Lance Grabmiller - Anthropology


Mou-Lips! - Playlist, October 2002

Lance Grabmiller - "Anthropology" - (Grinder 2002)
in the last 2\3 days we listened many times to this disc. it's really cool and everytime we listen to it we found something new! really well do music! with a cool drum-programming and sound. we found this music really cinematic... we hope that it will be used for some video\film. Inside the cover there's: "with harsh frequencies and undercurrents pulverizing onto a thick canvas, darks become intentionally dirty - anti color, anti sound - like cuts of an unclean knife into a clean white surface. there are no provocative manifestoes in these sounds. it is simply a course both helped and hindered by this age. these efforts will find the best possible continuation: a restoration of the power of reason."
check it out... it could give you the energy for to be on!! cool!

Alternative Press - September 2002, issue #170

Lance Grabmiller
Album: Anthropology
Who? Underground-music vets Grabmiller and John Bergin.
Sounds Like: A mind-boggling collage featuring elements of illbient, glitch hop, neo-classical and sci-fi/horror-film soundtracks.
How is it? Powerful, dynamic and surprising in its transitions, Anthropology deserves to score a film by an innovative director.
Kindred Spirits: Scorn, Nine Inch Nails, Death in Vegas

Lollipop Online

Lance Grabmiller feat. John Bergin "Anthropology" (Grinder/Underground, inc.)
by Lex Marburger
Experimental drum’n’bass for the rest of us. Hyperactive beats restrained by uncomfortable creepy keyboards and unpleasant feedback and other sqwaking. Quite good, if you don’t mind listening like your ears were in a back brace while cold water is splashed on your face. And a feather is tickling your ass. I mean right now. What, that’s not a feather? Oh, my fault.

XLR8R - June 2002, issue #59

Lance Grabmiller feat. John Bergin Anthropology
This is a bold and original album, drifting from cinematic moods and finely crafted drum patterns to peculiar sound collages and bursts of static. Grabmiller and Bergin have created a dark but engrossing journey paved with glitchy surprises and smooth detours, somewhat reminiscent of more recent Future Sounds of London. The album flows smoothly through dark string passages, choppy radio noise, ferocious breaks that keep you guessing and strange noises woven elegantly into the mix. Their industrial influence comes across clearly (both have collaborated with Jarboe of The Swans) and allows for a truly individual sound. This is a new favorite that rewards the attentive listener.
Fitz Gitler

KUSF 90.3 FM San Francisco

Top Dance/Electronica Spins - week ending July 17th, 2002

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"DJ Shadow","Private Press","MCA"
"V/A","Constant Elevation","Astralwerks" "V/A","Rewind!","Ubiquity"
"Mum","Finally We Are No One","Fat Cat"
"Johnny Frigo","Collected Works","Ubiquity"
"Ursula 1000","Kinda Kinky","Eighteenth Street Lounge Music"
"Lance Grabmiller","Anthropology","Underground, Inc."
"Marumari","the remixes","carpark"
"Le Tigre","Remix 12"","Mr. Lady"

Top Dance/Electronica Spins - week ending July 12th, 2002

"Mum","Finally We Are No One","Fat Cat"
"DJ Shadow","Private Press","MCA"
"Systemwide","Pure and Applied","BSI"
"V/A","Constant Elevation","Astralwerks"
"Spaceheads","Low Pressure","Merge"
"Prefuse 73","The `92 Vs `02 Collection","Warp"
"Cinematic Orchestra","Everyday","Ninja Tune"
"Peace Orchestra","Reset","G-Stone"
"Lance Grabmiller","Anthropology","Underground, Inc."

see also the official record label onesheet here.

Lance Grabmiller’s Anthropology has also been featured on the following radio programs;

Secret Ions on WCSB 89.3FM Thursdays 9-11PM Cleveland, OH (
Strange Charm on WMSE 91.7FM Sundays 3-6AM Milwaukee, WI
Abstract Science on WLUW 88.7FM Thursdays 10-2AM Chicago, IL (

...and occasionally, DJ C$ likes to spin our stuff at SubTonic in NY, NY (


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