Tim Perkis
released October 27th, 2003
isbn: 751937238621

Originally completed in 2000 and released as an exclusive MP3 album in 2002 on Artifact Recordings, Motive by Tim Perkis comes to CD as the second release for Praemedia. A meditation on modern electronica by a veteran computer musician, Motive is a pulse-driven array of electronics informed by a long history of improvisation in the electronic music field.

Perkis has been working in the medium of live electronic and sound for many years, performing and recording in North America, Europe and Japan. His sounds have appeared on the labels 482 Music, Tzadik and Artifact in the U.S. as well as Sonore and Meniscus. Perkis’s projects and passions have ranged from creating spatial sonic environments to building electronic instruments based on the behavior of genes in biological systems. His work has been largely concerned with exploring the emergence of life-like properties in complex systems of interactions.

He is also well known for his collaborations with artists such as Chris Brown, ROVA, Fred Frith, Kaffe Mathews, Wadada Leo Smith, John Zorn, John Bischoff and is an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s new music community.

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You might not be familiar with Tim Perkis, but he's active in the thriving San Francisco electronica scene, and with a list of collaborators that includes Kaffe Mathews and John Zorn, his name would seem to be one worth noting. Motive, originally released as an MP3 album on Artifact Recordings, gets a second chance in proper CD format and proves to be fine listening -- within the realm of experimental electronics.

Complex and fluid, Motive follows Perkis's historic tendency to mimic organic properties, where the stuff of life is broken down into amphibious, plasmic microcosms. Tracks like "Lude" and "Prick" put a stethoscope to vein, unearthing a subtly rhythmic pulse within dark, aquatic environments. Loosely connected by percussive elements and static, the mood is not unlike a microchip traveling through the bloodstream, recording everything it passes. "Roil" continues, adding a percolating assault of air-filled bubbles that ride the fence of chaos and order. Here, Perkis is at his most compelling, tickling the ears with a nuanced rhythm while creating urgency within the biological drift.

Elsewhere, Motive shifts to more traditional electronic undercurrents. "Farb"'s intense soundtrack is driven by an industrial-strength rock loop, half-buried by a dubby howl -- it's the album's most aggressive track, possessed by the angry ghost of Muslimgauze. "Zig" and "Code", the album's double-barreled finale, kick off with machine-shop shuffle, melting into passages of dark, Scorn-like hip hop and molested drones.

An improviser at heart, Perkis infuses Motive with an aleatory feel that will be familiar to fans of No Type and A-Musik. The tracks tend to be lengthy, but Perkis reaches a certain benchmark that separates him -- a guy who consistently fills the air with attention-demanding ear candy -- from those who expect the listener to endure slow minutes of indulgent, "avant garde" wankery. Motive is challenging, to be sure, but there's enough to latch onto here, even for those whose toes need a groove to follow.

-- Walt Miller 6/22/04

Tim Perkis

Previously available only as an MP3 album, 1999’s Motive finds its first proper CD issue through San Francisco’s fledgling Praemedia imprint. Luckily, the music on this mysteriously generic-looking disc has withstood the passage of time, maintaining much of its technical relevancy. The album starts strong with the algorithmic “Wrack,” a loop-based lumbering demon on a knife’s edge, chugging forward viciously and unrelentingly through patches and processors and protocols; this is definitely “computer music,” reminiscent of EP7-era Autechre. The secong track, “Frab,” presents a similar looping structure eith a subtly shifting dub-wise attitude toward effects processing, as live drums are battered by wave after crashing wave of delay and resonance filters. Move on now to track three, where a lone 808 cowbell provides sparse accompaniment to a series of squishy, drip-drip, watery sounds produced by some ingenious plug-in; halfway through the song, the script os flipped and asynchronous layers of chromatic percussion create the feeling of an extended outro. Ans so continues the album, infecting a new type of source material with each track, molding and sculpting the digital code in discreet parcels. There is a good balance of intense, subtle and goofy tracks (i.e., “Wound,” which sounds like a cerebral 22nd-century interpretation of a haunted mansion). While not necessarily “fun” to listen to on a repeated basis, Motive hosts a conceptually intact set of pieces that, while heavy on the DSP throughout, has enough variety to warrant successive listens.

- John H. Degroot
from e/i magazine, issue 3, spring 2004

PERKIS, TIM Motive (Praemedia) cd 

One of the three new and not so new titles just in from the electronic music label Praemedia (Stars Like Fleas and the Praeface compilation are the other two)! On each of the eight monosyllabically titled tracks of Tim Perkis' 1999 album Motive, he assembles trance-y pools of beats and textures. The fourth one simply named "Prick" is perhaps the most airy and atmospheric of the bunch with its static-y crackles and pops. Nice!

“Praeface” CD Praemedia - 74:31
Tim Perkis “Motive” CD Praemedia - 49:11

Giro a tutto tondo nella scena post-digitale americana (ma non mancano gli stranieri, come i nostri Mou, Lips! e la nipponica Haco), la compilation "Praeface" inaugura con buoni esiti il catalogo della Praemedia di San Francisco. Eterogeneo il ventaglio di autori attivissimi in circuiti ultra-underground e di proposte acustiche, dal post-rock cameristico di Stars Like Fleas (un supergruppo con elementi di No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, At The Drive-In, Other Dimensions in Music etc. del quale dovrebbe essere già uscito intanto l'album d'esordio) a quello discreto, ma drasticamente revisionato dal multistrumentista Shannon Fields, della Gold Sparkle Band, passando per le scorrazzate in lungo e in largo, profluvio di laptop music, field recordings e quant'altro, del padrone di casa Lance Grabmiller e del già citato Fields, il plagiarismo di Wobbly e le affilate sciabolate impro-elettroniche di Tim Perkis.

E' proprio il veterano Perkis (in carriera collaborazioni con John Zorn, Fred Frith, Kaffe Mathews, Rova tra gli altri) a firmare il secondo CD dell'etichetta. Computer music aggiornata ai dettami dell'odierno lessico elettronico, asperità, granuli e accidenti diluiti all'interno di una cifra stilistica dal timbro ceramico e tagliente.

-Nicola Catalano
Blow-Up Magazine #68, January 2004

Von TIM PERKIS' Aktivitäten als Computer-Musiker und Live-Elektroniker in der Bay Area zeugen seit Ende der 80er eine Reihe von Veröffentlichungen, überwiegend auf dem Artefact-Label: "The Hub: Live Computer Network Music" (1989), "Artificial Horizon: Music for New Software Instruments" (Solo & collaborations w/ J. Bischoff, 1989), "Rotodoti" (Live improvisation w/ D. Carroll, R. Heglin, T. Nunn, 1990). "Perkolator", eine Solo-Einspielung, erschien 1999 auf Limited Sedition, "Diatoms" (w/ L. Gianetto) 2000 auf dem sizilianischen Label Curva Minore, "Fuzzybunny" (w/ Brown & Gresham-Lancaster) 2001 bei Sonore. Außerdem wirkte Perkis mit an "Luminous Axis" (Tzadik, 2002) von Wadada Leo Smith und mit dem Natto Quartet (w/ C. Brown, P. Gelb, S. Hikage) entstand schließlich noch "Headlands" (482 Music, 2002). Auch Motive (Praecd002) ist kein neuer Stoff, sondern lediglich die haptische Warenform für bisher schon als Artefact-mp3-Download zugängliche Soloarbeiten von 1999/2000. Im Mittelpunkt der Bemühungen dieses Forschers, Ingenieurs, Designers und auch schreibenden Sonic-Fiction-Experten, digitale Musik zu verlebendigen, stehen Parameter wie Komplexität, Unvorhersehbarkeit und Überraschung. Als Resultat oder Außenwirkung der ewigen Flitterwochen, die die computerfaszinierte Junggesellenmaschine mit sich selber feiert, erklingen 8 Tracks mit einsilbigen Titeln wie 'Wrack', 'Farb', 'Prick' oder 'Code'. Bei soviel Theorieverdacht überrascht der organische, rhythmische Klangfluss tatsächlich. Perkis zaubert ein Equilibrium aus programmierter Aleatorik und harmonischen Mustern, geräuschhaftem Wildwuchs und popiger Repetition. 'Organisch' ist das insofern, dass ein Echo 'natürlicher' Rhythmik wie Atem, Puls, Regen oder ein faunisch-biotisches Huschen und Knispeln im vielschichtigen Klingklang und digitalen Noisedickicht der elektronischen Pinballwizardry widerhallt. Aber gerade dass Perkis die virtuelle Simulation so spielerisch und virtuos gelingt, gibt einen Vorgeschmack von 'Soylent Green'.

Bad Alchemy Number 43

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, Macedonia
A War and Peace of a Chart from Toni of Macedonia...
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Artist: Tim Perkis
Album: Title Motive
Date of Release: Nov 2003
AMG Rating: 2.5 stars
Genre: Avntg

AMG REVIEW: Tim Perkis recorded Motive in 1999 and left it on the shelf (conscious decision or circumstances, the story doesn't say). It came out as an MP3 album on Artifact in 2002, and a year later got its proper CD release from the young label Praemedia. Motive touches many bases, from beat-thumping techno to early computer music and more ambient approaches, but it steers relatively clear of anything associated with the microsound esthetic. That is to say: the album weights more toward the loud than the quiet, the beat than the glitch. Perkis builds his pieces in a relentless manner; his constructions are meticulous, but they don't stay in place. A single track can go through as many as ten or 12 major changes in sound design, preventing the listener from finding a comfort zone (which is a good or a bad thing, depending on your tastes) and the music from settling in any particular niche. Most tracks stick to "pure" electronic sounds, which give the album a slightly "vintage" patina. Drum loops and samples are rare and mostly reserved for the last third of the album (drums are at the core of "Zig," while "Code" is a messy amalgam of scratch sampling). The opening "Wrack," also full of backward samples, provides a frantic highlight, while "Lude," and the aforementioned "Zig" represent the better of the longer, more complex and pensive tracks.

— François Couture, All-Music Guide

tim perkis - motive (praemedia)

one of the artists that appears on praemedia's first compilation edition this time with full length. motive, originally finished in 2000, primarily released as an exclusive mp3 edition of artifact recordings, is now released as praemedia's second cd edition. perkins has been working with electronic music for many years, has been playing and recording all over the world. his tracks are released for many labels such as: tzadik, 482 music, sonore… and his interests are creating spatial sonic environments, but also constructing electronic instruments based on the gene's behavior in the biological systems. different electronica, glitchy parts, dark ambient falls and sinewaves… all this can be found in motive's tracks. even in one song. longer pieces which consist of the interests of this artist towards the experimental sound. although motive doesn't offer anything revolutionary, it is an album that is fresh in production and offers an interesting perspectives in the experimental music. in any case, after three editions, praemedia treats quality musicians and is directed towards an interesting sound direction that presents praemedia as a serious label.

Tim Perkis: Motive CD

This CD was originally released as an exclusive MP3 album in 2002 on Artifact Recordings. Perkis works mainly in the live electronic arena performing with the likes of Chris Brown, Fred Frith, John Zorn and Kaffe Matthews among others. His work has been largely concerned with exploring the emergence of life-like properties in complex systems of interactions.
The impressive opening track Wrack is a beat driven build up of sound, flexing in and out of the loudspeakers in a pulsating manner with stunning dynamic control. This leads into a less hectic and more ambient soundscape with a delayed type drum beat slowly building up with each entry into something more expansive. One notices the waves of sound control that Perkis has used in his tracks that make them stand out in an invigorating way.
His style is diverse ranging from straight-forward hardcore driven beats to unusual collections of sounds such as in track 03 Lude where various samples are structured into beat material and delicately progress through different themes. Subtle water-drop type sounds gently break an otherwise silent background half way through. This then develops again into squelch sounding beats (also with a hint of water to them).
What was interesting about this CD was that by listening to the first track one would expect quite a fast beat driven CD but this intensity rarely appears again. Instead he heads in more subtle directions ranging from almost pure ambient tracks to the bizarre soundscape of track 06 Wound, which sounds like an interesting cross between a car starting up and a vicious dog fighting with it.
Each track has something new and interesting to offer and so takes you on a passage through the unknown. The last track Code having a stunningly pure bass beat, which is somehow very hard to turn off. It gets ingrained into your very being. It is in no way predictable from track to track, which makes it a highly enjoyable listening experience.

Phosphor Magazine
c/o Paul Bijlsma
Bänschstrasse 71
10274 Berlin
tel: 0049-30-44356459

Tim Perkis, "Motive"

Frenetic electronic music just makes me want to get in the car, step on the gas, and push my poor American-made contrivance to its limit. Damn the pedestrians in my town, damn them to hell, as I slam the right pedal to the floor and turn on the windshield wipers like some crazed Kurgen-like beast with a cackling laugh and no remorse. Then, as I am rudely awakened from my fantasy by my alarm clock, I realize it was just the music that put my brain in this state. It's Tim Perkis' Motive, and it is villain music of the finest caliber. Originally released as an MP3 album in 2002, it now gets a more proper release via Praemedia, and it deserves a dedicated airing from any fan of experimental electronic music. Perkis' work has always been cogent and influential, and his ventures into sonic landscapes and braver instrumentation are especially noteworthy. On Motive, it would appear the purpose is to place the listener into various modes, where they are willing subjects capable of producing work of the master. The computer skips and epileptic beats meet with scratches and blurbs that coagulate and split almost simultaneously. And that's just the first track. Elsewhere the pulses are subdued, with car alarm-like whistles and hums augmenting the somewhat odd progression of noise. It's like the work of some genius mad scientist in the realm of mind control or neural implants, and what you're hearing is the signals that are sent to the drones. It may make your foot twitch, it may make your head jerk, but it will certainly cause your ears to perk up at attention. This is the work of a true artist, and it is bound to be both adored and misunderstood. - Rob Devlin

from the Brainwashed Brain vol. 6 issue 45 -

PRAEFACE (CD compilation by Praemedia)
TIM PERKIS - MOTIVE (CD by Praemedia)

Praemedia is a new label who kick off with three CD releases at once. Like many labels do, they kick off with a compilation CD, to show what they are standing for, which they claim to be from improvisational jazz to plunderphonics and field recordings. And for once (?) that is no lie. It's an hotch-potch of music, a high pressure cooker of all sorts of musics. This is shown in the first tracks already: the jazzy opening lines of 'Twovers' by Hsoa, the micro-beats from Mou, Lips! against the samples of Lance Grabmiller (many of the pieces are duo, collaborative pieces) and the more microsoundings of Nanqui. And so continues this CD, with tracks by Tim Perkis, Stars Like Fleas, Quiet American, Wobbly (plunderphonics at work here of course), Martin Nieznanski and Ernesto Diaz-Infante.Quite a nice collection, which made me curious about the other CDs.
The second CD is by Tim Perkis, an US electronic musician whose music was released on Tzadik, Artifact, Sonore and Meniscus and who has played with Fred Frith, Kaffe Mathews and John Zorn, to name but a few. The eight pieces on 'Motive' were released as MP3s in 2002, although the work was recorded in 2000 and now as a real CD by Praemedia. Perkis uses rhythmical sounds, stretches them a little bit and they all play in loop mode. Occasionally one could think that the input are drum & bass samples, but maybe it's just lifted drum samples from records. In either case, I found it very hard to find a good spot here. None of the eight tracks really could grab me and made a spark.Rather ok sort of electronic music, but once it's over you don't have the faintest idea what you heard.
Stars Like Fleas is the result of a collaboration Montgomery Knott of Austin and multi-instrumentalist and producer Shannon Fields. The press blubr cite as influences people like Gastr Del Sol, Talk Talk, Microstoria, Charles Mingus and Nobukazu Takemura, of which I think the first is most valid, other then it seems to me that Stars Like Fleas love to sample their music, rather then play it themselves (although one never knows whith a multi-instrumentalist). The music is quite swollen, a bit romantic, a bit jazzy, loungy but I must admit the vocals, by Montgomery, are not so much to my liking. He's neither David Grubbs nor Mark Hollis. He sings a bit held back, like he doesn't want to sing for real. In each song the vocals remain the same thing throughout the entire CD. Also musicwise, it stays very much on the same level, so that the whole lot of eleven songs is a bit hard to swallow at once. Maybe an extended cdep of six songs would have been enough (I know it would for me). Rated from one to ten I'd give a solid six.

- Frans de Waard from Vital Weekly number 398 -


Sunday Evenings 9-11pm. Public Radio RTR FM (92.1)
Perth, Western Australia
Playlist 25 October 2004

Blevin Blectum
Pelican Part One: 17x20 (2' 2")
Pelican Part Two: Head See the World (1' 1")
Pelican Part Three: Extinction (1' 36")
Pelican Part Four: Road Why Don't (2' 43")
CD: Magic Maple (Praemedia: praecdb01)

Michael Byron
Invisible "Seeds" for James Tenney (15' 35")
Calarts New Century Players/David Rosenboom: Mark Menzies, v; Cindy Moussas, v; Ray Tischer, va; Guenevere Measham, vc; Barry Newton, bass; Bryan Pezzone, p; Vicki Ray, p; Brent Crayon, synthesizer
CD: Music of Nights Without Moon or Pearl (Cold Blue: CB002)

Eric Griswold
Peace for January (5' 2")
Eric Griswold, piano
CD: More than my old piano (Clocked Out Productions: COP-CD004)

Jonathan Harvey
Tombeau de Messiaen (1994) for piano and tape (8'35")
Philip Mead, piano
CD: Jonathan Harvey: Tombeau de Messiaen ...(Sargasso: SCD 28029)

Open Form No. 15 (6' 20")
Kevin Kastning, acoustic guitar, acoustic baritone guitar; Siegfried, acoustic guitar
CD: Bichromial (Greydisc: )

Petri Kuljuntausta
In the Beginning (12' 45")
CD: Momentum (Aureobel: 3AB-0103)

Gary Noland
Philomathetique (in memoriam David Lewin) (5' 58")
Gary Noland, piano
CD: 24 Postludes for Piano, Vol. 1, nos 1-12 (North Pacific Music: NPM LD 018)

Åke Parmerud
Retur, for saxophone quartet and tape (10' 35")
Stockholms Saxofonkvartett
CD: Jeu d'ombres (Empreintes DIGITALes: IMED0367)

Tim Perkis
Lude (9' 14")
Prick (5' 40")
CD: Motive (Praemedia: praecd002)

Stéphane Roy
Mimetismo (1992) (10' 36")
Stephane Roy, electronics; Arturo Parra, guitar
CD: Stephane Roy: Kaleidos (Empreintes DIGITALes: IMED 9630)

Zoo Transmissions
Trespasser Through a Village (9' 37")
Leif Nash: Jake Nash; Steve Smith
CD: Cities on a Serpent's Tail (Urn Studios) radio
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+ natto quartet [ 482music ]
+ lisa cella performance of christopher jones' hommage to borges for solo flute @ stanford 2000
+ triaxium west performance of music by anthony braxton @ acme 6/23/02
+ anthony braxton - willisau quartet
+ john butcher+gino robair+matthew sperry - 12 milagritos
+ the bran (...) pos' chuirphus
+ john shiurba's triplicate and 5x5
+ jorge boehringer's the charmed and strange & clear songs [ self release cdr ]
+ kyle bruckmann's gasps & fissures multitracked oboe
+ bryan eubanks and john krausbauer's rasbliutto
+ john bischoff+tim perkis live at luggage store 2004
+ ernesto diaz-infante+chris forsyth - march
+ pauline oliveros' sonic meditations for orchestra performed at the spring new music series 2001
+ tom djll's xmas xarols (1979)
+ scott looney's artship cd
+ tom nunn burning palms
+ tim perkis' perkolator
+ schwimmer [ michael thieke+alessandro bosetti+sabine vogel+michael griener ]
+ ekg shift or latch mini cdr
+ charles engstrom and christopher fleeger's barpieces
+ bebop fantasy by good for cows
+ rubber o cement with sigtryggur berg sigmarsson cdr
+ musica impura: compositions by matthias spahlinger
+ paul dresher - channels passing [ new albion ]
+ chaya czernowin's shu hai practices javelin
+ various selections by helmut lachenmann
+ npr's california report segment about the last sf tape music festival
+ various works and performances from the sfSoundGroup, sfSoundSeries and ma++ ingalls
+ classics by berio, feldman, ligeti, maderna, webern, reich, glass, andriessen, ruttman, varese, tenney, stockhausen, and xenakis
+ random other things

WREK Playlist for Sun Apr 04, 2004

Untitled-The Conet Project-Recordings of Shortwave Number Stations-Irdial-Discs
Bacon & Cabbage-Blind Joe Mangrum & Fred Shriver-Nashville The Early String Bands Vol. 2-
County Records
Red Jacket-SWAP-Nordic Roots-
Welasan-Group from Karawang-Indonesia 5: Betawi and Sundanese Music of the North Coast of Java-
Smithsonian Folkways
Electric for ICC, turn-Merzbow-Ju-Jikan (Ten Hours of Sound From Japan)-
23five IncorporatedEthan Port
The Philosopher-John Cale-The Academy In Peril-Reprise Records
Offering the Mandala to Compassion-Buddhist Nuns at Chuchikjall-Tibetan Prayer-Interra Records Inc.
Ambalek-Luke Vibert-YosepH-
Warp Records
Mekeyershin salawq-Alemayehu Eshete-Ethiopiques 9 (1969-1974)-
Buda Musique
Memories of Edith Johnson-Pharoah Sanders-Pharoah-India Navigation Records
Jilala-Ray Lema / Tyour Gnaoua-SAFI-
Tinder Records
Flight-Joe Morris-Singularity-
AUM Fidelity
Sloth-Tarpigh-Go Hogh Wild-North East Indie
Short Piece for E natural and Harmonics-Jorge Antunes-Savage Songs (Early Brazilian Electronic Music)-
Pogus Productions
neuf cents lunes-Sylvain Chauveau-Un Autre Decembre-130701 Records
Antara-unknown-Indios Flutes Harps ... (v/a int'l Argen.)-Arion
Ksue-David Fathead Newman-The Gift-Highnote
Binta Madiallo-Francis Bebey-Mbuki Mvuki-Original Music
Mother Africa (For Wilber Morris)-Positive Knowledge-Live In New York-
Edgetone Records
Orun To Mo Eni Laa Ma-King Sunny Ade-Bobby-Sunny Alade
Religion-Philip Glass-Naqoyqatsi (Life As War)-
Sony Classical
Teahouse Songs-Aq Pishak w/ Salaidin and Achel-Afghanistan Untouched-
Traditional Crossroads
I mana ine paploma-Various Artists-Vocal Monodies-Unesco Collection Auvidi
Rhythms For John-Roger Smith-Spanish Guitar-
Emanem Discs
Bath Drain-Gen Ken Montgomery-Pond Floor Sample-
Xi Records
Rhythm 58<-Don Cherry / Latif Khan-Music / Sangam-Europa
Let My Fish Loose-Aphex Twin-26 Mixes For Cash-
Warp Records
The Clay of Kilcreggan-Boys of the Lough-Open Road-Flying Fish Records
Suppressed Noise-The Hafler Trio-"Bang!"- An Open Letter-
Rainbow Mist-Coleman Hawkins-50 Years Of Jazz & Blues - Jazz-
Delmark Records
Once you always care-Paul Flaherty-Voices-Wet Paint
Southbound-Doc and Merle Watson-Classic Mountain Songs-
Smithsonian Folkways
Festival-Yma Sumac-Legend of the Jivaro-Capitol Records
Performance-Jordan, Futterman & Fielder Trio-Live at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2000-Charles Lester Music
HM Louis I-Bobby Bradford-Love's Dream-
Emanem Discs
Dream-William Parker / Joe Morris / Hamid Drake-Eloping With The Sun-
Riti Records
Collegno-Revolutionary Ensemble-The Psyche-
Mutable Records
Simple Light-Paul Flaherty-Voices-Wet Paint
I ask questions-Chris Forsyth / Chris Heenan-Forsyth Heenan-Reify Recordings
In A Manner Of-Phil Minton & Roger Turner-Drainage-
Emanem Discs
Solea-Manuel Agujetas-Agujetas, Cantaor -Naive
Way Back-Bushman-Qwii - The First People-
Arc Music Productions Int. Ltd.
Music for Player Piano-James Tenney-Selected Works 1961-1969-
New World Records
Pisa Quintet 2-M. Altena / B. Guy / G. Lewis / P. Rutherford / G. Schiaffini-PISA 1980 - Improvisors Symposium-
Emanem Discs
Expensive Flight-Stephen Flinn, Bruce Eisenbeil & Tony Wren-Keep The Meter Running-
Nine Winds Records (9 Winds)
better grounds-Fred Van Hove-Complete Vogel Recordings-
Vogel / Unheard Music Series
Spontaneity-Subroto Roy Chowdhury and Steve Lacy-Explorations-Jazz Point
Bottoms Up-Illinois Jacquet-For Jumpers Only!-
Delmark Records
Grease Slick-Fez Dispenser-Fez Dispenser-Skin And Barrel Music
El Hombre Celoso-Various Artists of Guatemala-Percussions D'Amerique Latine-Arion
Minority(take 3)-Clifford Brown-Jazz Legacy-Inner City Records
Cantaloupe Island-Curtis Fuller-Up Jumped Spring-
Delmark Records
Song for My Father-Madlib-Shades Of Blue-
Blue Note Records
San Juanera-Various Artists-Colombia - Traditional Colombian Classics-Worldscapes
Bugle Call Rag-Int'l Sweethearts Of Rhythm-LP (1945)-Rosetta Records
I Don't Have An Answer Unless It's God-Kalaparush & The Light-Morning Song-
Delmark Records
Honeysuckle Rose-Fats Waller-Piano Solos-
Condolences-v/a-Viet-Nam - Musique Funeraire Du Nord-Arion
Canto di Malavita-Noah Creshevsky-Hyperrealism-
Mutable Records
Hot House-The Quintet ( Gillespie / Parker / Powell / Mingus / Roach)-Jazz At Massey Hall-Debut Records
4th Movement: "Urlicht" -- Sehr feierlich, aber schlight-Gustav Mahler-Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection" -- Leonard Slatkin / St. Louis Symphony-
Fireworks, Op. 4 (1908-09)-Various Artists (Igor Stravinsky composer)-The Essential Igor Stravinsky-
Sony Classical
Variation 21. Canon on the seventh-Glenn Gould: Bach's Goldberg Variations-A State Of Wonder , The Complete Goldberg Variations 1955 & 1981-
Sony Classical
Prolegomenes II-Ensemble Anonymus -Contemporary Rumanian And Hungarian Music-
Ballet Suite No. 4- Intoduction (Variation)-Dmitri Shostakovich (perf- Scottish National Orchestra)-Symphony No. 10 / Ballet Suite No. 4-Chandos
Deadline-Steve Lacy / Ulrich Gumpert-Deadline-Sound Aspects
Mambo Rage-Snowboy & The Latin Section-The Rough Guide To Mambo-
World Music Network
Contrasts-Ensemble Anonymus -Contemporary Rumanian And Hungarian Music-
Muziqawi Silt-Wallias Band-The Rough Guide To The Music Of Ethiopia-
World Music Network
Mvera Magolo-Chiteiuje Tambaza-Tanzania-Air Mail Music
Nocturne in C Minor-Frederic Chopin-The Pianist o.s.t.-Sony Music Soundtrax
The Spirite of Musicke-Tobias Hume-The Spirit Of Gambo-Glossa
Dhun Man Pasand-Ravi Shankar-The Rough Guide To Ravi Shankar-
World Music Network
the 1st path-Assif Tsahar Conducts The New York Underground Orchestra-The Labyrinth-
Hopscotch Records
Sunken Cathedral-Claude Debussy: Jackson Berkey, pianist-Debussy: Sunken Cathedral-American Gramaphone
Herein, Then-Richard Chartier-Circle 0-
Fylkingen Records
Piano Rag Music (1919)-Various Artists (Igor Stravinsky composer)-The Essential Igor Stravinsky-
Sony Classical
Bagatelle-Lanny Morgan-It's About Time-
Quicksilver Records
Ritmo De Los Angeles-Phil Manzanera-Primitive Guitar-EG Records
Violin Concerto No. 1 Movement 3 Cadenza-Hilary Hahn (Dmitri Shostakovich Composer)-Mendelssohn & Shostakovich Violin Concertos-
Sony Classical
Act 3, Scene 2- Duet: "Well, then... My heart is wild with fear"-Igor Stravinsky-The Rake's Progress-Musical Heritage Society
(untitled)-Crevice-2-Uncle Buzz
I am waiting for thee-Sally Dibble / Russell Braun / Carolyn Maule-Le Souvenir-
Quartet And Light-Dwayne Sodahberk-Unfortunately-
Tigerbeat 6
Graovatz-Balkan Playboys-Balkanians-
Trios I-III-Anti-Social Music-An Evening of Anti-Social Music 12/1/01-
Anti-Social Music
Kamalia-The Gumuz Tribe-Sudan - Music Of The Blue Nile Province-Unesco Collection Auvidi
Another Brick in the Wall-Andrej Kurti & Viktor Uzur-The Entertainers-
Blue Griffin Recording Inc.
Changin' the Blues-Earl Hines & Jimmy Rushing-Blues & Things-
New World Records
Movement III-Jean Papineau-Couture-Portraits-
Exhumation Folkorique-Discotheque 70-Guinee-Melodie
Verdi: vespri siciliani-Ballet: The Four Seasons: Winter-James Levine, conductor-Soloists And Conductors-
Landscape-Niels Van Hoorn-Colours-
The Grid (excerpt)-Philip Glass-Koyaanisqatsi-4th B'way/Antilles Records
Pine Grove Blues-Jo-El Sonnier-Cajun Music : The Essential Collection-
Rounder Records
Throw the Old Cow Over the Fence-Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters-Nashville The Early String Bands Vol. 1-
County Records
Aria-Glenn Gould: Bach's Goldberg Variations-A State Of Wonder , The Complete Goldberg Variations 1955 & 1981-
Sony Classical
Halling, Op. 71, No. 5-Edvard Grieg (perf. Marian Lapsansky)-Lyric Pieces Vol. 3-Lydian
Angel Band-Appalachian Sketches-Appalachian Sketches-
Gloriae Dei Cantores
Sailor Bears-Lori Freedman-A un moment donne-
I am Melancholy-Tobias Hume-The Spirit Of Gambo-Glossa
Secrets-Mission of Burma-Vs.-Ace of Hearts Records
What greater griefe-Tobias Hume-The Spirit Of Gambo-Glossa
Movement IV-Eric Chaslow-Left To His Own Devices-
New World Records
(untitled)-Crevice-2-Uncle Buzz
MTV-Saterfish-Live At Cicero's-On The Clock
Artificial Light-Randal Woolf-The Shock Of The Old-Santa Fe New Music
Berimbau and Voices-Music of Capoeira, Music of Brazil-Mystere Accordeon-
Smithsonian Folkways
Choral Fragment-Australian Youth Orchestra-A Garden Of Earthly Delights-
Tall Poppies
Eastern Front-John Wolf Brennan / Peggy Lee / Dylan Van Der Schyff-Zero Heroes-
Leo Records
Acot Ketana-Betty Olivero-Compassion-
Angel Records
Lurch-The Abstractions-Ars Vivende-
Edgetone Records
Peace of the Woods, Op. 72, No. 4-Edvard Grieg (perf. Marian Lapsansky)-Lyric Pieces Vol. 3-Lydian
Take A Whiff On Me-Leadbelly-Pot, Spoon, Pipe, and Jug-Stash Records
Ommie Wise-G.B. Grayson-Man Of Constant Sorrow-
Star Burning Blue-Kelly-Marie Murphy-Solus-
Babaluaiye-Various-Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957 : Afro-Cuban Sacred Music .....-
Smithsonian Folkways
Bougueri-Mustapha Baqbou-Djema El Fna-Eworks
Berlioz: Bestrice et Benedict-Overture-Charles Munch, conductor-Soloists And Conductors-
A Big Time-The Ed Kemper Trio-Hack-
Moodswing Records
Tim Bwai-O-May Fortune and chorus-Tombstone Feast (Funerary Music Of Carriacou)-
Rounder Records
My Mind's Eye-Small Faces-The Autumn Stone-Castle / Windsong
Richard Cory-Simon & Garfunkel-Sounds Of Silence-
Columbia Records
Viking Christmas--The Vim And Vigour Of Alvarius B and Cerberus Shoal-North East Indie
Carinita Idolatrado-Las Hermanas Segovia-Punaladas de Amor-
Arhoolie Records
Casualty in the Arcade-Liquid Brick-Two Dimensional Representations Of Patterns Apparent....-Liquid Brick
Sue Egypt-Captain Beefheart-Doc at the Radar Station-Virgin Records
I Want a Love I Can See-Temptations-25th Anniversary-Motown Record Company
I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Electric)-Phil Ochs-Chords of Fame-A&M Records
I'll Cross Over Jordan Some Day-Various Artists-The Songs Of Dixie & Tom T. Hall Volume 1-Good Home Grown Music
She Loves Me Forever-Painless Dirties-Painless Dirties-WSF
Double Talk-Marion Brown-Jazz Cussion-ITM
Union 2-Roger Smith-Spanish Guitar-
Emanem Discs
Quick-Flee-Abbey Rader with Keshavan Maslak-Suburban Utopic-
Abray Productions
Tommy Gun-The Clash-Give Em Enough Rope-Epic Records
koputus-Varioilpo vaisanen-Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 6-
The Black Bear-The Black Watch-Highland Pageantry-London Records USA
My Old Flame-Jackie McLean-Consequences-
Blue Note Records
Open That Grass Can-No Neck Blues Band-Intonomancy-Sound At One
Circumstances-Captain Beefheart-Clear Spot-Reprise Records
Alap-Gianni Ricchizzi / Giuseppe Fiore-Raga Yaman / Raga Bhupali-
Nimbus Records
What You Waited For-Dwayne Sodahberk-The Partying Without Inhibition Or Dignity EP-
Tigerbeat 6
Walking Blues-Son House-The Complete Library of Congress Sessions-Travelin' Man
Inca Capitan-Various Artists-Traditional Music of Peru 5-
Smithsonian Folkways
Eleven-Auditem-Concert For Detuned Piano-Acid Soxx Musicks
Wicked Slow-Pacman and Colongib-Pacman and Colongib and You-
Squealer Music
Kingston Sound-The Israelites-Jamaican Celebration-
Jump Up
Fake Contest-Minutemen-What Makes A Man Start Fires-SST Records
Donkey Rides, Penny A Glass-Small Faces-The Autumn Stone-Castle / Windsong
Traces of Mississippi, And We Ride # 1-the Tougaloo College Chamber Choir w/Chamber Orchestra-Musicworks 84-
Lugene-Mayo Thompson (of Red Crayola)-Malefactor-unreleased
Hot Shot-Need New Body-UFO-
File 13 Records
Hotter Claps-Ja-Man All Stars-In The Dub Zone-
Blood and Fire Limited
Lacassine Special-Ray Abshire-For Old Times Sake-
Swallow Records
The New Stop And Listen Blues-Mississippi Sheiks-Mississippi & Beale Street Sheiks-
Biograph Records
McGee Medley-Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys-Bon Reve-
Rounder Records
Security-Guyana Punch Line-Direkt Aktion-Prank! Records
Untitled - disc II, excerpt-Merzbow-Merzbox-
Kanjira Trio (frame drums)-Karnataka College Of Percussion-River Yamuna-Music of the World
Ook Pik Waltz-Aubrey Haynie-The Bluegrass Fiddle Album-
Sugar Hill Records
Gray Space-Ghislain Poirier-Beats As Politics-
Chocolate Industries
Stepping On My Thumbs-Michael Gulezian-Unspoken Intentions-Takoma Records
Theme For An Imaginary Car Commercial-Robert Poss-Crossing Casco Bay-Trace Elements Records
Give Me an Old Fashion Love-Ernest Tubb -Rainbow At Midnight-Laserlight
Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek-Muzsikas-Prisoner's Song-
Hannibal / Rykodisc
Secret Seed-The Residents-The Tunes of Two Cities-T.E.C. Tones / Ralph
Going to the Country-Lil Malcolm and the House Rockers-Dat's Zydeco-
Maison de Soul
It Wasn't God That Made Honky Tonk Angels-Jane Turzy-single-Decca
Bodas de Oro-Ry Cooder / Manuel Galban-Mambo Sinuendo-
Nonesuch Records
Psalm-Larry Lake-Electricities-
Gossip-Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society-Barbeque Dog-Mango/Antilles Records
All Tomorrow's Parties-The Method Actors-Luxury-DB Records
Mellow Hollow Love-Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-New Geocentric World-
Squealer Music
Soldiers-Steel Pulse-Handsworth Revolution-Mango/Antilles Records
Accordian Play-Norma Beecroft-Portraits-
The Medina Of Tunis (Tunisia)-Various Artists-Sounds Of The World Vol. 3 - Africa-
Playasound (c/o Production Sunset)
L'ascenseur-Kristoff K. Roll and Xavier Charles-La Piece-
Fount-Filthmils-Found Sound version 2-
Sounds from the pocket
Jimi'z Jam-24-7 Spyz-Harder Than You-Relativity / Combat / In-Effect Records
Pulse Width-Aspects Of Physics-Systems of Social Recalibration-
Hohn-Small Life Form with Jarboe-Zann-
The Prison Bars (Les barres de la prison)-Courtney Granger-Cajun Music : The Essential Collection-
Rounder Records
Magnolia-Charalambides-Unknown Spin-
Cusp-Duplo Remote-Branches And Routes-
Fat Cat Records
Heart-Rockpile-Seconds of Pleasure-
Columbia Records
Just Over The River-Garland Brothers and Grinstead-Times Ain't Like They Used To Be Vol. 5-
Noah Sugar Pan-Lee "Scratch" Perry-Reggae Music That Changed Our Lives-
Heartbeat Records
Four Minutes-Pylon-single-DB Records
GreaseDrain-Das Burger-The Price Of A Meal-
Whisk-Hutzel Records
The Village Green Preservation Society-The Kinks-The Kinks Kronikles-Reprise Records
Violent Society-The Exploited-F@#k The System-Spitfire Records
All Worlds-Beans-Inner Cosmosis-
Forever Bad
In The Hills Of Roane County-Blue Sky Boys-Man Of Constant Sorrow-
Boing-Nihilist Spasm Band and Joe Mcphee-No Borders-Non Musica Rex
Valse melancolique, Op. 68, No. 6-Edvard Grieg (perf. Marian Lapsansky)-Lyric Pieces Vol. 3-Lydian
B-Gay In Tsutenkaku Feat. Wolf Pack (Osaka, Jpn)-Ove Naxx-Donna Summer Vs. Ove Naxx-AD AAD AT Records
Alleluia Tara Ntondobe-unknown-The Mass at Yaounde Peters (v/a int'l Yaounde)-Arion
Railroad Gamelan-Ellen Band-90% Post Consumer Sound-
Xi Records
No Contest-Guyana Punch Line-Direkt Aktion-Prank! Records
Kessel-Roerhedds-Breed-Blunoise Records
Dastgah of Homayoun-unknown-Classical Music of Iran-
Smithsonian Folkways
Otan pethano-Various Artists-Vocal Monodies-Unesco Collection Auvidi
Izy mirahavavy-Ny tarik' Ambararata-Madagascar / Merina Country-Ocora
Messy Marvin-Mixmaster Mike-Return Of The Cyklops-
Swan Cake-Ganelin Trio-Con Fuoco-
Leo Records
(I Can't Live Without My) Ghetto Blaster-Norman-Polarity-Under The Needle
cat's flux-Evan Parker & Paul Lytton-Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones)-
Emanem Discs
Tanzania Yetu-Master Musicians of Tanzania-The Music Of Kenya and Tanzania-
World Music Network
Zari Ritual Lamentation-The Lileh Choir of Dmanisi-Dance of the Dead-Ellipsis Arts
April One-Joseph Celli & Jin Hi Kim-No World (Trio) Improvisations-
O.O. Discs
Paul Solo-Arthritis Minus-Solos & Duos-Necessary Arts
a small world-I Would Set Myself On Fire For You-I Would Set Myself On Fire For You-
Band on the Run-After That It's All Gravy-Band On The Run-
The Smack Shire
Sing It Like A Song To Me-Serge Gainsbourg-Aux Armes et Caetera-Sunnyside
Je Me Reveiller Le Matin-Clifton Chenier-The Best Of Clifton Chenier-
Arhoolie Records
Stumbling-Jethro Burns-Jethro Burns-Flying Fish Records
Walking Away From You-Yo La Tengo-Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo-
Matador Records
My Father, My Heart-Kemuli String Band-Bosavi-
Smithsonian Folkways
Botafumeiro...-Agusti Fern ndez / Derek Bailey-Barcelona-
Hopscotch Records
Cuneiform Records
In Her Image-Charles Neville-Safe In Buddha's Palm-Small Circle
Old Camp Meetin' Time-Doc Watson-Elementary Doctor Watson-
Sugar Hill Records
Wrack-Tim Perkis-Motive-
Penny: a process-sylvi macCormac-Presence III-PeP
Fulani Lute and Clabash-unknown-Rhythms of Grasslands: Vol II (v/a int'l)-Explorer
UNTITLED-Mattias Petersson-Mimer-
Fylkingen Records
The Music Of My Memory: Deep-Alexander Volodin-Reflections of Time-
Electroshock Records
Chant de l'Orgue a Feu-Michael Moglia-Chant de l'Orgue a Feu-Michael Moglia
Swastika Girls-Robert Fripp, Brian Eno-No Pussy Footing-EG Records
CITI-Eugene Martynec-Electricities-
Ainthu Akachuluka-Kwatcha Troupe-Tanzania-Air Mail Music
(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You-Louie Armstrong & Louis Jordan-Grumpier Old Men o.s.t.-TVT Records
Beverly's Troubadour Piece-David Tanenbaum ( Composer - Lou Harrison)-Serenado-
New Albion Records
Music changing with the price of gold-Tom Hamilton-London Fix-Muse Eek
House Of Blue Lights-Chuck Berry-The Chess Years-Charly Records Ltd.
Duo 8-Martin Tetreault / Otomo Yoshihide-Studio / Analogique / Numerique-
Ambiences Magnetiques
Guitar too, for Four - the Massed Version-Phill Niblock-G2, 44+ / x2-Moikai
our lives will never be the same-If Thousands-Lullaby-
Mirage -Artemy Artemiev-Point of Intersection-
Electroshock Records
After the Murder-Lot 49-The arbitrary nature of meaning-Isomorphic Records
Two Rapid Formations-Brian Eno-Music For Films-4th B'way/Antilles Records
Endless Voyage-Artemiy Artemiev & Phillip B. Klingler-A Moment Of Infinity-
Electroshock Records
markt-Alp-Out And About With Alp-
Cluster-Broken Symmetry-Live 2003-Outer Loop
Dhipat-Various Artists-Musique Populaire de la Grece du Nord (Folk Music Of Northern Greece)-DOM
Held Tones-Phill Niblock-YPGPN-
Xi Records
Poems of Mehmet Akif-Various Artists-Gazel: Classical Sufi Music of the Ottoman Empire-CMP Records
Desvairada-Mike Marshall & Chris Thile-Into The Cauldron-
Sugar Hill Records

KTRU Playsheet
RobertJ, LizS
from Sat 03/06/2004 11:00:00 PM until Sun 03/07/2004 01:00:00 AM
Time- Artist / Song [Album]

12:55 AM- no movement no sound no memories / acetate [lux nigra allstars] on the lux nigra label.
12:53 AM- twine / g_r_v [s/t] on the ghostly international label.
12:53 AM- 90 day men / when your luck runs out [panda park] on the southern records label.
12:44 AM- maraca and his band otra vision / ven, vamo a bailar [sonando] on the ahinama label.
12:39 AM- parker, william / for robeson [in order to survive] on the homestead records label.
12:35 AM- neutral milk hotel / gardenhead [on avery island] on the merge label.
12:30 AM- siouxsie and the banshees / monitor [juju] on the pvc label.
12:24 AM- sister sonny / nothing amuses the people as a puppet [the bandit lab] on the five one inc. label.
12:17 AM- joy division / atrocity exhibition [closer] on the warner label.
12:10 AM- my bloody valentine / soon [loveless] on the sire label.
12:07 AM- king kong / life [the big bang] on the drag city label.
12:00 AM- coldcut / atomic moog 2000 [ninja cuts - flexistentialism] on the ninja tune label.
11:56 PM- future sound of london / high tide on the sea of flesh [the isness] on the hypnotic records label.
11:54 PM- dutz, brad / many whistles [obliteration percussion quartet] on the pfmentum label.
11:50 PM- fourtet / spirit fingers [rounds] on the domino label.
11:45 PM- perkis, tim / roil [wrack] on the praemedia label.
11:44 PM- dudley, anne and jaz coleman / habebe [songs from the victorious city] on the china records label.
11:38 PM- ove naxx / b-gay in tsutenkaku (f. wolf pack) [donna summer vs. ove naxx] on the very friendly label.
11:35 PM- lata mangeshkar / dhak dhak dhak [doob doob o'rama 2] on the normal label.
11:26 PM- maserati / cities [the language of cities] on the kindercore label.
11:21 PM- helmreich, stefan / canon imagerunner21 [xerophonics] on the seeland label.
11:16 PM- dntel / original version [(this is) the dream of evan and chan.] on the plug research label.
11:13 PM- voltaire brothers / which one [i sing the booty electric] on the fall of rome label.
11:05 PM- adultt / contagious [v/a: defining tech] on the orbisonic label.
11:02 PM- pickadelic / burn mamacita [v/a: the only blip hip record you will onl;y need vol. 1] on the luaka bop label.

KTRU Playsheet
from Wed 02/25/2004 04:00:00 AM until Wed 02/25/2004 07:00:00 AM
Time- Artist / Song [Album]

07:12 AM- nina nastasia / superstar [run to ruin] on the touch and go label.
07:05 AM- sparrow / shine bright o morning [s/t] on the overcoat label.
07:01 AM- chris mills / signal/noise [kiss it goodbye] on the sugar free label.
06:54 AM- pizzicato five / twiggy twiggy [five by five] on the matador label.
06:51 AM- lipspector / genius [human problems and how to solve them] on the ponytail label.
06:46 AM- john littlejohn / catfish blues [slidin' home] on the arhoolie label.
06:41 AM- cerberus shoal / baby gal [the bastion of itchy peeves] on the north east indie label.
06:39 AM- officer may / song that goes nowhere [smoking in A minor] on the ace fu label.
06:34 AM- Steve forbert / any old time [any old time] on the koch label.
06:25 AM- death cab for cutie / we looked like giants [transatlanticism] on the barsuk label.
06:19 AM- tara jane o'neil / this morning [in the sun lines] on the quarterscik/touch and go label.
06:13 AM- project grimm / frankly dan [huge beings] on the camera lucida label.
06:08 AM- parker. evan / buriden's ass [the snake decides] on the psi label.
06:03 AM- french toast / where did you go [bugman] on the arrest records label.
06:00 AM- eileen ivers / ships are sailing [wild blue] on the green linnet label.
05:50 AM- jim o'rourke / insignificance [insignificance] on the drag city label.
05:47 AM- phases / sea tones [may 03] on the worthy label.
05:41 AM- john vanderslice / promising actress [cellar door] on the barsuk label.
05:35 AM- malavoi / ale vire [she she] on the tinder label.
05:31 AM- perkis, tim / prick [wrack] on the praemedia label.
05:24 AM- wilco / dash 7 [am] on the sire label.
05:18 AM- paul dunmall / part II [bebop starburst] on the cuneiform label.
05:14 AM- will oldham / call me a liar [guarapero:lost blues 2] on the drag city label.
05:09 AM- sodahberk, dwayne / bird [unfortunately] on the tigerbeat 6 label.
05:03 AM- rebecca peary / hook line and sinker [constellation] on the yoyo label.
04:57 AM- the flaming lips / chrome plated suicides [telepathic suicides] on the restless label.
04:53 AM- richard thompson / grey walls [rumor and sigh] on the capitol label.
04:46 AM- beulah / gravity brings us down [the coast is never clear] on the velocette label.
04:41 AM- rhythm & sound / friend version [the versions] on the asphodel label.
04:36 AM- john fahey / city of refuge [city of refuge] on the tim/kerr label.
04:30 AM- pell mell / headset [star city] on the matador label.
04:26 AM- mississippi fred mcdowell / I got a woman [the blues: from memphis to the mississippi delta] on the st. clair label.
04:23 AM- the orange peels / I don't like the rain [square] on the minty fresh label.
04:17 AM- wauvenfold / selenium pulse [3fold] on the tiger style label.
04:12 AM- liz phair / polyester bride [whitechocolatespaceegg] on the matador label.
04:09 AM- savath & savalas / que ella vino [apropa't] on the warp label.
04:08 AM- guided by voices / surgical focus [do the collapse] on the tvt records label.
04:07 AM- Butterglory / the lion weeps tonight [are you building a temple in heaven] on the merge label.

KTRU - Playlist, 2/23/2004
Time Artist Song Album Label

4:00 AM Drums & Tuba Brain Liaters Mostly Ape Righteous Babe
4:11 AM Dave Thompson got a bad feelign Little Dave and Big Love Fat Possum Records
4:18 AM Dizzy Gillespie Dizze Atmosphere Dizzy For President Knit Classics
4:25 AM The Defenestration Unit To Go Is To Return Vertigo Village Lazy Squid
4:30 AM Philip Gayle Byou Byou Kegurlbap N/A
4:34 AM Fatal Flying Guilloteens Straight Lines The Now Hustle For New Diaboliks Estrus
4:40 AM Groceries Mutterer Knuckleheads and Icons N/A
4:43 AM Xerophonics Toshiba 2060 Xerophonics seeland
4:45 AM Xerophonics Xerox Docucolor 12 Xerophonics seeland
4:51 AM Deanta The Lakes Of Ponchertrain Ready For The Storm Green Linnet
5:08 AM The Bothy Band A Jig And 5 Reels Live In Concert Green Linnet
5:12 AM Boxhead Ensemble two Quartets Atavistic
5:20 AM Clusone Trio White Christmas / Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Love Henry Gramavision
5:23 AM Splatter Trio Urban Ethnic Anagrams Rastascan Records
5:26 AM King Crimson Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream Thrack Virgin
5:31 AM Frank Zappa Dance Of The Just Plain Folks 200 Motels Rykodisc
5:39 AM kwisp teriyaki vest odyssey teriyaki vest odyssey pinephone
5:45 AM Evan Parker Buriden's Ass the snake decides psi
5:52 AM crawlspace Gravity Weaves Its Tender Trap law where prohibited by void gulcher
5:57 AM Linus Pauling Quartet Dance Of The Bug People Killing You With Rock September Gurls Records
6:09 AM The Mike Gunn Dry Nod Almaron Double Naught Records
6:12 AM childcraft tung's st self – released
6:19 AM loess chariv canopy st nonresponse
6:22 AM Shannon Fields vs. The Gold Sparkle Band Emphasis Mine Praeface Praemedia
6:27 AM lederhosen lucil space tales from the pantry hypo
6:30 AM cooper-moore abbs-taylor stem cell triptych myth hopscotch
6:35 AM Tim Perkis Roil wrack Praemedia
6:42 AM Gasman Derbac remedial planet mu
6:45 AM 1 mile north In 1983 He loved to fly minor shadows Ba Da Bing!
6:50 AM Medeski Martin & Wood Nocturne Combustication Blue Note
6:55 AM Bill Evans Minha Homecoming Fantasy Jazz
7:00 AM Dan Tyack & Chuck Campbell Amazing Grace recorded live at the second sacred steel convention arhoolie

february 17 2004


lunt > shining (remix) > baxendall > unique records
i/dex > recor > seqsextend > nexsound
crno klank > engourdissement > état des lieux > ad noiseam
tim perkis > prick > motive > Praemedia
christoph de babalon > cum on (feel this) > 9 – 16 split series > fat cat
xanopticon > retrn > miad > somia music
milligramme > nerve > anatomy > parametric
somatic responses > subliminal faith doubt > adverts > component
tarmvred > 5 > viva 6581 > ad noiseam
monolith > shut up > sub-system > daft records
kava project > wars amoung saints > describing paranoïa > parasomnic records
delphium > excerpt > nowhere left to fall > hibou

RADIO 666 – 99.1 FM (Caen - France)
On air every Tuesday from 23.00 to 0.30 (France standard time)
Internet LIVE streaming on

free103point9 Online Radio
January 2004 Top 40

1. Cooper Moore + Assif Tsahar, America (Hopscotch)
2. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 13)
3. Various artists, Sound Generation audio compilation (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
4. Various artists, Praeface (Praemedia)
Includes Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, others.
5. Mammal, "Double Nature" (SNSE)
6. Cooper Moore + Tom Abbs + Chad Taylor, Triptych Myth (Hopscotch)
7. Dean Roberts, Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)
8. Ghost Exits, Cincinnati Riot Blues EP (Social Registry)
9. Stars Like Fleas, Sun Lights Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
10. Artanker Convoy, Ocean Parkway EP (Social Registry)
11. Assif Tsahar + Tatsuya Nakatani, Come Sunday (Hopscotch)
12. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
13. Assif Tsahar + Mat Maneri + Jim Black, Jam (Hopscotch)
14. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
15. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
16. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
17. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
18. M Behrens, Elapsed Time (Intransitive)
19. Andy Hayleck, Various Recordings Involving Ice (Here See)
20. J.D. Robb, Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog (Locust Music)
21. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, Object3 (Locust Music)
22. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Loctust Music)
23. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
24. What's Yr Damage, Winter Tour '03-'04 CD-r (self)
25. Painting Soldiers, Horizon Fall EP (Social Registry)
26. What's Yr Damage/Kodan Armada, split 7" (Dead Tank Records)
27. Knifestorm, Body-World (self)
28. Fear and Trembling, Sligo River EP (JMZ Records)
29. Various artists, Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic)
Anaphylaxis, Hollydrift, Kava Project, and The Devouring Element are included here.
30. No. 9, Where come from? And where to? EP (Locust Music)
31. Espers, Espers (Locust Music)
32. Burning Star Core, "A Brighter Summer Day/Baybe It Wasn't Meant to Me" 12" (Thin Wrist)
33. Tim Perkis, Motive (Praemedia)
34. The Usaisamonster, Tasheyanan Compost (Load)
35. T.K. Webb, The Ungodly Hours (Garnet Recordings)
36. Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Queen of Guess (VHF)
37. Clear Horizon, Clear Horizon (Kranky)
38. Coughs, Bent Babies (self)
39. DJ Olive, Bodega (The Agriculture)
40. Hair Police/Viki, split 12" (SNSE/Load)

KTRU Playsheet
from Sun 01/25/2004 10:00:00 PM until Mon 01/26/2004 01:00:00 AM
Time- Artist / Song [Album]

12:58 AM- bongo logic / steamy [latino] on the rhythm safari label.
12:54 AM- object / be seeing you [pandemic] on the quatermass label.
12:49 AM- the polyphonic spree / soldier girl [the beginning stages of...the polyphonic spree] on the good records label.
12:49 AM- laub / schlichtweg schon [freischwimmer] on the kitty-yo label.
12:40 AM- komeda / focus [what makes it go?] on the minty fresh label.
12:35 AM- dizzee rascal / hold ya mouf (featuring godsgift) [boy in da corner] on the matador label.
12:32 AM- midwest product / laundry [idol tryouts] on the ghostly international label.
12:28 AM- yeah yeah yeahs / bang [s/t] on the shifty label.
12:25 AM- nesrin sipahi / af eyle sucum ey gul-i ter basima kakma [sharki: love songs of istanbul] on the cmp label.
12:21 AM- stevens, sufjan / flint [greetings from michigan] on the sounds familyre/asthmatic kitty label.
12:18 AM- woozy helmet / crush [s/t] on the self-released label.
12:15 AM- zero zero / pep sounds [am gold] on the jade tree label.
12:09 AM- lederhosen lucil / fur annabella [tales from the pantry] on the hypo label.
12:08 AM- yo la tengo / georgia vs. yo la tengo [summer sun] on the matador label.
12:02 AM- 764 / oceanbound [nobody knows this is everywhere] on the tiger style label.
11:57 PM- toshack highway / everyday, rock 'n' roll is saving my life [everyday, rock 'n' roll is saving my life] on the space baby label.
11:53 PM- troubled hubble / nancy [penturbia] on the self-released label.
11:48 PM- graf, erich / allegretto [a flute recital] on the SLC Symphony Hall label.
11:42 PM- nobukazu takemura / fallslake [10th] on the thrill jockey label.
11:39 PM- lfo / snot [sheath] on the warp label.
11:37 PM- semiautomatic / birds of weather [resident genius] on the 5RC label.
11:33 PM- perkis, tim / roil [wrack] on the praemedia label.
11:29 PM- her space holiday / tech romance [the young machines] on the mush label.
11:18 PM- officer may / police parade [smoking in A minor] on the ace fu label.
11:17 PM- johnny socko! / long live the dead guy [oh, i do hope it's roast beef] on the self-released label.
11:10 PM- smith, elliott / say yes [either/or] on the kill rock stars label.
11:10 PM- hella / women of the 90s [the devil isn't red] on the 5rc label.
10:59 PM- hardy, jack / the zephyr (take it slow) [civil wars] on the great divide records label.
10:58 PM- voltaire brothers / the mother ones [i sing the booty electric] on the fall of rome label.
10:55 PM- calexico / the black light [the black light] on the quarterstick label.
10:50 PM- pretty girls make graves / all medicated geniuses [the new romance] on the matador label.
10:42 PM- atom and his package / pumping iron for enya [making love] on the no idea label.
10:41 PM- vanderslice, john / coming and going on easy terms [cellar door] on the barsuk label.
10:39 PM- the ukranians / koroleva ne pomerla (the queen is dead) [vorony] on the green linnet records label.
10:25 PM- the postal service / this place is a prison [give up] on the sub pop label. (REQUEST)
10:13 PM- linus pauling quartet / hall of mirrors [c6h8o6] on the september girls label.
10:08 PM- manecas costa / ermons di garandis [v/a an afro-portuguese odyssey] on the putumayo world music label.
10:04 PM- Mountain goats / letter from belgium [we shall all be healed] on the 4ad label.
09:59 PM- explosions in the sky / the only moment we were alone [the earth is not a cold dead place] on the the temporary residence label.

ktru 91.7fm houston, texas usa

feedback monitor
radio: playlist: january 13th, 2004

The Blankket "Hey Ya!" Songs of Love EP  Recording Club 
Stop Disco Mafia "C.H.A.X." Stop Disco Mafia EP Proptronix
Secret Mommy "Andrew W. Cake" Mammal Class Orthlorng Musork
Hitz Exprezz "Exprezz" Playin da Harsez Huron Street Hunt Club
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks "The One With The Girl Singing" Window Pain Piehead
DJ Frane "Green Buds In The Springtime" Electric Garden of Delights Tuff City
Shannon Fields vs. The Gold Sparkle Band "Emphasis Mine" Praeface [compilation] Praemedia
Tim Perkis "Farb" Motive Praemedia
Stars Like Fleas "third night, Wisconsin" Sun Lights Down On The Fence Praemedia
Hydatid "Awash With Even" Awash With Even indie
Canartic "Turn On The Blacklight" Blacklight Days EP Dank Disk
Lopside "At The Old Place" 37 indie
Icecake "Version" ambient extraction Supple
Richard Ashe "Static2" Ether Static Ten Dances
Andrew Duke "Shuffle" Take Nothing For Granted Cognition Audioworks
L'Ombre "Off Course" Simulations 1.0 Ant-Zen
Fanny "A New Life Awaits You" Revelry and Decadence as the Right of Slaves Mirex
Igneous Flame "Nebullar" Intox Chillfactor 10
Maitreya "We Are Linked" Telluric Waves Council of Nine

feedback monitor has been a weekly radio show on CIUT Radio in Toronto since February, 1996. It can currently be heard on Tuesdays at 10 PM until 12 midnight Eastern at 89.5 FM in Toronto and surrounding areas and via RealAudio at worldwide.

january 6 2003

milligramme > larynx > anatomy > parametric
somatic responses > caves of steel > adverts > component
crno klank > dromers > état des lieux > ad noiseam
tim perkis > lude > motive > Praemedia
i/dex > ciq > seqsextend > nexsound
andrey kiritchenko > flowers and fields > bees and honey > zeromoon
vromb > locotive-b / lien 5 > locomotive > angle rec.
monolith > amplitude > sub-system > daft records
minion > sinking > post modern love songs vol.1 > eupholus
anaphylaxis > llorando> describing paranoïa > parasomnic records
matt demmon > helios > lead rain > eupholus
ultraphonist > harmonium > discover the antistress with... > foton
senking > exhausted > tap > raster-noton

RADIO 666 – 99.1 FM (Caen - France)
On air every Tuesday from 23.00 to 0.30 (France standard time)
Internet LIVE streaming on

THE ROCK SHOW Monday - Friday 2pm - 9:30pm
listen at

Hi Everyone,
Here is the first top 30 chart for the new year. I hope 2004 brings as much good music as 2003 did - we can only cross our fingers.
- Joel

1  DEAD C            The Damned (Starlight Furniture)
2  FLYING LUTTENBACHERS  Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder (Troubleman)
3  SKULLFLOWER          Exquisite Fucking Boredom (Tumult)
4  TWINE             Twine (Ghoslty International)
5  PHASES            May 03 (Worthy)
6  ANIMAL COLLECTIVE       Spirit They're Gone... / Danse Manatee (Fat Cat)
7  OPEN CITY           The Birth Of Cruel (Thin Wrist)
8  MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ     Blues Du Jour (Domino)
9  ILLOIN            Pinafore (Notenuf)
10  PHENOMENOLOGICAL BOYS     The Rainbow Record (Dave's Cock)
12  NERVOUS COP          Nervous Cop (5RC)
13  LOVELY MIDGET         Unknown (Family Vinyard)
14  STARS LIKE FLEAS       Sun Lights Down On The Fence (Praemedia)
15  DANGER ADVENTURE       The Pomegranate (Fork Series)
16  ELECTRELANE          On Parade EP (Too Pure)
18  MAMMAL            Double Nature (Scratch And Sniff)
19  NEW DEUTSCH          VARIOUS ARTISTS (International Deejay Gigolo)
20  USER             Abandon (Asphodel)
21  ILL EASE           The Exorcist (Too Pure)
22  PARAQUAT EARTH BAND If You Ain't With Us You're Against Us (Flipped Out)
23  ELECTROPUTAS         Piano Blooms 12-Inch EP (Social Registry)
24  CRACK WE ARE ROCK       Cosmic Mind Flight (Tigerbeat6)
25  TIM PERKIS           Motive (Praemedia)
26  AE              Bootleg (Sonig)
27  CRITERION AND DOILY      Criterion And Doily (Broklyn Beats)
28  GHOST EXITS          Cincinnati Riot Blues 12inch (Social Registry)
29  PIMMON            Snaps Crackles Pops (Tigerbeat6)
30  SHY CHILD           The Humanity EP (Grenadine)

Report compiled by Joel Penney, Rock Music Director


1. luomo - the present lover (force tracks)
2. data 80 - data 80 (force tracks)
3. alex cortex - inward ctrl (ann aimee)
4. sophie rimheden - hi-fi (mitek)
5. geoff white & stewart walker - discord (force inc.)
6. monolake - momentum (icm)
7. billy dalessaandro - midievalization (resopal schalware)
8. pole - pole (mute)
9. nooncat - under the moon/under the sun (triebstoff)
10. dub taylor - experience (force tracks)
11. t.raumschmiere - radio blackout (novamute)
12. rip-off artist - pet sounds (vertical form)
13. jirku/judge - plusism (onitor)
14. va - mitek: process (mitek)
15. va - staedtisizm 4 (~scape)
16. rechenzentrum - director's cut (mille plateaux)
17. tujiko noriko - from tokyo to naiagara (tom lab)
18. jan jelinek avec the exposures - la nouvelle pauvrete (~scape)
19. tomas jirku - 1999 (no type)
20. ricardo villalobos - alcachofa (playhouse)
21. va - what was it like before i got into electricity (sud)
22. alexander kowalski - |response| (kanzleramt)
23. agf - westernisation complete (ortlong musork)
24. va - futuristic experiments #006 [bg035] (background)
25. soul-junk - 1958 (sounds are acticve)
26. hdj tom - taste (inflatabl label)
27. cordell klier - winter (ad noiseam)
28. si-cut.db - find some shade (highpoint lowlife)
29. desormais - iambrokenandremadeiambroken... (intr_version)
30. hinterlandt/ karri o. - sitting, going places/departures and arrivals (abflug)
31. anders ilar - everdom (shitkatapult)
32. matmos - civil war (matador)
33. radio 4 - gotham (city slang)
34. looproad - acidfaketrax (acid fake)
35. tim heker - radio amor (mille plateaux)
36. blamstrain - ensi (merck)
37. stars like fleas - sun light down on the fence (praemedia)
38. decades - the first (poeta negra)
39. apparat - duplex (shitkatapult)
40. andrew duke - take nothing for granted (acid fake)
41. va - praeface (praemedia)
42. tim perkis - motive (praemedia)
43. merzbow - ikebana: merzbow's amlux rebuilt, reused and recycled (immortal)
44. andrey kiritchenko - kniga skazok (ad noiseam)
45. formatt/samuli alapuranen - connections/apinavideo (abflug)
46. corker / conboy - in light of that learnt later (vertical form)
47. va - geologists and profesional tourists volume 2 (n&b research digest)
48. andrey kiritchenko - bees and noney (zeromoon)
49. anthony rother - elixir of life (fax +49-69/450464)
50. decomposed subsonic - gradients (ware)

free103point9 Online Radio
2003 Top 100

1. Various artists, Radio Action I, (free103point9)
2. Wasteland, Amen Fire (Transparent)
3. Animal Collective, Here Comes the Indian (Paw
4. Sightings, Absolutes (Load)
5. Donna Summer, "Fluxus, Inc./Awkward Song" 7"
6. Nautical Almanac, Cisum (Here See)
7. Matthew Shipp, Equillibrium (Blue Series/Thirsty
8. Joyce Hinterding, Spectral (Antiopic)
9. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, Radio Guitar
(Ecstatic Peace)
10. Daniel Carter + Reuben Radding, Luminescence
(Aum Fidelity)
11. Various artists, SIC: The Broklyn Beats 7" Series (Broklyn Beats)
12. Scanner, Warhol's Surfaces (Intermedium)
13. Various artists, Tune(In))) (free103point9 AD
14. The Blue Series Continuum (Roy Campbell, Jr.,
Alex Lodico, William Parker, Josh Roseman, Matthew Shipp), Good and Evil Sessions (Thirsty Ear)
15. Jared Ashburn, Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Shawn Onsgard, Dado Blade (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 12)
16. The Sabers, Specter (Neurot Recordings)
17. Jackie-O Motherfucker, Europe 2002 (Cast Exotic.U-Sound)
18. Various artists, Variious (Intransitive
19. Ultra-Red, ¡Amnistía! (Antiopic)
20. Matthew Ostrowski, The Legendary Poptones (self)
21. Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Queen of Guess
22. Various artists, Space is No Place, NYC: Noise
from the Underground (Psych-O-Path Records)
23. Lightning Bolt, Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
24. Various artists, "Sound Generation audio compilation" (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
25. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion! (Here See)
26. John Hudak, Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings)
27. Tim Berne, The Sublime Sciencefrictionlive (Thirsty Ear)
28. Various artists: Donna Summer, Hrvatski, Timeblind, etc., Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes (The Agriculture)
29. Neon Hunk, Swarmy Mob (Load)
30. DJ Olive, Bodega (The Agriculture)
31. Thomas Joyce, Sound Works 2002-2003 (self)
32. Tod Dockstader, Eight Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
33. Dan Matz, Carry Me Over (Amish)
34. Mammal, Double Nature (SNSE)
35. The Hepatitis Youth, Hex is a Curse (Kinky Noise)
36. Various artists, Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish (Animal World)
37. Dion Workman, Ching (Antiopic)
38. Rev. Charlie Jackson, God's Got It (CaseQuarter/Aum Fidelity)
39. Julien Ottavi, Nervure Magnetique (Antiopic)
40. Kim Cascone, Anti-Correlation (Anechoicmemdia)
41. Various artists, Describing Paranoia (Parasomnic)
42. Ernesto Diaz-Infante + Chris Forsyth, March (Evolving Ear)
43. Knifestorm, Body-World (self)
44. T.K. Webb, The Ungodly Hours (Garnet Recordings)
45. Hominid, Hominid (self)
46. Ben Owen, Easter 02 (self)
47. Astral Blessing, Astral Blessing (self)
48. Bottle Skup Flenkenkenmike, Looks Like Velvet, Smells Like Pee (Broklyn Beats)
49. Surface of Eceyon, "Purposeful Availment" (Three Lobe Recordings)
50. Seth Price, Industrial Fist (free103point9 AD 013)
51. No. 9, Where come from? And where to? EP (Locust Music)
52. Andy Hayleck, "Various Recordings Involvng Ice" (Here See)
53. Young People, "Young People" (GER)
54. Hair Police/Viki "split 12"" (SNSE/Load)
55. Dean Roberts, "Be Mine Tonight" (Kranky)
56. Ghost Exits, "Cincinnati Riot Blues" EP (Social Registry)
57. Stars Like Fleas, "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia)
58. Artanker Convoy, "Ocean Parkway" EP (Social Registry)
59. P.G. Six, Old Man on the Mountain, b/w High, Low and In-Between (Amish)
60. Panicsville, "Imperfection of the Organism" (SNSE/Load)
61. Espers, "Espers" (Locust Music)
62. Black Dice, Lost Valley/Head Like a Door 12" (Catsup Plate)
63. Various artists, "Praeface" (Praemedia)
64. M Behrens, "Elapsed Time" (Intransitive)
65. J.D. Robb, "Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog" (Locust Music)
66. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, "Object3" (Locust Music)
67. Burning Star Core, "A Brighter Summer Day/Baybe It Wasn't Meant to Me" 12" (Thin Wrist)
68. Tom Roe/A Forma Foma, split 7" (free103point9 AD 09)
69. Andrew Barker + Daniel Carter, Duo (QBICO 02)
70. Clear Horizon, Clear Horizon (Kranky)
71. Loren Connors. The Departing of a Dream Pt. II (Family Vineyard)
72. Landing, Circuit (Music Fellowship)
73. Fear and Trembling, Sligo River EP (JMZ Records)
74. USAISAMONSTER, Citizens of the Chronic (Infrasound)
75. Painting Soldiers, Horizon Fall EP (Social Registry)
76. Surface of Eceyon, Purposeful Availment (Three Lobe Recordings)
77. Pothole Skinny, Time Shapes the Forest Lake (Perhaps Transparent)
78. Tim Perkis, Motive (Praemedia)
79. Various artists (Paul Dutton, Jazzkammer, Astro, etc.), Bananafish 17 CD + magazine (Tedium House)
80. 100% Storms Ensemble, A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair (Emperor Jones)
81. Ssion, Opportunity Bless My Soul (Version City Records)
82. Nerve Net Noise, Meteor Circuit (Intransitive)
83. Z'ev, An Uns Momento (CIP)
84. Flaming Fire, Songs from the Shining Temple (Perhaps Transparent)
85. Various artists, No Tribute (Carbon)
86. Radio Shock/Radio Shack, split 7" (Ignivomous)
87. Rev. 99, Everything Changed After 7-11 (Pax)
88. Pffr, Rock, Rocker, Rocketh (self)
89. Calla, Scavengers (Young God)
90. Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra, s/t (Pax)
91. Rotten Piece, Emperor of Appliances (Lazy Squid)
92. Tigersmilk, Tigersmilk (Family Vineyard)
93. Coughs, Bent Babies (self)
94. The Usaisamonster, Tasheyanan Compost (Load)
95. Mr. California and the State Police, Audio Hallucinations (Load)
96. Vertonen, The Ocean is Gone, the Ship is Next (Ground Fault)
97. Jesse Dulman, Tuba Songs (self)
98. DJ North Guinea Hills, Telling This Woman to Uncle Tom Series IV (self)
99. The Blithe Sons, We Walk the Young Earth (Family Vineyard)
100. Harm Stryker, s/t (self)

Show Date: 28/12/03
Artist / Track / Album / Label

Nanaqui / 6' 25" / Praeface / Praemedia
Fredrico Monti / hermano / Partition / Biodata (online only release)
Terre Thaemlitz / welcome / Lovebomb / Mille Plateaux
Hydatid / negative space / Awash With Even / self released
Opiate / insert / While You Were Sleeping / April
Tim Perkis / code / Motive / Praemedia
Tim Hecker / 7000 miles / Radio Amor / Mille Plateaux
Peter Blamey / alike / Motion: Movement In Australian Sound / Preservation
Mika Vainio / he was a sound sometimes / In the Land of the Blind One-Eyed is King / Touch
Omnid / careless with a cigarette / (web-only release) / Stasisfield (online only release)
Will Guthrie / westspace / Building Blocks / Antboy
Quiet American / hush / Vox Americana / (online)
Electric Birds / cyclist / Gradations / Mille Plateaux
Vs_Price / palm / <calin>minette_ / Expanding Records
Pita / iida denki / Get Down / Mego
Alejandra & Aeron / empire 01 / Empire / Fallt (online exclusive)
Keith Fullerton Whitman / modena / Playthroughs / Kranky
Rechenzentrum / bleichbaduberbruckung & nelson reshoot / Director's Cut / Mille Plateaux
Murcof / Unison / Martes / Leaf
Phonem / war by other means / ilisu / Morr Music

"Sound Textures"
Headphones recommended

12am - 2am Sunday nights
(1pm - 3pm Sunday afternoon GMT)

102.7 FM, Melbourne, Australia
Listen online:

c/o Triple R
PO Box 304
Fitzroy, VIC 3068

The creadventurous musics radio show on RCV99FM
(Lille, France)

Torngat: new groove (Sang 9, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
In Vitro: Organisme (Sang 9, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
La pieuvre: ? (Concert u 9/11/03 au Grand Mix, Tourcoing)
Chris Cundy/ James Dunn: Ad hominem (Grace & Delete, Ochre records, 2003)
Tim Perkis: Farb (Motive, Praemedia, 2003)
David Lee Myers/ Arcane Device : Lathe (Engynes of myth, Rer, 1988/2003)

free103point9 Online Radio
December 2003 Heavy Rotation
Top 40

1. Various artists (Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Shannon Fields, etc.), "Praeface" (Praemedia)
2. Mammal, "Double Nature" (SNSE)
3. Dean Roberts, "Be Mine Tonight" (Kranky)
4. Ghost Exits, "Cincinnati Riot Blues" EP (Social Registry)
5. Various artists, "Sound Generation audio compilation" (Chronoplastics/Autonomedia)
6. Stars Like Fleas, "Sun Lights Down on the Fence" (Praemedia)
7. Artanker Convoy, "Ocean Parkway" EP (Social Registry)
8. Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess, "Radio Guitar" (Ecstatic Peace)
9. The Blue Series Continuum (Roy Campbell, Jr., Alex Lodico, William Parker, Josh Roseman, Matthew Shipp), "Good and Evil Sessions" (Thirsty Ear)
10. Landing, "Circuit" (Music Fellowship)
11. John Hudak, "Room With Sky" (Chaba Recordings)
12. Rubber Cement + James "Twig" Harper, "Shameful, Effectual, Masterbattalion!" (Here See)
15. M Behrens, "Elapsed Time" (Intransitive)
16. Andy Hayleck, "Various Recordings Involvng Ice" (Here See)
17. J.D. Robb, "Rythmania: Electronic Music from Razor Blades to Moog" (Locust Music)
18. Matt Bauder + Jason Ajemian, "Object3" (Locust Music)
19. Tod Dockstader, "Eight Electronic Pieces" (Loctust Music)
20. The Hepatitis Youth, "Hex is a Curse" (Kinky Noise)
21. Painting Soldiers, "Horizon Fall" EP (Social Registry)
22. 24. Knifestorm, "Body-World" (self)
25. Fear and Trembling, "Sligo River EP" (JMZ Records)
26. Various artists: Sightings, No-Neck Blues Band, etc., "Space is No Place, NYC: Noise from the Underground" (Psych-O-Path Records)
27. Tim Berne, "The Sublime Sciencefrictionlive" (Thirsty Ear)
28. Scanner, "Warhol's Surfaces" (Intermedium)
29. Espers, "Espers" (Locust Music)
30. Various artists: Donna Summer, Hrvatski, Timeblind, etc., "Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes" (The Agriculture)
31. Vibracathedral Orchestra, "The Queen of Guess" (VHF)
32. DJ Olive, "Bodega" (The Agriculture)
33. Hair Police/Viki "split 12"" (SNSE/Load)
34. Donna Summer, "Fluxus, Inc./Awkward Song" 7" (Tonschacht)
35. The Sabers, "Specter" (Neurot Recordings)
36. Jared Ashburn, Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Shawn Onsgard, "Dado Blade" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 12)
37. USAISAMONSTER, "Citizens of the Chronic" (Infrasound)
38. Matthew Shipp, "Equilibrium" (Thirsty Ear)
39. Coughs, "Bent Babies" (self)
40. Tim Perkis, "Motive," (Praemedia)

Playlist 21.12.03 (don't know time)

Peter Gabriel - I Don't Remember [Charisma]
Mochipet - They Might Be Giants vs. Lyrical Giants (Get Crunked!) [Violent Turd]
Tim Perkis - Wrack [Praemedia]
Stars Like Fleas - lump. of. clay. [Praemedia]
Accelera Deck - Fire Map 2 [Skylab Operations]
Ulver vs Fennesz - Only the poor have to travel [Jester Records]
This Mortal Coil - The Lacemaker [4AD]
Ulver vs Martin Hornveth - Der Alte [Jester Records]
Loka - Safe Self Tester [Ninja Tune]
Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe (Micha Acher remix) [Hefty Records]
Ens - All In The Mood [Groovescooter]
Remote - Hope [self-released by Chris]
Enduser - East Side Breaks [from deleted CDR01 on Sonic Terror]
Bill Laswell - Oscillations (Atom Heart's Digital Cut-Up) [Sub Rosa]
Ammo - Mother of Toads [Component Records]
Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy [Zod Records]
Aaron Spectre - she knows [Opiate; download]
Boards of Canada - Hi Scores [SKAM]
Gimmik - Let's Play Cricket [Toytronic]
Multipara feat. Blaxista - Pocket Monster 2000 [Lux Nigra]
Stalker - untitled tk 3 fm empire CD [self-released on Geometry]
Abacus Roolz - New Beginning [self-released Glaswegians resident in Clovelly, Sydney... Bugger all on the web but a bit about their previous project Liminal here]
Dntel - This Is How It Will Be All Over [Plug Research]
désormais - no mysteries can be tolerated [intr_version]
Flim - Linker2 [Tomlab]
Giardini di Mirò - Pearl Harbour (Opiate remix) [2.nd rec]
b. fleischmann - grunt [Morr Music/Charizma]
Ulrich Schnauss - Wherever You Are [Morr Music]
Ninetynine vs qwertykeith - The Cleaner (dub) [from Keith's unreleased remixes of the entire Ninetynine album The Process, entitled The Processed, and downloadable from the link]
Venetian Snares - Sky Painted On Car [Planet µ]
Luke Vibert - Remember This [Rephex]

Utility Fog
postfolkrocktronica, from granular pop to orchestral breakcore and beyond...
Sunday nights from 10pm to 1am on
FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.

post global 11. 26. 03

rechenzentrum - synchron - directors cut (mille plateaux)
tomas jirku - r - blik 1999 (no type)
peekay tayloh - the hole you are inn - sofa o.d. (poeta negra)
hdj tom - sandwitch sampler - taste (inflatabl label)
melodium - terminus - parthenay ep (autres directions in music)
rollerball - girls hugging trees - real hear (silber)
jamie barnes - burning leaves - the fallen acrobat (silber)
small life form - organ - one (silber)
tim perkis - lude - motive (praemedia)
hans fjellestad - smoke shank - 33 (accretions)
claudio roccetti - exzistenz - the work called kitano (bar la muerte)
tim hecker - spektral - radio amor (mille plateaux)
marsen jules - lazy sunday funerals 01 - [apl017] lazy sunday funerals (autoplate)
t.raumschmiere - radio blackout - radio blackout (novamute)
senor coconut - oxygene part 2 - fiesta songs (emperor norton)
kraftwerk - vitamin - tour de france soundtracks (emi)
jan jelinek - fatback's wicky wacky - staedtizism 4 (~scape)
pole - like rain - pole (mute)
!!! - me and guiliani down by the schoolyard (a thrue story) - me and guiliani down by the schoolyard (a thrue story) (warp)
music radio channel 103 (very soon online!)

november 18 2003

tim perkis > code > motive > praemedia
kevin parish / skip found teli > jed hed > jed ep > eupholus
larvae > redline version > fashion victim > ad noiseam
tarmvred > 6 > viva 6581 > ad noiseam
cornucopia > interprets mystery hearsay > mezcla cuerpo misterios y rumores > zeromoon
jóhann jóhannsson > "ég átti gráa aesku" > englabörn > touch
mokira > snegsted > plee > mille plateaux
dwayne sodahberk > christa > unfortunately > tigerbeat6
smyglyssna > elastic egos 8> we can fix it > vertical form
kim hiorthøy > juli > hei > smalltown supersound
information > biomechanics by accident > biomekano > rune grammofon
biosphere > path leading to the high grass > shenzhou > touch
alog > the sun is where the clouds should be > red shift swing > rune grammofon
manual > astoria > ascend > morr music
skardas > track #5 > skardas > self-released

RADIO 666 – 99.1 FM (Caen - France)
On air every Tuesday from 23.00 to 0.30 (France standard time)
Internet LIVE streaming on

post global 11. 12. 03

tim perkis and tom djll - on the crown - va: praeface (praemedia)
tim perkis - zig - motive (praemedia)
cellular - retrigs - kikapu gold standard (kikapu)
every kid on speed - 2 - every kid on speed vs every kid on acid (retinascan)
cordell klier - 1 - cavern poems (miisc)
cordell klier - 4 - winter (ad noiseam)
looroad - untitled - acidfaketrax (acidfake)
tomas jirku - clindamycin/psychosis - bleak 1999 (no type)
folie - vide - misspass (mitek)
t.raumschmiere - radioblackout - radioblackout (novamute)
rechenzentrum - tiefenschaerfe - director's cut (mille plateaux)
minimalistic sweden - skm3 - va mitek: process (mitek)
cerebrus shoal - a paranoid home companion(intermission) - chaiming the knoblessone (norteast indie)
ronin - ronin theme - ronin ep (bar la muerte)
apparat - wooden - duplex (shitkatapult)
my robot friend - i am the robot (my robot friend remix) - why wont you cal lme back? (proptronix)
dj wally - scared yet? - emulatory whoredom (the agriculture)
pj pooterhoots - liebe safety scissors remix! - barf (liebe meine ep) - (proptronix)
sophie rimheden - strange - hi-fi (mitek)
pole - arena - pole (mute)
cappablack - harder to unravel - staedtizism 4 (~scape)
nettle - untitled cancion hip hop arabe (nettle feat. aziz arradi) - firecamp stories remixes (the agriculture)
bus - mc rhino - middle of the road (~scape)
riow arai - break roads - mind edit (leaf label)
ripp of artisrt - frogs for my pillow - pet sounds (verical form)
mu - chair girl - afro finger and gel (tigersushi)
ricardo villalobos - theogenese - alcachofa (playhouse)
mitek - tshirt - mitek15 (mitek) (wearing it during this program)
music radio channel 103 (very soon online!)


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