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Praemedia originally began in 1994 as Prae Publishing Company in Chicago, IL, conceived in order to publish the experimental novela Manna by Shannon Fields. Through many revisions and relocations it was resurrected in 2000 as an outlet for creative music, initially via CDR. Our first CD, the compilation called ‘Praeface’ was released in 2003, followed by Tim Perkis’ “‘Motive” and “Sun Lights Down on the Fence” by Stars Like Fleas. In 2004 we released “Magic Maple” by Blevin Blectum and started an online shop to carry a wider variety of releases from around the world ( In 2007, Kristin Miltner’s “Grains was released and near the end of 2008, the free web only record label, Lucescit, was launched ( Praemedia is currently guided by Lance Grabmiller with the kind assistance and support of many people.

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