar
DJ Wally - Nothing Stays the Same - Shaken
Nephlim - Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child - Super Pretzel (Diplo Damage)
David S. Ware - Threads - Ananda Rotation
Little Marcy - Stuff - Christmas
------------- set break -------------
VIRGINIA RODRIGUES - Mares Profundos - Canto de Iemanja
Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers - Everyone Alive Wants Answers
SCIENCE GROUP - Spoors - Timeline 5
Matmos - The Civil War - Regicide
Snuggles - Various Artists - Free Speech for Sale - Tim Maloney - Bryl-Kreem
Various Artists - Tarquin Records All star Holiday Extravaganza - Brian Dewan-R2D2, We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Feature:  Concert Calendar / KGNU presents
------------- set break -------------
Various Artists - Cool and Strange Magazine Sampler - It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Syphyllis - The Four Skins
Eilert Pilarm - Eilert is Back - Blue Hawaii
Note:  The Swedish Elvis!
Kid Koala - Some of My Best Friends are DJs - Vacation Island
Cansecos - cd - Another Ordinary Day
Sex Mob - Dime Grind Palace - Mothra
Kiki and Herb - Do You Hear What We Hear? - Those Were the Days My Friend
------------- set break -------------
  Hot Shots
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Future - Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World
The Buddy System - Transitions - Tom Told Me Pt1
Terry Hall & Mushtaq - The Hour of Two Lights - Ten Eleven
------------- set break -------------
Various - Ho! Roady Music of Vietnam - Vo Chong Lam Bieng by Ly Ngao O
Various Artists - Festival in the Desert - Tartit - Timar Bayatin
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - Isabel of Lilac
Kiki and Herb - Do You Hear What We Hear? - Opening Medley
------------- set break -------------
Terry Riley - Atlantis Nath - Emerald Runner

Sleepless Nights with Becca Laurie on 12/7/2003 from 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM
KGNU Boulder, Colorado

Oscuro - cd - daigoro
------------- set break -------------
Apollo Sunshine - Katonah - happening
Joe Strummer & Mescaleros - Streetcore - coma girl
IGGY POP - Skull Ring - whatever
Grandpa Boy - Dead Man Shake - No Matter What You Say
Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There to Come Back - help me
------------- set break -------------
MOJAVE 3 - Spoon and Rafter - Bluebird of Happiness
Adventure Time - Dreams of Water Themes - eel sand witch
The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site - one great city
Beulah - Yoko - Fooled with the Wrong Guy
Yo La Tengo - Today Is The Day - Dr. Crash
------------- set break -------------
BELLE & SEBASTAIN - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - stay loose
Neil Halstead - Sleeping On Roads - See You On Rooftops
Broadcast - HaHa Sound - Man Is Not A Bird
DAVID BOWIE - Reality - new killer star
Shy Child - The Humanity EP - you're all aglow
Various Artists - Songs From the Street - Just Happy to be Me - Fugees
------------- set break -------------
STEPHEN MERRIT - Pieces of April - Dreams Anymore
STEPHEN MERRIT - Pieces of April - The 6ths - As you Turn to Go
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence - I've pumped your stomach and broken through your skin
Various Artists - Branches and Routes - David Grubbs "Transom"
Various Artists - Bedroom Communities 01. Pillow Talk - Nouby Rapture - Mawglee
Shacklegrind - Shacklegrind I - need
Miguel Migs - Nude Tempo One - Endless Bow - Hajime Yoshizawa
Elada - Happy Pencil, Sad Eraser - bottom of all rivers
Champions of Sound - cd - C'mon
A Problem of Alarming Dimensions - h-hov-hover - Driving in Unison
Plump DJ's - Eargasm - how much is enough
Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers - babies
Stuart Davis - Bell - Is
At Swim Two Birds - cd - Things we never do
Lake Trout - Another One Lost - Burr (the Man)
Barmitzvah Brothers - The Night of the Party - Moon Parade
KID KOALA - Basin Street Blues - Basin Street Blues
Him - 5-6 in Dub - representation of a rhythm we cannot escape
Various Artists - Kill Bill - Twisted Nerve - (Bernard Herrmann)
Various Artists - Kill Bill - The grand duel (Luis Bacalov)
Various Artists - Kill Bill - That certain female - (Charlie Feathers)
Various Artists - Kill Bill - Bang Bang(my baby shot me down)

The creadventurous musics radio show on RCV99FM
(Lille, France)

Steamboat Switzerland: Unknown song (Unknown song/Zone, Grob, 2001)
Thierry De Mey: Frisking (UNdo, Sub Rosa, 1993?)
Stars like fleas: As hard as you want (Sun lights down on the fence, Praemedia, 2003)
Ken Hyder & Vladimir Miller: Angel's son -excerpt- (Counting on angels, Slam records, 2003)
Charlie Collins & John Jasnoch: The concept (Desire & need, Slam records, 2003)
Gamara: Fra ma ga ra (Speaking in tongues, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
L'ensemble Pierre Labbé: Combats de coqs (Risque et pendule, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
Curlew: Leaven( Mercury, Cuneiform, 2003)
La philharmonie du bon vide: Blues dodécaféïné (ON joue à la musique, Mamaille, 2003)

The creadventurous musics radio show on RCV99FM
(Lille, France)

Lutz Glandien: As they sunk (Lost in rooms, Rer, 2003)
The Necks: Drive by -12 first minutes- (Drive by, Rer, 2003)
Motor Totemist Guild: Jump cut - theatrical trailer (A classic guide to No Man's Land II, No Man's Land, 2003)
The Science group: Dance of the arguments (Spoors, rer, 2003)
Amy Denio: Courante (Bach cello suite n°1, Spoot music, 2003)
Vril: Uncanny haversack (Effigies in cork, Rer, 2003)
PAK: Jake wears his sandals on his head (100% Human hair, Ra sounds, 2003)
Ron Anderson & Jason Willett: Ain't got no money (Be the first on the block to eat the snake, ra sounds, 2003)
Stars like fleas: I've pumped your stomach and broken through your skin (Sun lights down on the fence, Praemedia, 2003)

post global 12. 10. 03

lycia - not here, not anymore - empty space (silber)
twelve - talking about - first album (silber)
stars like fleas - as hard as you want - sun lights down on the fence (praemedia)
town and country - aubergine - 5 (thrill jockey)
piero milesi - volti riflessi - from within (cuneiform)
hydatid - negative space - awash with even (half theory)
env(itre) - the world would be better without... - teaktshramin (aphorism)
desert planet - delta - joystic pop (odor)
desert planet - dune buggy (gamatic remix) - dune buggy (odor)
peekay tayloh - rumbus rooms to let - sofa o.d. (poeta negra)
hdj tom - paprikajancsi - taste (inflatabl label)
iversen - re 01 (every kid on speed mix) - reconstruct i (tib prod)
straiph - coptic caller calls - thin bony scour (selfreleased)
taba - water:oscillation - pure (l'angelo carnivoro)
matmos - yite - civil war (matador)
glomag - cherie amour - kikapu gold standard (kikapu)
melodium - pluraple - parthenay ep (autres directions in music)
tomas jirku - cefuroxime - bleak 1999 (no type)
music radio channel 103 (very soon online!)

Playlist 21.12.03 (don't know time)

Peter Gabriel - I Don't Remember [Charisma]
Mochipet - They Might Be Giants vs. Lyrical Giants (Get Crunked!) [Violent Turd]
Tim Perkis - Wrack [Praemedia]
Stars Like Fleas - lump. of. clay. [Praemedia]
Accelera Deck - Fire Map 2 [Skylab Operations]
Ulver vs Fennesz - Only the poor have to travel [Jester Records]
This Mortal Coil - The Lacemaker [4AD]
Ulver vs Martin Hornveth - Der Alte [Jester Records]
Loka - Safe Self Tester [Ninja Tune]
Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe (Micha Acher remix) [Hefty Records]
Ens - All In The Mood [Groovescooter]
Remote - Hope [self-released by Chris]
Enduser - East Side Breaks [from deleted CDR01 on Sonic Terror]
Bill Laswell - Oscillations (Atom Heart's Digital Cut-Up) [Sub Rosa]
Ammo - Mother of Toads [Component Records]
Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy [Zod Records]
Aaron Spectre - she knows [Opiate; download]
Boards of Canada - Hi Scores [SKAM]
Gimmik - Let's Play Cricket [Toytronic]
Multipara feat. Blaxista - Pocket Monster 2000 [Lux Nigra]
Stalker - untitled tk 3 fm empire CD [self-released on Geometry]
Abacus Roolz - New Beginning [self-released Glaswegians resident in Clovelly, Sydney... Bugger all on the web but a bit about their previous project Liminal here]
Dntel - This Is How It Will Be All Over [Plug Research]
désormais - no mysteries can be tolerated [intr_version]
Flim - Linker2 [Tomlab]
Giardini di Mirò - Pearl Harbour (Opiate remix) [2.nd rec]
b. fleischmann - grunt [Morr Music/Charizma]
Ulrich Schnauss - Wherever You Are [Morr Music]
Ninetynine vs qwertykeith - The Cleaner (dub) [from Keith's unreleased remixes of the entire Ninetynine album The Process, entitled The Processed, and downloadable from the link]
Venetian Snares - Sky Painted On Car [Planet µ]
Luke Vibert - Remember This [Rephex]

Utility Fog
postfolkrocktronica, from granular pop to orchestral breakcore and beyond...
Sunday nights from 10pm to 1am on
FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.

Playlist 23.11.03 (03:22 pm)

Serge Gainsbourg - L'Hotel Particulier [Polygram International, now part of the gigantic Vivendi-Universal]
Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
{mix of above two courtesy Stuart Johnson of Marxist Real Estate}
Serge Gainsbourg - Cargo Culte [Polygram International, now part of the gigantic Vivendi-Universal]
Pop Will Eat Itself - Home [Infectious Records]
Doves - M62 Song (Four Tet remix) [Heavenly]
The Books - a true story of a story of true love [Tomlab]
Flim - Linker 2 [Tomlab]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - On The Lake [~scape]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - neckless [~scape]
Triosk - untitled tk 6 from unreleased material! [to be released sometime next year]
Savath + Savalas - Two Blues For Marion Brown [Hefty]
Greg Davis - Lightning Proves To Be Unnecessary [Melektronikk]
Boxhead Ensemble - three [Atavistic]
Flim - Lauder Tremstedt [mp3 release on]
Stars Like Fleas - lump. of. clay. [Praemedia]
Talk Talk - 5:09 [Polydor]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Barcelona Bell Process [free mp3 from November at the Reckankomplex]
Stars Like Fleas - good enough alone [Praemedia]
Ulrich Schnauss - You Were The Only One Around [Hooj Choons]
Unit - We Are In Love [Caipirinha]
Super Science - Now Which Way To Where? [Surgery Records]
Gimmik - Booga [Toytronic]
Emotional Joystick - Majik Johnson [Zod Records]
Puzahki - Swiss Jazz [Alias Frequencies]
Puzahki - 800BPM Glitch [self-released CDR]
Venetian Snares - Ghetto Body Buddy [Planet µ]
Kid606 - Buckle Up [Tigerbeat 6]
0=0 - Soda411 [Tigerbeat 6]
Enduser - Westside Breaks [Had been a free download at Enduser's site. No more, so maybe it'll appear on the Mirex album early next year...]

Utility Fog
postfolkrocktronica, from granular pop to orchestral breakcore and beyond...
Sunday nights from 10pm to 1am on
FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.

Why Not?
Artist - Song Title - Album Title - Label

No Spagetti Edition - Who is Changing Places - Real Time Satellite Data - SOFA
Sun Ra - Spaceship Lullaby - Spaceship Lullaby - Atavistic Unheard Music Series
Baby Dodds - Careless Love Blues - Talking and Drum solos - Atavistic Unheard Music Series
Baby Dodds - Sun Gonna Shine in my Backdoor Someday/ I'm Going - Talking and Drum Solos - Atavistic Unheard Music Series
Kye Marshell Quartet - Winter's End - Winter's End - Zepher Westwind Productions
Dan Dechellis/Aaron AliShaikh - Subtle Mechanics - Under Careful Watch The Spoken Words Fly - Sachimay
Trio BraamDejoddeVatcher - Olive - Colors - Sterma
Michael Moore/tristan Honsinger/Cor Fuhler - Monitor - Monitor - Between the Lines
Michiel Braam - Cherry Pop - All Ears/ Foamy Wife Hum - Sterma
ICP Orchestra - Barbaric - November Music 2002 - November Music
Martin Siewart/Martin Brandlmayr - Form - Too Beautiful to Burn - Erstwhile Records
Gert Jan Prins/Allison Cameron/Mike Hansen - excerpt - concert - independent
Christof Kurzmann/Toshimaru Nakamuran - Outside Shows - Amplify 2002 Box 2002 - Erstwhile Records
Dj Dee - 8:15 - Sunday - Noise Asia
Giuseppe Ielasi - Text Piece - christian Alati-Giuseppe Ielasi-Ruggero Radaele - Sonoris
Tunnel - Graft - Tunnel - Circumvention
Stars Like Fleas - As Hard as you want - Sun Lights Down on The Fence - Preamedia
Hans Reichel - You Can Dance With Me - Yuxo - FMP
Birgit Uhler - Violet - Slants - Unit
Steve Lacy - encore - guelph jazz festival - demo
Glen Hall - Alamout/Hallucinations/Cut up - Hallucinations - Leo Records

Mike Hansen
CKLN FM 88.1
Whynot Jazz Program
79 Benson Ave.
M6G 2H7

Playlist for Karaoke Alarm Clock with Jason Das
Saturdays 2am - 6am on WFMU 91.1 fm 90.1 fm
November 22, 2003: Running Screaming


Marty Robbins  -Beyond the Reef   -Aloha Y'All: Radio Thrift Shop 2003 Marathon Premium  -WFMU
Luke Vibert  -Slapdance   -Yoseph  -Warp
Terry Hall & Mushtaq  -A Gathering Storm   -The Honor of Two Lights  -Honest Jons
Some Uncredited Azerbaijanis  -Keroylu   -Anthology of World Music: Azerbaijan  -Rounder
Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson  -Tenderly   -Redux  -Savant
E-Dot  -My All   -12"  -Uncle Howie
Great Lakes  -Sister City   -Orange Twin Sampler  -Orange
Paul Westerberg  -Dirty Deisel   -Come Feel Me Tremble  -Vagrant
NRG Ensemble  -Hyperspace   -Chicago's Avant Today  -Delmark
Archie Shepp  -Blues for Brother George Jackson   -Attica Blues  -impulse!
Fakts One  -The Show Starter   -Grown Folks 12"  -Coup D'Etat
PMD  -'87 to the Present   -Look At U Now  -Solid
The Source / Candi Staton  -You Got the Love   -Ladytron: Softcore Jukebox  -Emperor Norton
Sonny Burke  -The First Snowfall   -Bullitt
Shex  -Stereo23   -Bpoqd  -19-T
Gal Costa  -Sua Estupidez   -Gal Revisitada: De Domingo 1967 a minha Voz 1982  -Dubas
Some Confusingly Credited Javanese  -Golek Lambangsari   -Java: Court Gamelan II  -Nonesuch
"Ted" Sharp, Hinman and Sharp  -Pikes Peak   -Times Ain't Like They Used to Be Vol 7  -Yazoo
Abner Jay  -I'm So Depressed   -One Man Band  -Subliminal Sounds
Stars Like Fleas  -Good Enough Alone   -Sun Lights Down on the Fence  -Praemedia
The Flaming Lips  -Assassination of the Sun   -Ego Tripping At the Gates of Hell  -Warner Brothers
Karl Marx Stadt  -NSK1 Shareoom   -Lux Nigra All Stars  -Lux Nigra
Isobel Campbell  -The Cat's Pyjamas   -Amorino  -Instinct
Sylvie Courvoisier  -Ianicum   -Abaton  -ECM
Meic Stevens  -Love Owed   -Outlander  -Rhino Handmade
Langston Hughes  -Rhythms of the World   -The Voice of Langston Hughes  -Smithsonian Folkways
Robert Lee Benton Jr. & Oscar Gonzales  -La Carcel de Cananea   -Heroes and Horses: Corridos From the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands  -Smithsonian Folkways
The Soul Syndicate  -Riot   -Arise Rootsman: Jamaican Roots 1965-1983  -Trojan
Lutoslawski / Arditti Quartet  -String Quartet   -Kurtag, Lutoslawski, Gubaidulina  -Montaigne
Abdul Lateef Khan  -Raga Basant Mukhari   -IAM CD 1060  -India Archive

Playlist for Scott Williams
Mondays 8pm - 11pm on WFMU 91.1 fm 90.1 fm
November 17, 2003: Irrelevant Applicants (Extended)?

Abner Jay  -Vietnam   -One Man Band  -Subliminal Sounds
Irr. App. (Ext.)  -Subsequent to Dust Pincher Appliances: a) breath listing towards eternity, b) bones rattling around oblivion   -Dust Pincher Appliances  -Crouton Music
Dug Dugs  -Lost In My World   -V/a Love & Poetry: Mexican Psychedelic Music  -Normal / QDK
Samuel Prody  -Time is All Mine   -S/t  -Akarma
Caetano Veloso  -De Cara / Eu Quero Essa Mulher   -Araca Azul  -Polygram Brasil
Wayne Rogers  -Dead & Rising   -Constant Displacement  -Drag City
Meatjack  -Face Down   -Days of Fire  -At A Loss
Abner Jay  -Woke Up This Morning   -One Man Band  -Subliminal Sounds
Roy Harper  -Hell's Angels   -Flat Baroque and Berserk  -Harvest 
Meic Stevens  -Rowena   -Outlander  -Rhino Homemade 
Thuja  -(untitled tr. 4)   -All Strange Beasts of the Past  -Emperor Jones  -
Stone Breath  -Secrets Bound In Skin   -The Silver Skein Unwound  -Camera Obscura 
Eyvind Kang  -Doorway to the Sun   -Virginal Coordinates  -I Dischi di Angelica
Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra  -Mother's Little Helper   -Today's Pop Symphony  -Fuel 2000
U.S. Maple  -Whoopee Invader   -Purple on Time  -Drag City
Toah Dynamic  -Into Swimming   -Cops Hate Our Love  -Invisible Spies
Sagan  -(untitled tr. 3)   -Unscene Porces  -S/r
Greenpot Bluepot  -Part 5   -Warraw  -"Un-Labeled"
Gary Numan  -Airlane   -The Pleasure Principle  -Atco
Tangerine Dream  -Geburt (Genesis)   -Electronic Meditation  -Virgin
Fairport Convention  -Come All Ye   -Liege & Leaf  -A&M
Sound Factory  -Restless Time   -S/t  -Shadoks
Tyrannosaurus Rex  -Chateau in Virginia Waters   -My People Were Fair & Had Sky in Their Hair  -A&M
Oscar Brand & Dave Sear  -Johnny Come Down the Hilo   -Old Time Bawdy Sea Shanties  -Audio Fidelity
Alan Mills  -Can't You Dance the Polka?   -Songs of the Sea  -Folkways
Samsimar  -Indang Pariaman   -V/a Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 1  -Sublime Frequencies
John Cale  -Sylvia Said   -Drift Study  -Shelter
Stars Like Fleas  -As Hard as You Want   -Sun Lights Down on the Fence  -Praemedia
Gal Costa  -Nao Identificado   -Gal Revisitada  -Dubas Brasil
Roberta Flack  -Some Gospel According to Matthew   -Feel Like Makin' Love  -Atlantic
Popol Vuh  -Aguirre 1   -Aguirre  -ZYX
The Frogs  -I Am Your Friend   -Toy Porno  -S/r

Playlist for Moonshine Heather with Eva - - November 16, 2003

The Amber Smith  -Yeah Yeah Yeah   -From Upper Lip to Lower Hip
Samuel Prody  -Time Is All Mine   -Samuel Prody
Les Reed  -Take Me to My Lover   -Girl on a Motorcycle Sndtrack
The Mindbenders  -Love Is Good   - 
Can  -I Want More   -Morvern Callar 
Clarence Reid  -Shop Around   -Dancin With Nobody But You Babe
Soul Ecstasy  -Sensuous Boogie   -Soul Ecstasy
DJ Me DJ You  -Glassbong   -Simple Machine Rock
Asha Bhosle  -Dukhbhare Din   -Rough Guide to Asha Bhosle
Terry Hall and Mushtaq  -A Tale of Woe   -The Hour of Two Lights
Meic Stevens  -Rowena   -Outlander
Nick Drake  -I Was Made to Love Magic   -Time of No Reply
Jose Barrense-Dias  -A Tonga Da Mironga Do Kabulete   -Saravah for Cafe Apres-Midi
Greenpot Bluepot  -We Love the Burning Tree   -Warraw
Vertical Cat  -Sway   -Sulphur: Compound
Stars  -Krush   -The Comeback EP
Human Sexual Response  -Cool Jerk   -What Does Sex Mean to Me?
Tom Ze  -A Chegada de Raul Seixas e Lampiao   -Jogos de Armar
Stars Like Fleas  -On a Generous Day   -Sun Lights Down on the Fence
Fred Frith /Marc Ribot  -Minotaur   -Sounds of a Distant Episode
Magnetic Fields  -Heather Heather   -Pieces of April
Sunroof  -Cloud 4-Zero 9pt)   -Clouds
Mandible Chatter  -Tangle in Delirium   -Of Foreign Lands and People
Kinski  -Fell Asleep on Your Lawn   -Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple split
The Need  -Talk Potty   -La Foresta Della Morte
Hans Joachim Irmler  -Trepido   -Life Like
Dr. Octagon  -Blue Flowers   -Dr. Octagon
31 Knots  -No Sound   -It was High time to escape
Thuja  -Track 2   -All Strange Beasts of the Past
Anouar Brahem  -Danse II   -The Silences of the Palace
Lalo Schifrin  -Fox Variation #2   -The Fox
Sandy Salisbury  -Cecily   -S/T
JB Hutto  -Slidewinder   -South Side Chicago Blues
The Hillmen  -Ranger's Command   - 
Nina Simone  -Gin House Blues   -Colpix Anthology
James Brown  -Mother Popcorn Pt 1   - 
Sub Dub  -Vision Quest 1   -EPs/orig. masters 
Cyche Out  -168 Comet   -S/T 
Gary Lucas/Celest Chong  -Songstress on the Edge of Heaven   -Edge of Heaven
Palace Music  -Valentine's Day   -Lost Blues and Other Songs
Len Bright Combo  -Golden Hour of Harry Secombe   -S/t
The Sadies  -Such a Little World   -Stories Often Told


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